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<Loaf> mmm. bloke keeps making comments about 'trying something different'
* Zicon giggles
* Loaf refuses to give him the keys to her arse
<whiterider> I have a vague understanding of why guys seem to like it. And a very clear, twitch-inducing idea of why they can get stuffed.
<HystericalParoxysm> tell him if he want something really different, to fuck himself in his own ass
<Loaf> heh.
<Zicon> loaf: Awh, be nice. Offer to wear a strap-on.
<whiterider> Was just thinking that. A huge one.
<Loaf> lmao
<Loaf> he'd probably like that too much...
<whiterider> Hey, that's fine, as long as you don't have to put up with it
<HystericalParoxysm> "okay honey, but me first" *pulls out something that's as big as a forearm, and veined"
<X> XD
* Zicon is reminded of a product description...
<Zicon> "Due to the size, we don't recommend using this with a harness. In fact, we don't recommend using it for ANYTHING. Seriously, this thing is longer than my forearm! I can just barely reach around it with both hands!"
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[20:46] <Greenie> Dude how did this conversation start?
[20:46] <tmm> hp mentioned text to speech, then I mentioned mc hawking, and it went from there
[20:46] <Database> > Chi thinks Delphy is smart
[20:46] <Database> <tmm> and then you're mighty steven hawking the fucking quake master
[20:46] <Database> <HystericalParoxysm> ...
[20:46] <Database> <Database> Steven Hawking plays Quake?
[20:46] <Database> <Database> Awesome.
[20:46] <Database> <Database> :P
[20:46] <Database> And there it goes. :P
[20:47] <Greenie> ... Hahahaha.
[20:47] <Greenie> Leave it to you guys to get from that to "I WONDER IF HE CAN FUCK."
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<Cliff> Boobs are quite simple... A-Almost There, B-Barely There, C-Cant Complain, D-Dang!, Double D-Double Dang!, E-Enormous, F-Fake, G-Get A Reduction, H-Help Ive Fallen And I Cant Get Up, J-JESUS!!
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<longdaysekitteh> i see how it is..i offer lickies and what do i get? the brush off well fine see if i ever lick another ungreatfull twats again
<longdaysekitteh> ...may i please rephrase that?
<frazzkitteh> no.
<LolliKitteh> Yeah that came out perfect ;)
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[21:29] <whiterider> *sigh* young people these days have no edumication.
[21:29] <lulu2408> I DO TO HAVE AN EDECACATION
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<dpillen> i have a question i was hoping someone could answer for me
<frazzmeister> 42
* dpillen has left #social
<frazzmeister> could've thanked me.....
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<Canoodle> I have friends who are involved with theater. I never understood how they could 'bare' themselves that way.
<Lethe> you don't have weird hobbies?
<Canoodle> Just one. Assisting reluctant skydivers.
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<Loaf> ooooh
<Loaf> ooooooooh
<ArtsyFrenchie> Loaf is coming... o_o
<Loaf> orgasm is only £18 on the NARS website...
<NumbPsycho> 0_o
<ArtsyFrenchie> Whut
<Jekyll> ... uh
<Loaf> ...#
<Loaf> erm
<Loaf> i should clarify
<Loaf> it's a blusher
<NumbPsycho> Yes, you should.
<Loaf> a really, really good one...
<Loaf> you can also get 'the multiple orgasm', which is a handy creamy stick of it
<frazzmeister> ..
<Loaf> erm
<Loaf> that sounds dirty too...
<frazzmeister> you think?
<Loaf> i'm gonna get QDB'd, aren't i?
<frazzmeister> yes.
<ArtsyFrenchie> :D
<Loaf> but it's so damn good...
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<Corrie> I found it myself. I'm smat
<Corrie> I mean smart.
<Corrie> -.-
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[16:07] <Loaff> oh goddamit
[16:07] <Loaff> i've lost my fucking orgasm
[16:07] <Loaff> AGAIN
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8:48] <HystericalParoxysm> writingandsinging- You were here earlier.
[18:48] <writingandsinging> ....
[18:48] <HystericalParoxysm> As Lufferkinz
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You have the same IP address. :)
[18:49] <writingandsinging> whos lufferkinz?
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You are.
[18:49] <writingandsinging> u mean my sister.
[18:49] <HystericalParoxysm> You sure it wasn't your cousin/dog/invisible friend?
[18:50] <Gangreless|LaMICA> No, HP. It was her cat.
[18:50] <HystericalParoxysm> That would be new and different.
[18:50] <writingandsinging> im not kidding.........
[18:50] <Database> mah guinea pig haxd my account. i is ssad :(
[18:50] <Night_Racer> her senile old grandma hijacked the computer
[18:50] <writingandsinging> ooooook
[18:50] <writingandsinging> by
[18:50] * writingandsinging has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
[18:51] <poetryemmy> Liek dood, i share lappys with my unborn baby. IT MUST HAVE BEEN HIM/HER/IT
[18:51] <HystericalParoxysm> emmy - How do you fit a keyboard up there?
[18:51] <Database> That says a lot about Emmy.
[18:51] <Gangreless|LaMICA> Maybe it's one of those flexy rollup keyboards
[18:51] <HystericalParoxysm> Buckettwat?
[18:51] <poetryemmy> You don't want to know, HP :P
[18:52] <Crowbar> cavernous meat wallet
[18:52] <Database> I vote we all call Emmy "buckettwat" from now on. :p
[18:52] <poetryemmy> Nooooooooo
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> I second Data's suggestion.
[18:52] <Crowbar> thirded
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> Motion carried and passed.
[18:52] <poetryemmy> D:
[18:52] <HystericalParoxysm> Emmy is now buckettwat.
[18:52] <Database> Sweet!
[18:52] <frazzmeister> :D
[18:52] <poetryemmy> I hate you people.
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[22:52] <Nandonalt4> It's Have Dessert in english, right?
[22:52] <HystericalParoxysm> In British English it's "Have pudding and tea, chuffing good crumpets I say I say wot wot old bean!"
[22:53] <fanseelamb> She's so helpful. <3
[22:53] * SilentPsycho bops HystericalParoxysm with a British Flag.
[22:54] <HystericalParoxysm> I get to be british by injection. Thus I'm allowed to make fun.
[22:54] <Loaf> hey, HP, what is it in Texan? :P
[22:54] <HystericalParoxysm> That'd be "Ya'll want some fried pie?"
[22:54] <Loaf> 'British by injection'? little graphic there HP :P
[22:55] <HystericalParoxysm> I guess Loaf wasn't around for the velocigina discussion in #social yesterday.
[22:55] * HystericalParoxysm is graphic like ur mom on a weekend
[22:56] <Loaf> HP, you are the human Pintsize.
[22:56] <Loaf> it's a fact.
[22:56] <HystericalParoxysm> :D
[22:56] * HystericalParoxysm IS THE THUMBLORD
[22:56] <Loaf> only without the thumbs.
[22:56] <HystericalParoxysm> But... I have thumbs.
[22:56] <Loaf> not for long...
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[17:20] <Emino> does i look bigger, or isit just because of the angle?
[17:20] <Emino> http://emino.doesnt.want.people.poking.around.his.pc.or.something/pic.jpg
[17:23] <Emino> what, no comment?
[17:23] <Chii> well you asked the right guy, i'm a whale biologist
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<writingemmy> It was my first time and Frenchie offered to help me :P
<Database> And I popped in for the first time in ages :P
* Lethe tries not to quote that one completely out of context
<Database> ...
<Lethe> data just made it worse
<Database> yes.
<Database> yes I did.
<writingemmy> OMG YOU GUYS ARE AWFUL
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* emo (emo@fd-1F9D4AEC.mptelco.com) has joined #social
<emo> hi
<emo> im emo
<emo> anyone out there?
* frazzmeister wouldnt have guessed..
<frazzmeister> no. you are all alone in this world.
<emo> y
<frazzmeister> oh, bled all over the rules and couldn't read them, I see.
<emo> y isnt there other people here
<frazzmeister> they all died, please type full words, it's in the rules..
<emo> how did they die?
<frazzmeister> crushed by the the wave of apathy as you entered.
<emo> what?
<emo> are you there?
<emo> will i die?
<frazzmeister> yes.
<emo> i will die,when?
<frazzmeister> if I knew when, I'd be preparing the celebration.
<emo> you bastard you want me dead!
<frazzmeister> indubitably.
<emo> what does that mean
<frazzmeister> without a doubt.
<emo> wtf
* emo (emo@fd-1F9D4AEC.mptelco.com) Quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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<Database> I stabbed Chii, so she stabbed me back - although she knows my first name.
<elpemmy> Chii knows my first name too, I think...
<elpemmy> how do I set my name thingie, again?
<Database> I don't remember, but yes, she calls you by your first name.
<renske> Chii, what do you call me?
<Chii> a book
<renske> :o
<Chii> Marmalade.
<renske> well at least she thinks i'm sweet.
<SilentPsycho> Chii, what do you call me?
<Chii> I can't tell you that!
<renske> :D
<SilentPsycho> D:
<Chii> ;)
<renske> ooooh sekrits
<renske> Chii, what do you call HP?
<Chii> a TV
<renske> errr
<renske> because she's always entertaining and there's nothing but smut on it?
<darkwytche> Lol Renske
<renske> ... you can look at her for hours and wonder where the time went?
<Chii> I didn't like it before
<renske> ... she comes in full color?
<frazzmeister> she has lots of inputs?
<renske> ... she has a gazillion channels?
<renske> lol frazz
<renske> ... you can plug stuff into her?
<Database> You can subscribe for extra services?
<frazzmeister> hopefully they are all colour coded so you don't plug the wrong thing in
<elpemmy> She's fun to watch in different positions.
<renske> good one, emmy!
<Database> Very good, Emmy XD
<elpemmy> :P
<frazzmeister> the thought of the TV giving birth to a human child frightens me...
<HystericalParoxysm> What the hell rofl
<frazzmeister> assuming the little 'un is human...
<renske> yeah i'm not so sure
<Database> Oh hi TV.
<renske> HPTV
<renske> highest quality
<elpemmy> rofl
renske> sharp image, sharp tongue.
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<Georgie> ur strange(in a good way) but you do have a verry crazy life. you have a female father, you have no skin whatsoever and your a lexbian who likes looking at sims tits. :/
<HystericalParoxysm> A lexbian?
<HystericalParoxysm> You have a real problem spelling that word right.
<HystericalParoxysm> And lexbian just sounds like someone sexually attracted to Lexuses
<HystericalParoxysm> Mmm, look at the tailpipe on THAT! I'd like to slam her doors!
<elpemmy> autoeroticism ;)
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<whiterider> Now I'm going to go and swear at my vagina for a while.
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<Lethe> alright
<Lethe> i'm going to play Amnesia
<Lethe> knowing full well that this is supposedly one of the scariest games of the last few years
<Lethe> and also knowing that a level in goddamned Thief 1 could scare me shitless
*** Lethe is now known as Lethe|Amnesia
<Lethe|Amnesia> chat is now officially my lifeline
* Lethe|Amnesia salutes
<Lethe|Amnesia> the things i do for a living...
*** Loaf has joined
<Lethe|Amnesia> i am currently hiding in a closet
<Lethe|Amnesia> like a little girl
<Lethe|Amnesia> ...
<Loaf> :/
<Loaf> what's happened, Lethe?
<SilentPsycho> XD
<SilentPsycho> The game, Loaf, not actually
<Lethe|Amnesia> something growled at me
<Loaf> oh
<Loaf> phew
<Lethe|Amnesia> hahaha
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* lewjen puts a condom on his head and pretends to be a chicken
<LeeFish> sigh
<lewjen> sighWHUT!?
<LeeFish> Its a plastic glove you use you daft idjit
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<HystericalParoxysm> DO ANY OF YOU KNOW GEOMETRY
<HystericalParoxysm> EMMY
<HystericalParoxysm> DO YOU KNOW GEOMETRY
<Frenchie> I know geometry.
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* renske hugs silent and inquires about the state of the hot tub
<SilentPsycho> Hot tub is working and is awesome. :)
<SilentPsycho> The problems with it were all due to limescale.
<renske> .. limescale.
<renske> also why were there limescales in your hot tub?
<renske> do you mix the cocktails in there?
<whiterider> :D
<renske> a hot tub full of mojito....
<renske> mm
<whiterider> Limescale forms naturally wherever hard water is. It's not related to citrus fruit :P
<renske> ...
<renske> OH.
<renske> derrrrrp
<SilentPsycho> XD
<HystericalParoxysm> ahahahaa
<renske> well i dont care i still like my idea better.
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<whiteybook> I just remembered part of my dream last night...
<Lethe> what was it about
<whiteybook> Ian Richardson was trying to convince me to shag him because he was dying
<Lethe> do i know ian richardson? is he hot?
<whiteybook> No. He's a brilliant actor though. Voice of Death in the Pratchett films, and he was also the lading character in a '60's drama in which he played a corrupt politician. That was his catchphrase when talking to his pet corrupt journalist >.<
<whiteybook> My cutting riposte was to say "You may very well think that but I couldn't possibly comment", and sweep off
<Lethe> fairly hot for an old persoln
<whiteybook> Apparently he's already dead
<whiteybook> So I guess it's a good thing I turned him down
<Lethe> :O
<Lethe> it would be all kinds of wrong regardless
<whiteybook> I know right. He's a TORY