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<DoctorWhoNerd001> Tell me things about myself then!
<DoctorWhoNerd001> Tell me things about myself then!
<SilentPsycho> You're a 9-year old ban evader
<DoctorWhoNerd001> and...
<SilentPsycho> And an idiot
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[18:37] [Samekh2] Hey Delphy.
[18:37] [Samekh2] I didn't see you there.
[18:37] [Delphy] I didn't see me either.
[18:37] [Delphy] It's lucky I found myself
[18:37] [Delphy] I could have gotten lost!
[18:37] [Samekh2] Truly.
[18:38] [Delphy] Then that forest would have been lacking trees. Did I tell you about my cheese adventure?
[18:38] [Samekh2] I have missed seeing you around you tart, Delphy.
[18:38] [Delphy] I know. How is your washer?
[18:38] [Samekh2] What sort f cheese?
[18:38] [Delphy] Blue of course. My screwdriver is bent.
[18:39] [Samekh2] What sort of blue?
[18:39] [Samekh2] Saying Blue Cheese? What?
[18:39] [Delphy] It's a purpley blue, like my old school bag.
[18:39] [Samekh2] I need names.
[18:40] [Delphy] I think his name was Barry, which reminds me of a story I heard when I out yesterday about the pringles can and the bottle of meths.
[18:40] [Samekh2] Barry Cheese, there is no such thing.
[18:40] [Delphy] Oh but there is. Haven't you ever been to that chip shop round the corner where they sell those scallops with taco sauce?
[18:41] [Samekh2] You may be eating a prussian blue or a.... when I remember it I'l come to your aid.
[18:41] [Samekh2] It must be French.
[18:41] [Delphy] Are you thinking of the dog? Becuase I had a maths class once and it was very hard.
[18:42] [Samekh2] Ah. Cam picked a back of Ceps worth 20 quid on the open market today.
[18:42] [Samekh2] There are better Fungi.
[18:42] [Delphy] There is a nice open market back in my home town. It sells nice muffins. Have you ever eaten a muffin? Please dont be mad at me.
[18:42] [Samekh2] I have eaten muffin. I'm not mad at you.
[18:43] [Samekh2] Have you ever eaten Boletus Edulis?
[18:43] [Delphy] Okay phew. Becuase I'd have to go round that tree and eat some mushrooms.
[18:44] [Samekh2] Cam picked a carrier bag full today.
[18:44] [Delphy] We have to pay for carrier bags here.
[18:44] [Samekh2] Here too.
[18:44] [Delphy] You know, fish get caught in them, and my cat once had a fun time trying to find one.
[18:44] [Delphy] Also, some people can't fight thier way out of paper bags. Did you know that?
[18:44] [Samekh2] Do you have a cat? God then I love you.
[18:45] [Delphy] I know you do. I found myself.
[18:45] [Samekh2] In a bag that a cat couln't find itself out of?
[18:46] [Samekh2] That's what us big pussycats do.
[18:46] [Delphy] I was looking on the list and thinking "My back is itchy" and then I suddenly remembered I needed to pay my electric bill, but the doorbell went and I had to answer it and it was the postman and he was telling me about this girl down the road and she has this weetabix box and there is a toad in it and it's on a washer. Did I ask you about your washer yet?
[18:46] [Samekh2] The toad?
[18:46] [Jax2] LICK THE TOAD!
[18:47] [Samekh2] What sort of toad? Do not lick it.
[18:47] [Delphy] I did not lick the toad, but I know somebody who did and he went all blue and ate some cheese.
[18:47] [Delphy] I like asparagus too.
[18:47] [Samekh2] Delphy has a neighbour with a pet toad that's all. Fuck off.
[18:48] [Samekh2] So many predators.
[18:48] [Delphy] I believe the fox eats cats too.
[18:48] [Delphy] My poor pussy.
[18:48] [Samekh2] A fox lives in a box with sox on it's cox. Isn't that the truth.
[18:49] [Delphy] I'm glad you said that. It is the truth! I firmly believe that socks have rights. Did I tell you about that time I lost my blue sock?
[18:49] [Samekh2] No.
[18:49] [Delphy] I found it in the end, in the washer. It was mixed with my black ones, but I didn't notice becuase I had dropped my glasses, and had to find a screwdriver.
[18:49] [Samekh2] I missed the blue sock incident.
[18:49] [Delphy] You should have been here.
[18:49] [Delphy] Why weren't you here?
[18:50] [Samekh2] You needed me?
[18:50] [Delphy] Do you hate me? I really should be banned, you know.
[18:50] [Samekh2] Two she.
[18:50] [Delphy] Two? That's interesting becuase the girl with the toad has a "friend". She's cute, but she looks at me like I am weird. Am I weird? Do you think so?
[18:51] [Samekh2] Delphy, if you are really pissed, you can sort of ally yourself with me and I will field your fan mail, and just be weird at weird people.
[18:52] [Delphy] I do need a personal assistant actually. Did I tell you what I did with the last one?
[18:52] [Samekh2] I don't need to know sir.
[18:53] [Delphy] I think you want to know, so I'll tell you anyway. You see, she had this letter opener and it was very sharp and when I went to pick up my mail I pricked my finger on it, which was really the last straw becuase she'd be going to lunch every day and eating cheese. Then I had to run out and get a bandaid, and that reminds me of when I fell off my bike. Do you ride a bike?
[18:53] [Samekh2] Sorry Delphy, I am a bit of a dog that can't not bite.
[18:54] [Samekh2] By instinct I dislike dogs, so I'll do it as a cat.
[18:54] [Samekh2] You'd what?
[18:54] [Delphy] So does that mean I can pet your pussy then? Please let me, I bet it's nice and soft. Don't kick me for that please
[18:55] [Samekh2] Delphy. I love you but you can be extremely lacsivious.
[18:56] [Delphy] I can't help it you know, I think it's the number two after you nick, which reminds me of those girls again.
[18:56] [Samekh2] White wine and eighties ska.
[18:56] [Delphy] Speaking of shit did I tell you when I was in a horse stall and I had to go outside and then I thought about some wine and a nice restaurant. I went to one recently, did you know that?
[18:57] [Samekh2] You have to explain this again in a minute Delphy, I am going for a tab. Come back because I am interested.
[18:57] [Delphy] I shall wait for you but please do not go for long. I miss our scintillating conversations you know.
[18:59] [Samekh2] The practicalities are, I can only find one slipper. I need a wee. There is a massive chunk of Afgani Black in the kitchen. Cameron is snoring and peaceful. I need a wee.
[19:00] [Delphy] Perhaps you should go to the bathroom then? I need to open a window it's hot in here.
[19:00] [Samekh2] You miss me you tart? I don't believe you. I'll believe me when you talk about the fairy tales you remember.
[19:01] [Delphy] I don't believe you then, but fairy tales does sound interesting. Perhaps you know of the one with the forest and the house made entirely of panties?
[19:02] [Samekh2] What do you dream of Delphy?
[19:10] [Delphy] I always wondered why that was. Perhaps some strange church holiday we don't know about? Do you go to church, you seem the type.
[19:10] [Samekh2] Do you have robotic limbs Delphy?
[19:11] [Delphy] Only some.
[19:11] [Samekh2] What type?
[19:11] [Delphy] I think it was a diesel 100,000 HP motor with a type D stack.
[19:11] [Samekh2] Fun, but I am never succcumbed by this stuff.
[19:12] [Samekh2] I prefer the cure.
[19:12] [Delphy] I do too, although lately I have been getting into vocal trance. Do you like that too?
[19:13] [Samekh2] I have no idea what vocal trance is. I like...
[19:13] [Delphy] You like me, don't you? Please dont hate me.
[19:13] [Samekh2] My dad sang in quiors.
[19:14] [Samekh2] They are truly apropes?
[19:14] [Samekh2] New word I learnt.
[19:14] [Delphy] I think so.
[19:15] [Samekh2] Yes.
[19:15] [Delphy] Do you think they should anti disestablish that mentarianism?
[19:15] [Samekh2] No, they were eitghties.
[19:16] [Samekh2] You want to ascribe those ideas to modern music?
[19:17] [Samekh2] First things first. Four year old's love ska and particularly Busta Bloodvessal.
[19:17] [Samekh2] They seem to hate Blondie for some reason.
[19:18] [Samekh2] Delphy twat are you here?
[19:18] [Samekh2] Wake up Delphy.
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<Manga_Moon> Im glad im not on the qdb
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<whiterider> Turkey Day...
<whiterider> ?
<whiterider> Oh, Spanksgiving.. d'uh...
<SilentPsycho> I vote us Brits should make up our own holiday, so we can have more partying and boozing.
<Stormy> only fair
<whiterider> I don't need to
<whiterider> I'm going boozing in London on Saturday night
<whiterider> :|
<SilentPsycho> ...Good point.
<Stormy> actually considering that the pilgrims were still british citizens and the colony was owned by britian... you could celebrate the pilgrims surviving the year there
<whiterider> lol
<Stormy> which is all its really about
<SilentPsycho> I'm...doing nothing because I have assignments right now
<Stormy> as Jamestown failed as the first british colony.. as the people disappeared
<whiterider> Well, I voted that we should celebrate Independence Day too. Only we'd call it "Finally Getting Rid Of Those Bastards Day." :D
<SilentPsycho> I miss being able to have a boozing session with my mates.
<SilentPsycho> Last time I had one was...last Friday. ;P
<SilentPsycho> Woot!
* SilentPsycho hangs 'FGROTB' banners around the chat.
<-- treejen has quit (Quit: foody time)
<dj|warrock> wait
* dj|warrock pokes whiterider
<SilentPsycho> Happy "Finally Getting Rid Of Those Bastards Day" Whitey and Dj
<Stormy> wait that does nt come until July 4th
<dj|warrock> your going london then?
<dj|warrock> happt FGROTBD day Silent
<SilentPsycho> ...Bugger. Brain's not working correctly right now
<Stormy> thanksgiving the bastards were not fighting for independance
<whiterider> Stormy would be right there
<whiterider> :P
<SilentPsycho> Remind me to say that to someone on July 4th then
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<vsidemyna> is this the only channel?
<vsidemyna> or how i create myown?
<HystericalParoxysm> You can't have your own channel here. The only other public channel is #create, which is about creating Sims 2 custom content.
<vsidemyna> O_O
<vsidemyna> So who did this one?
<ChaoticNihilist> ....
<elpemmy> the owner of this site
<vsidemyna> Ahhhhhhhhh.
<The_French_Sim> The Almighty One
<The_French_Sim> They call him...
<elpemmy> The Holy One
<The_French_Sim> Tim?
<vsidemyna> Domain name?
<Loaf|ItCrowd> the stig
<elpemmy> The Genius
<whiterider> All the channels on this server are managed by the site staff
<vsidemyna> stuffy staff "D
<ChaoticNihilist> We don't call him at all, he's above us all
<vsidemyna> XD
<ChaoticNihilist> literally
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[15:34] <-- SuperFly has quit (Connection reset by peer)
[15:34] <Ginger> Did someone named Peer disconnect SuperFly?
[15:35] * Kelly cackles.
[15:35] <Ginger> Lol what?!
[15:35] <Ginger> I'm confused
[15:35] <Ginger> I'm new to this =]
[15:35] <Targeter> peer is a right meanie
[15:35] <Ginger> Who's peer?
[15:36] <Kelly> He's a really mean guy who disconnects the most unsuspecting people.
[15:37] <Kelly> You must always stay on your guard.
[15:37] <Kelly> For you never know when peer will get you.
[15:37] <Ginger> Are you serious.
[15:37] <Kelly> Dead serious
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(21:32:03) Delphy: Simmygirl: I often find mysql the oldest by far
(21:32:06) Delphy: Err myself
(21:32:12) Delphy is so used to typing mysql...
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[02:28] * JohnBrehaut1 has joined #social
[02:29] <JohnBrehaut1> who is bug ?
[02:29] <HystericalParoxysm> An unholy avenger of asskicking evilness.
[02:30] <JohnBrehaut1> LyricLee
[02:30] <Starbuck> lol
[02:30] <Bug> hi
[02:30] <Starbuck> that's just funny how people can tell Lyric by that
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<HystericalParoxysm> Fuck it, imma just use yours LFB and if anyone asks I'll be all liek, "DUDE NO THAT IS MY SKIN LIEK 4REALZ"
<LadyFrontbum> Rofl go for it
<dal> lol
<LadyFrontbum> When ppl say "zomg hp's totally using your skin" I'll be all "INORITE KTHX BAI"
* LadyFrontbum just wanted to type INORITE
<LadyFrontbum> Aw thanks dal
<HystericalParoxysm> INOUDID
<dal> NO WAI
<dal> *hair flip*
<HystericalParoxysm> LIEKYA
<HystericalParoxysm> *eyeroll*
<LadyFrontbum> hahaha
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<maggiexlam> where is belgium
* Lethe patpats maggie and gives her an atlas
* BlueSoup wants to go one day. Mmm chocolate.
<TFS|Internship> North-East of France.
<maggiexlam> is belgium in germany?
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<lew|Away> woooaaah
<lew|Away> my hands are really veiny
<HitFish> yup yup
<HitFish> manly hands
<HitFish> or too much squeezing....
<lew|Away> omg
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> Squeezing what, exactly?
<lew|Away> ...
<HitFish> indeed
* HitFish waggles monobrow
<Cookiemonster> Actually, with Lew, I have a good idea what
<lew|Away> you sure you wanna know?
<HitFish> We guessed
* Cookiemonster waggles eyebrows
<lew|Away> http://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab218/Zmobie_Pikz/?action=view¤t=modernlot11.jpg
<Cookiemonster> You squeezed the lot?
<lew|Away> ...
<lew|Away> it's something called a cock
<lew|Away> you heard of one of those?
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> TMI Lew
<HitFish> tell me thats white paint on those walls
<HitFish> and on that note........
* Cookiemonster ROFLs
<Cookiemonster> Niiiiice
<lew|Away> oh my
* HitFish scurries off
<lew|Away> if a man could produce that much... um... he'd deserve a medal :O
<Cookiemonster> XDDDDDDD
<whiteybook> No he wouldn't
<whiteybook> He'd deserve a clip round the ear and a bottle of washing powder
<HitFish> yea, its a small pic
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<SilentPsycho> I keep seeing adverts for 'The Asda Story' online game about, and they make me giggle.
<SilentPsycho> The Asda Story: A tale of advenutre, romance, and our low low prices!
<cthru> hehehheh!
<SilentPsycho> Kill monsters while exploring our range of organic goods, and if there's a difference in the price between here and elsewhere, we'll pay the difference!
<SilentPsycho> That's Asda Price
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<frazzmeister> shit, i am drunk, i think i just accidently signed up for facebook
* Database laughs.
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh, that is drunk!
<SilentPsycho> How can you accidentially sign up for Facebook?
<Database> WEll, you wouldn't do it deliberately, would you?
<frazzmeister> i don't know know, i clicked something... and there were boxes, so i wrote stuff in them
<frazzmeister> now suddenly i am at gmail, what happened?
<frazzmeister> i need to pee before i can deal with this.......

<frazzmeister> ok, why was i making a facebook profile?
<&Tikva> Because you were drunk
<frazzmeister> oh,... yeah, crap... i finally got it right too...
<frazzmeister> aww, i already has a freind, i am win.

<frazzmeister> wtf, i have a facebook.
<&whiterider> You noticed?
<SilentHM> Yes, you did that during the apple-eating earlier
<frazzmeister> yes.....
<frazzmeister> oh right..
<frazzmeister> why?
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<-- frazzmeister has quit (Quit: ingthet ie pie? thats yum i should et somthing and drink some water befroe i pass out in a ditch, MUHAIMIN. something else, something else.... i am gex,... hi deej,... and.... kittunz.)
<SilentHM> Hehehehehe
<whiterider> :(
<whiterider> She was gone too long
<whiterider> I can't translate "ingthet"
<SilentHM> Yep, but now she's back
<djones> heh
<whiterider> I need to practise my translation skillz
<djones> took her a while to say hi :p
<SilentHM> I think that's 'Is that the pie?'
<whiterider> Might be..
<djones> no
* whiterider pokes x_X. QDB!
<djones> no way theres a typo of is in there
<whiterider> ie
<SilentHM> The I at the beginning
--> Sesshomaru (chatzilla@fd-CB34EDD4.dynamic-dialup.coretel.net) has joined #social
<Sesshomaru> Hi.
<whiterider> Either, really. Syntax becomes irrelevant.
<whiterider> Hi Sess
<djones> yes but the next 4 letters are no where near s
<HystericalParoxysm> Maybe "getting the pie?"
--- GS|Sheeping is now known as GS|Finds
<whiterider> She missed the space dj
<SilentHM> Wanting that pie?
<HystericalParoxysm> Or "I'm getting the pie?"
--- HystericalParoxysm has changed the topic to: Today on #social: Translating Drunkspeak into English.
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<curlybap> my mouth is big enough for it to go in without touching the sides
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<PhenominalOne> hey how is Delphy like
<Rye> XD
<daluved1> idk
<PhenominalOne> Delphy seems very funny
<daluved1> I heard he once killed a man
<PhenominalOne> lmao
<daluved1> with his bare hands!
<PhenominalOne> not lmao
<Rye> :O GASP!
<daluved1> And a hard drive
<PhenominalOne> not the hard drive!
<daluved1> Ooooh yes
<PhenominalOne> !cookie
* Pillze passes PhenominalOne a cookie :)
<PhenominalOne> ty
<PhenominalOne> !hard drive
<Qbuilderz> Dude, I SAW him kill that guy. It was intense
<daluved1> wasn't it!
<PhenominalOne> ow
<PhenominalOne> !water
<daluved1> Then he used the mouse as some sort of nunchuck thing
<Rye> would anyone here download LOZ paintings/posters for TS3? :p
<PhenominalOne> it serves coffe but not water
<daluved1> What's a LOZ?
<Rye> ...
* Rye stares at dal
<Qbuilderz> OMG! I remember that! He was like *Woosh! Woosh! SLAM FWAP!*
* daluved1 stares at Ri
<daluved1> I felt kinda bad for the poor guy
<Qbuilderz> I heard, that his motive was some guy kept on saying his name...o.o
<daluved1> I mean he was clearly dead...but he just kept going
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<whiterider> I feel that I'm neglecting my duties as channel owner when I walk into #teen and see "<shakazulu> lets pawn it and spend the proceeds on liquor"
<whiterider> ...
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[23:37] <Safyre420|Pets> I really should learn to make my own hoods *nods*
[23:37] <Pffle|pics> there's a penis neighborhood... but it could be done better I think..
[23:38] <Pffle|pics> the vagina shaped neighborhood wasn't bad though
[23:38] <Safyre420|Pets> I saw that I wasn't impressed
[23:38] <Star|IGW> then it's realistic
#161 · added 23 June 2006 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #social
<Lethe|noimnot> it's 'kick jk11 day
<JK11> yay
<Lethe|noimnot> :)
* JK11 hides behind Catf|sh
<-- whiterider has kicked JK11 from #social (Pie!! Again!)
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (Creampie)
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<whiterider> I'll stop now...
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (Custard)
--> teknofil|sleeping (pm.me@mts2-B35753EA.nas94.washington1.dc.us.da.qwest.net) has joined #social
<-- teknofil has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by teknofil|sleeping)))
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (Rice pudding)
* SilentPsycho tries to kick JK11 in the groin
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<JK11> w00t
* SilentPsycho tries to kick JK11 in the groin
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (Savoury stuff)
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (zomg groin)
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (peas)
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh
--> JK11 (JK11@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net) has joined #social
<Lyric> lol
<-- Delphy has kicked JK11 from #social (ENGLAND FTW)
--- Foamy sets ban on *!*@mts2-F5CBDE52.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net
<SilentPsycho> Mushy peas!
<Delphy> rofl
<Lethe|noimnot> foamy
<Lethe|noimnot> you bastard
<SimKitty1221> jesus...
<Delphy> yay foamy
<SimKitty1221> you guys are nuts!
<Lethe|noimnot> yes
* SilentPsycho falls over giggling
<Lethe|noimnot> yes we are
* Delphy falls off chair laughing
<Lethe|noimnot> read the topic
<Nurrah> SimKitty1221, welcome to #Social
#1773 · added 18 March 2012 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #create
[00:53] <@heaven> I hate trying to pick titles.
[00:54] <Bakafox> ...I misread that as "I hate trying to pick titties"
[00:54] * Bakafox may be overly tired
[00:54] <@heaven> If only I could pick titties.
[00:54] <@heaven> I would definitely trade mine in.
#1295 · added 13 June 2009 · vote up / 0 / vote down - from #social
[18:30] <simmies2> i have sims3 peoples
[18:30] <simmies2> WOOP
[18:30] <simmies2> simes2 is rubbish to be now
[18:30] <Frenchiedesu> :/ Sims 2 isn't rubbish just because Sims 3 was released...
[18:33] * frazzdesu scribles out the '3' on a sims 3 case, draws on a '4' and throws it at the ravenous consumers.
[18:33] <HystericalParoxysm> OMG it's soooo much bettter!!!!11111one
* simmies2 scribbles 3 of box and puts 1000000000000 enjor chucks in shop window
[18:37] <whiterider> What the hell is an enjor chuck?
[18:37] <simmies2> enjor*
[18:37] <simmies2> engoy*
[18:38] <whiterider> That doesn't really make much more sense, but ok
#1702 · added 12 April 2011 · vote up / 19 / vote down - from #social
<renske> i can send smileys and pictograms with my new phone.
<renske> it's very spiffy.
<renske> it's like CLIPART
<renske> on my PHONE
<renske> what's NEXT?!
<frazzmeister> 1998.
#1465 · added 18 November 2009 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #social
<Frenchie> I like my vaginas attached to women.
#1553 · added 26 April 2010 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #m
<renske> there are pink things in nature
<renske> like ponies
<renske> ..
<renske> i. am. DUMB.
<renske> strike the ponies, replace with \'flowers\'
<elpemmy> rofl
<elpemmy> Unicorns are pink and white stripes. Like zebras. Only with horns.
* elpemmy nodnod
* renske and elpemmy live in a really speshul world