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<&whiterider> :p
* Bakafox steals whitey's tongue
<&whiterider> :|
<Bakafox> no pointing that at me young ladies
<Bakafox> or possibly singular lady
<frazzmeister> I find it hard enough to beleive whitey is one lady, much less multiple.
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<SirEmino> being vain is my natural skills i'm affraid.
<Greenie> Hmm. Buy some new skills?
<Arch> He can't afford them. He wasted all his money on his makeup and wig.
<Greenie> Oh. Darn.
<SirEmino> fortunately, i'm naturally good looking, so i dont need those
* JohnBrehaut1 throws a 5c piece at emi
<JohnBrehaut1> he only needs his moisturizer :P
<whiterider> Except for the baldness and the buck teeth, eh, Emi ;)
<SirEmino> whitey is jealous too, since she stuck with dj instead of someone awesome like me
<&whiterider> There's no way you'd be as good in (or out of) bed as dj, you'd stop to see if you could see your reflection in your... eh... >:D
<JohnBrehaut1> hahahahaha
<SirEmino> than can be easily solve with a silk sheet :P
<SirEmino> the really shiny and reflective ones
<&whiterider> Yeah... even worse
<SirEmino> or a camcorder
<Greenie> Oh geez Emi
<JohnBrehaut1> Just......stop
<&whiterider> Also, I've yet to meet a woman who'd appreciate her guy screaming "Oh, Pikachu!!!!"
<&whiterider> xD
<SirEmino> i'm sorry
<SirEmino> but pikachu is not awesome
<SirEmino> alakazam is awesome
<SirEmino> machamp is awesome
<SirEmino> but pikachu?
<SirEmino> oh please
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[22:52] <Nandonalt4> It's Have Dessert in english, right?
[22:52] <HystericalParoxysm> In British English it's "Have pudding and tea, chuffing good crumpets I say I say wot wot old bean!"
[22:53] <fanseelamb> She's so helpful. <3
[22:53] * SilentPsycho bops HystericalParoxysm with a British Flag.
[22:54] <HystericalParoxysm> I get to be british by injection. Thus I'm allowed to make fun.
[22:54] <Loaf> hey, HP, what is it in Texan? :P
[22:54] <HystericalParoxysm> That'd be "Ya'll want some fried pie?"
[22:54] <Loaf> 'British by injection'? little graphic there HP :P
[22:55] <HystericalParoxysm> I guess Loaf wasn't around for the velocigina discussion in #social yesterday.
[22:55] * HystericalParoxysm is graphic like ur mom on a weekend
[22:56] <Loaf> HP, you are the human Pintsize.
[22:56] <Loaf> it's a fact.
[22:56] <HystericalParoxysm> :D
[22:56] * HystericalParoxysm IS THE THUMBLORD
[22:56] <Loaf> only without the thumbs.
[22:56] <HystericalParoxysm> But... I have thumbs.
[22:56] <Loaf> not for long...
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<QueenTitulaOfBoobulon> I'm watching something called Shark Rebellion.
<QueenTitulaOfBoobulon> They don't seem to be rebelling yet. Just biting people.
<Cazzy-Tchan> ...is the biting not the rebelling? :s
<QueenTitulaOfBoobulon> Well, no, that's just being a shark.
<QueenTitulaOfBoobulon> If they suddenly started making tofu salads and wearing flipflops, that would be rebelling.
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<Renske> obviously you never had sex with the dudes i do it with
<Renske> dude. singular.
<Renske> *
<Lethe|worky> too late
<Renske> krap
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<Star> xchat is jumbling all my letters
<FrackingGenius> Yes, it's Xchat doing it.
<Star> must have an auto screweruper
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[21:37] * Bunny yawns
[21:37] <Delphy> !bagel Bunny
[21:37] * Foamy sticks a creamy creamy cheesy cheesy bagel in Bunny's gob.
[21:37] <Bunny> I'm really sleepy
[21:37] * Bunny chokes
[21:37] * Bunny dies
[21:38] * Delphy humps the dead Bunny
[21:38] <Darkwytche> O.o
[21:38] * Bunny gasps "Thats necrobestiality!!!"
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* Longdaysend blows to frenchie
<Longdaysend> ...er bows
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<frazzmeister> its like scientology,... the brainwashing!
<Kelly> rofl
<Kelly> Not as spendy as scientology, though.
<frazzmeister> its pixel scientology!
<Tigerlilley> rofl
<JohnBrehaut1> lol
<GreenStraws> Heh.
<frazzmeister> like pixel porn, but even less satisfying...
<Kelly> rofl
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<Lethe|meshing> hullo fp
<Lethe|meshing> have some coffee
<Lethe|meshing> !coffee flyingpigeon
<Lethe|meshing> come on foamy
<flyingpigeon> :D
<flyingpigeon> Hi Lethe!
* Lethe|meshing kicks foamy
* Foamy gives flyingpigeon a cup of coffee. :)
<Lethe|meshing> kick start :)
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<Ren> like... does a 2d octopus also need 2 legs? or 4?
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<Angel> Renske, how old are you? Because i don't remember it being so necessary to shave when i was a teenager.
<renske> 24
<Angel> 6 years younger than me
<Angel> almost 7 :(
<Delphy|PG> Pft, Angel is yougn compared to me :P
<Angel> oh shut up D!
* Angel huggles The ancient Delphy
<Delphy|PG> Ow me back
<renske> d is not that old
<renske> lmao
<frazzmeister> ye olde delphy
<renske> rly? how olde?
<Delphy|PG> 42
<HystericalParoxysm> whut
<cthru> like mah dad
<Delphy|PG> ...or maybe younger
<Delphy|PG> :P
* renske not buying it
<Delphy|PG> How old do you THINK I am renske?
<frazzmeister> I thought 34,..
<Angel> 42? Wow... And i thought your ancient. You must remember the time when you still used wooden dollars...
<Delphy|PG> Wooden dollars? Fancy? I remember when it was 2 sticks and a bang on the cave wall was equal to a sheep
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<Lethe> holy hell there's brynjolf slash
* FrazzMEISTER is now known as frazzmeister
* Elexis (Elexis@fd-CEC33479.static.zebra.lt) has joined #social
<Lethe> and it's half an hour later
<Lethe> damnit
<Lethe> that will be an interesting convo with my boss tomorrow
<Lethe> "yes, i was working on the presentation, but then i got distracted by slash involving a side character in a game'
<frazzmeister> Distract with a kitten?
<Lethe> emergency kitten!
<Lethe> always carry one with you
<frazzmeister> yes.
<frazzmeister> "you're under arrest, you have the right to remainOMGKITTEN"
<Lethe> indeed
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<PhenominalOne> hey how is Delphy like
<Rye> XD
<daluved1> idk
<PhenominalOne> Delphy seems very funny
<daluved1> I heard he once killed a man
<PhenominalOne> lmao
<daluved1> with his bare hands!
<PhenominalOne> not lmao
<Rye> :O GASP!
<daluved1> And a hard drive
<PhenominalOne> not the hard drive!
<daluved1> Ooooh yes
<PhenominalOne> !cookie
* Pillze passes PhenominalOne a cookie :)
<PhenominalOne> ty
<PhenominalOne> !hard drive
<Qbuilderz> Dude, I SAW him kill that guy. It was intense
<daluved1> wasn't it!
<PhenominalOne> ow
<PhenominalOne> !water
<daluved1> Then he used the mouse as some sort of nunchuck thing
<Rye> would anyone here download LOZ paintings/posters for TS3? :p
<PhenominalOne> it serves coffe but not water
<daluved1> What's a LOZ?
<Rye> ...
* Rye stares at dal
<Qbuilderz> OMG! I remember that! He was like *Woosh! Woosh! SLAM FWAP!*
* daluved1 stares at Ri
<daluved1> I felt kinda bad for the poor guy
<Qbuilderz> I heard, that his motive was some guy kept on saying his name...o.o
<daluved1> I mean he was clearly dead...but he just kept going
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<Lethe> im going to bed fefere i say soem'htitn stupid
<Lethe> more stupid
<Lethe> something
<Lethe> before
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[07:13] <Database> Chii has been shagged?
[07:13] <Chii> Yes.
[07:13] <em|zzz> ahahahahahaha
[07:13] <Chii> you're after my robot bee^*££#@£$~*#*$$
[07:13] <em|zzz> ....
[07:14] <Database> ... XD
[07:14] <em|zzz> data
[07:14] <em|zzz> what have you done to chii this time?
[07:14] <Database> Sexy things.
[07:15] <elpemmy> ...WHAT?!
[07:15] <Database> You helped, Emmy!
[07:15] <em|zzz> Chii, does data forced you?
[07:15] <elpemmy> I never.
[07:15] <Chii> not without lubricant
[07:15] <em|zzz> ...
[07:15] <em|zzz> DATA
[07:15] <Database> ...
[07:15] <em|zzz> SHAME ON YOU!
[07:15] <Chii> :o
[07:15] <Database> Chii, stop lying!
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<whiterider> The whole server is 13+. Have you seen the smut in #social?
<djones> true
<djones> im the cause of most of it too
<Stormwench> I went in there for about 2 mins... and decided I must be a prude
<djones> i don't want to be banned
<whiterider> No, you're not, Daniel. #social smut was exactly the same before you came here ;)
<Stormwench> maybe he could raise it to more intellectual smut
<whiterider> Nope
<whiterider> It's our own special brand of smut. Just ask Pf. It'll never change.
<djones> intellectual smut?
<djones> i.e
<Stormwench> let them keep the smut - s long as it does not try to slide over here... which it has from time to time :)
<djones> why hello kind siur, would thee mind if i doth thine undergarments?
<Stormwench> ROFL
<djones> why quite hello mine maiden, thine tempestial wench (wink wink), hither yes, please do remove these most chaffing pants, and why, what is this, it seems your food intake chute has been entangled in my mandables, my most sincere apolgoies
<Stormwench> people forgot that if you decide to rename your self something appropriate to the social discussion it may not be an appropriate name change in any other channel
<whiterider> ... you just said "Would you mind if I do your pants"
<whiterider> Your meant to 'do' the person
<whiterider> Not the pants
<Stormwench> ROFLMAO
<djones> i've been corrected on shakespearean pron
<Stormwench> it was starting to sound like bad SciFi there
<djones> thats a new one
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* missangelica beats flash with muffins.
<flash3389> ><
<flash3389> why does angelica have to attack me
<missangelica> I attack with love.
<yuna98> hits you as hard as she loves you lol
<flash3389> Oo
<yuna98> explains al the boot prints on me :D
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<whiterider> Think about it though - Gordon Brown has one eye, spent most of his life thinking about money, grimaces a lot and looks like his face is melting. He is clearly a pirate.
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[03:19] MANDY_CAKES: If you delete errors I guess you get a non erroring game.
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<frazzmeister> my tounge is blue.
<Cazzy-Tchan> you have a tounge?
<frazzmeister> yes, several,.. in a jar,.. i collect them.
<Cazzy-Tchan> oooh! which one's blue then?
* frazzmeister eyes cazzys tounge
<JohnBrehaut1> Hey suc :)
<frazzmeister> te middle one
<Cazzy-Tchan> i don't have a tounge
<SirEmino> she uses them to play toungue twister
<whiterider> Tchan! you rock!
<Cazzy-Tchan> :)
<whiterider> You embody what #social is
<Cazzy-Tchan> yay!
<Cazzy-Tchan> thank you xD
<whiterider> Instead of "Your tongue is blue?", "you have a tongue?"...
<whiterider> Har, excellent xD
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* emo (emo@fd-1F9D4AEC.mptelco.com) has joined #social
<emo> hi
<emo> im emo
<emo> anyone out there?
* frazzmeister wouldnt have guessed..
<frazzmeister> no. you are all alone in this world.
<emo> y
<frazzmeister> oh, bled all over the rules and couldn't read them, I see.
<emo> y isnt there other people here
<frazzmeister> they all died, please type full words, it's in the rules..
<emo> how did they die?
<frazzmeister> crushed by the the wave of apathy as you entered.
<emo> what?
<emo> are you there?
<emo> will i die?
<frazzmeister> yes.
<emo> i will die,when?
<frazzmeister> if I knew when, I'd be preparing the celebration.
<emo> you bastard you want me dead!
<frazzmeister> indubitably.
<emo> what does that mean
<frazzmeister> without a doubt.
<emo> wtf
* emo (emo@fd-1F9D4AEC.mptelco.com) Quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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<sebrof77> Hey how do you be a donky raping shit eater?
<sephy> well first you need a donkey
#1481 · added 4 December 2009 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #create
<daluved1> Lets gather round the campfire
<Ri> and sing our campfire song
<daluved1> Our C-a-m-p, f-i-r-e, s-o-n-g song
<Ri> and if you don't think we can sing it faster than you're wrong
<daluved1> and it'll help if you just sing along
<daluved1> BAH BAH BUMMM
<daluved1> C-a-m-p-f-i-r-e-s-o-n-g song
<Ri> and if you don't think we can sing it faster than you're wrong
<daluved1> it'll help if you just sing along
<daluved1> Patrick!
<Ri> Song!!! c-a-m-p-f-i-r-e ---
<daluved1> Squidward!
<daluved1> ...
<daluved1> Good!
<Ri> I'tll help
<Ri> It'll heeeeeelop
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<Lethe> one less dream to haunt :(
<Djones> Wait, are you the creepy man with the scissors for hands?
<Djones> Well i say scissors.
<Djones> I mean amuptating bolt cutters.
<Lethe> no, that's siley's new friend
<SilentPsycho> :P
<Djones> He owes me at last count 172 arms./
* SilentPsycho gives Djones a freshly delimbed chicken wing.
<Djones> how is that going to help the net balance?
<Lethe> quantum physics
* miniemmy (elpemmy@fd-43158898.range86-159.btcentralplus.com) has joined #social
<SilentPsycho> Neuronucleurtachyonstinosis
<whiterider> Relativity. And superglue.
<whiterider> Hey emmy
<miniemmy> ...what did I walk in on, sorry?
<Lethe> science
<whiterider> zmobies