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<Loaf> Aychpee, we can't hate our favourite hipster
<Djones> HEY
<Djones> WAIT.
<Djones> I thought i was your favourite hipster?
<Loaf> erm.
<Djones> I'm sadfacing so hard right now.
<Loaf> you...are?
<Djones> :(
<Aychpee> Wait, so hipster is code for douchebag now?
<Djones> Touche.
<Aychpee> No, douche.
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<elpemmy> ahh fuck I HATE VECTORS
* elpemmy is now known as mathsingemmy
<mathsingemmy> "The point C lies on l and is such that OC is perpendicular to l" Well that's just freaking great BUT I CAN'T DO THIS
<CN> what's wrong with it?
<mathsingemmy> How am I supposed to find the point C?
<CN> does it give a drawing?
<mathsingemmy> no
<CN> l is just a line and O is the origin?
<mathsingemmy> just an equation
<mathsingemmy> yup
<mathsingemmy> the equation for line l is r=(i + 7j -5k) + n (3i -j + 2k)
<mathsingemmy> where n is a variable
<CN> oh, just draw it then
<mathsingemmy> it's 3 dimensional!
<CN> yep
<CN> be glad it's not 4 dimensional!
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<JK11> well, g'night all
<Arch> night jk
<djones> gd ni
<LilBrudder> Night!
<LilBrudder> thanks for the fun!
* JK11 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Hmm.
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Damn you.
<Greenie|SPAStiC> How am i supposed to say goodbye when he goes and LEAVES when Im not looking?
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Bastard.
<LilBrudder> Telepathically.
<djones> empathetically
<LilBrudder> Pathetically.
<djones> too obvious
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<Lethe> actually, do you have two exes?
<Lethe> if you're on xp you need to try the other one
<renske> more than that i'm afraid.
<Lethe> .exes sweetie
<renske> OH.
* renske headdesks.
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<Star> oh, he finally got off me!
* @Star cheers
<frazzmeister> ...
<Star> frazz...it's been pretty much constant
<Star> even when I went to the restroom he jumped in my pants
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<&whiterider> ...oh fuck
<DanTycoon> Hm?
<&whiterider> For the first time, I regret having risky woohoo switched on...
<&whiterider> >.<
<DanTycoon> Hm
<DanTycoon> I suppose that does suck. :P
<&whiterider> If she'd just have been sucking it wouldn't be a problem
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* mo (mo@fd-808B1CAA.dhcp.atsc.ca.charter.com) has joined #social
<mo> hi
<mo> do you have boob
<mo> kk
<iGoldenSimmer> ...
* mo has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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* Frenchie shags Emmy and Cthru to balance himself out.
<elpemmy> :P
* elpemmy is a cripple
<elpemmy> :(
<Database> O.o
<Database> Is Frenchie that well endowed, Emmy?
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* Becky eats a chip very very noisely to annoy people. ;)
<Kelly|Mall> Becky... you annoy us anyways. :P
<Becky> i try my best to, kelly. rofl
* SilentPsycho kills Becky with a noisy chip, although how a chip can be noisy, she doesn't know. [Note: SilentPsycho is from England. Chip = Fries]
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<whiterider> Would it be a bad idea for me to steal and drink copiuos amounts of alcohol 9 hours before I have to leave for college?
<whiterider> Wait
<whiterider> 12-1 != 9
<Database> 12-1 = 11. :P
<Greenie> Good job White.
<deadguy> are you *sure* you're not already drunk?
<Greenie> Im proud of you.
<Database> White fails Year 1 maths. :p
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<Emino> i know what boob you can go as
<renske> K-fed?
<renske> mel gibson?
<Emino> you can spinkle some sparklies and go as twilightboob
<renske> hahahaha
<Emino> that would start off a trend
*** Sparkle has joined #social
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<longdaysend> i love nuts
<frazzmeister> :D
<longdaysend> especially candied nuts
<longdaysend> no!
<longdaysend> no i meant i like to eat candied nuts
* longdaysend headdesks and gives up
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<Lethe> alright
<Lethe> i'm going to play Amnesia
<Lethe> knowing full well that this is supposedly one of the scariest games of the last few years
<Lethe> and also knowing that a level in goddamned Thief 1 could scare me shitless
*** Lethe is now known as Lethe|Amnesia
<Lethe|Amnesia> chat is now officially my lifeline
* Lethe|Amnesia salutes
<Lethe|Amnesia> the things i do for a living...
*** Loaf has joined
<Lethe|Amnesia> i am currently hiding in a closet
<Lethe|Amnesia> like a little girl
<Lethe|Amnesia> ...
<Loaf> :/
<Loaf> what's happened, Lethe?
<SilentPsycho> XD
<SilentPsycho> The game, Loaf, not actually
<Lethe|Amnesia> something growled at me
<Loaf> oh
<Loaf> phew
<Lethe|Amnesia> hahaha
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--- Delphster is now known as InfiniDelphy
* Anna licks InfiniDelphy
<SilentPsycho> Do I want to ask Delphy?
<InfiniDelphy> Infinity Combat Prototype
<P-epsi> how's coke today?
<Anna> mmmmm
<InfiniDelphy> aka naked mud wrestling
<Anna> wow
<SilentPsycho> Ahhh.
<cokenasmile> coke is reading popular mechanics :)
<SilentPsycho> That's not as interesting as naked mud wrestling
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<TFS> We are #social. We are legion. We do not forgive n00bness. We do not forget BOOBIES.
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[20:46] <Greenie> Dude how did this conversation start?
[20:46] <tmm> hp mentioned text to speech, then I mentioned mc hawking, and it went from there
[20:46] <Database> > Chi thinks Delphy is smart
[20:46] <Database> <tmm> and then you're mighty steven hawking the fucking quake master
[20:46] <Database> <HystericalParoxysm> ...
[20:46] <Database> <Database> Steven Hawking plays Quake?
[20:46] <Database> <Database> Awesome.
[20:46] <Database> <Database> :P
[20:46] <Database> And there it goes. :P
[20:47] <Greenie> ... Hahahaha.
[20:47] <Greenie> Leave it to you guys to get from that to "I WONDER IF HE CAN FUCK."
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Canoodle> You can get banned for acting 12.
* leesester shuts up
<Canoodle> Man..that was a conversation killer. I thought it was funny,
<Qbuilderz> Hahaha
<infrance> So why don't people get tolded off for lying about there age but then they become 13
<elpemmy> because the didn't make it obvious enough to be badly behaved anyway
<elpemmy> I didn't act like a boob
<elpemmy> crap
<elpemmy> *noob
<Loaf> :P
<Longdaysend> nice slip there ems
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[02:08] <Buzz|work> I think rox is bouncing on her modem.
[02:09] <TechnoWolf> uhh
[02:09] <TechnoWolf> She doesn't have anything better to bounce on?
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<cthru> OH, when will it be updated?? I was reading the qb yesterday
<cthru> the whole qdb, I'm sooo silly
<cthru> :/
<Lethe|worky> as soon as we can blinky delphy so much
<Lethe|worky> delphy will go and do it
<Lethe|worky> isn't that right, delphy
<Lethe|worky> delphy doesn't seem to be responding
<cthru> delphy will certainly do it since you asked ;)
<Lethe|worky> I hope nothing is wrong with delphy
<cthru> delphy might be busy D:
<Lethe|worky> delphy could very well be busy
* Delphster snickers
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<elpemmy> google tells me that last one was
<elpemmy> "are you horny or want a cookie"
<renske> yes.
<SickPsycho> XD
<renske> imagine that to the melody of 'should i stay or should i go now' from The Clash.
<renske> true.
<elpemmy> I really really want a cookie now
* Lethe snorts some more
<SickPsycho> Aww, emmy's not horny. :(
<elpemmy> I don't do the sexytiem, Sylie.
<elpemmy> Ever.
<renske> never ever?
<renske> ever ever?
<Lethe> she's underage
<elpemmy> well maybe one day.
<Lethe> she's allowed to lie
<elpemmy> If I find a guy who is not a prick.
<Lethe> honey
<Lethe> sweetiepie
<elpemmy> and I don't mess up :)
<Lethe> you're gonna need that prick
<Lethe> i'm not sure what they told you
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<Lethe|worky> holy fuck, it's not just drawings
* Lethe|worky closes google images
<The_French_Sim> No, Lethe.
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* Dark_horse_spirit (Dark_horse@AD7D5375.D6D57B33.D610AA3D.IP) has joined #social
<Dark_horse_spirit> can any one tell me how to kill a sim...
<Dark_horse_spirit> this sime follows me around picking fights all day
<Dark_horse_spirit> It's very anoying
<Jon|WoW> No clue.
<Dark_horse_spirit> everywhere I go there is this sim wanting to fight..my character is a wimp, so he always loses..
<Delphy|Out> I got the new dashboard earlier
<Delphy|Out> It's... ok... I'm glad they kept the blades interface on the xbox button though
<Delphy|Out> Dark_horse_spirit: Err, the usual way?
<Dark_horse_spirit> I would hate to start a new game as this one has been running for a while
<Delphy|Out> Pause and enclose them in walls
<Delphy|Out> Or there are various objects you can get to kill sims
<Dark_horse_spirit> likw what..I'd love to budgeon this one with an axe
<Delphy|Out> Somebody has probably done an axe :)
<Dark_horse_spirit> or blow it's head clean off it's shoulders
<Dark_horse_spirit> or maybe hire a hitsim..
<Jon|WoW> Dude, you need to go outside and run around or something. All this negative energy is bad for your health.
<Dark_horse_spirit> ya I think that your right..see ya later..
* Dark_horse_spirit has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<curlybap> ...
<Delphy|Out> lol
<Delphy|Out> Jon 1, newbie 0
<Bubo> lol
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18:01 <&Aychpee> We don't talk about piracy here, raven.
18:01 < Davey> Piracy is bad
18:01 < Database> Yarrr!
18:01 <&Aychpee> Hush, you.
18:01 < Database> Avast, ye hearties, etcetera etcetera.
18:01 * Aychpee hits Data with a rolled up Chii.
18:01 * Chii loves it
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<Longdaysend> yeah...i can see that
<Chii> :O
<Loaf> i am not in the QDB this time around, at all =D
* djones quotedbs
<Loaf> ...fuck you, deej
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<frazzmeister> yes, i am a sexgodes.
<frazzmeister> i thinke im sobering...nedd more beer,, the web cam made me paranoids agin
<SilentPsycho> sexgodes? Is that the term for a hermaphrodite sex divinity?
<frazzmeister> lde!
<frazzmeister> sure, why not,'
<frazzmeister> i wouldnt mind hanging a dick above my twat,,,, like misltetoe... purty.
<Longdaysend> wow..did i pick a bad time to visit ?:D