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<WWW> I am not paying 23 dollars for a box, unless it is a NICE box.
* Sparkle paints a box beautifuly
<Sparkle> Hi Davey!
<Davey> You're selling your box?
<Davey> Hooker
<Sparkle> Wanna buy a box?
<Sparkle> o_O
<Sparkle> ....
<Davey> Sorry, I had to
<Sparkle> This box comes with all the mod cons
<Davey> Box accessories?
<Sparkle> Full plumbing, satilite TV
<Sparkle> It'll cost you just £25
<Davey> Well I'd hope your box came with plumbing, but idk how you fit a satellite TV in there
<Davey> Magic Box
<Sparkle> £50 then
<Sparkle> It's a hilarious box
<Davey> If no one is buying your box at 25, you probably don't want to up the price
<Davey> I'm sure it is
<Sparkle> Okay, how about £30?
<Davey> That's still up, my dear
<Davey> Ilu sparkle.
<Sparkle> £32, and I'll throw in 4 bedrooms and a sauna
<Davey> Mighty big box
<Sparkle> It's the deal of the century!
<Davey> You should really lower the price if it's that large
<Sparkle> £30 and that's the lowest I'll go
<Sparkle> But you get everything
<Davey> Not just your box?
<Davey> Does your offer come with the back door?
<Sparkle> 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms..Eat in kitchen...Satillite TV...Sauna..
<Sparkle> Even a..wait, what?
<Davey> Well good, I'm glad we could eat *in* your box
<Sparkle> It even has a bowling alley and a swimming pool!
<Sparkle> I think that's worth the £30.
<Davey> Well sparkle, it is large, it would be like throwing a hot dog down a bowling alley
<Sparkle> £300
<Davey> Okay Sparkle. Ilu. I have to tell you
<Davey> Box is a euphemism for vagina
<Sparkle> ..Davey, I hate you so much!
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<Loaf> OH MY GOD
<Loaf> SHOES.
* Delphy zones out
<Loaf> That was the BEST SHOPPING TRIP EVER.
<Delphy> Bra?
* Delphy zones back in again
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*** JadedSidhe has quit (Quit: Inspire. Dream. Hope. Believe. Imagine. Create.)
<ForeverCamp> ^ That's a deep message to leave #create with. :P
<SilentPsycho> Inspire. Dream. Hope. Believe. Imagine. Create. Fail. Scream. Delete. Try Again. Fail. Hit the Keyboard. Throw Mouse Across the Room. Storm Off To Bed. Sleep. Wake Up. Inspire.
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<Jon|CountingCowZzZzZz> I started counting sheeps, but sheep make a lot of noise when thrown over a fence to count. So I tried pigs. Same difference. Eventually, I came to cows. Cows don't make much noise and they know they can't be thrown over a fence. Problem solved.
<HystericalParoxysm> I'd go for chickens, personally.
<HystericalParoxysm> Nice little clouds of feathers.
<Jon|CountingCowZzZzZz> Chicken makes noise though. I'm a light sleeper.
<HystericalParoxysm> Gag them first?
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<Nec> Of course the plaster falling down from the ceiling everytime they wrestle or whatever it is they do kinda tells you how obnoxious they are. They are constatly knocking my Darth Vader stuff off the top of my monitor
<HystericalParoxysm> Oh noes, not your Darth Vader.
<Nec> Yes, my Pez dispenser and my action figure
<HystericalParoxysm> Do you have one of the giant talking Pez dispensers?
<Nec> No, a small one. I want one of those lightsaber crafting kits =D
<HystericalParoxysm> Eh, just go to a hardware store with a bunch of stoners. They'll come up with all kinds of interesting bits you can put together to make a lightsaber.
<HystericalParoxysm> They may try to also make a bong out of it though.
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<SilentPsycho> You know you're at least part geek if you find yourself wishing to write "I can either do a mental-clearing break, in which I listen to music or chat with friends in order to defrag my brain"... In an official graded assignment.
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<SilentPsycho> So you're not human then. Explains a lot.
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<DoctorWhoNerd001> Tell me things about myself then!
<DoctorWhoNerd001> Tell me things about myself then!
<SilentPsycho> You're a 9-year old ban evader
<DoctorWhoNerd001> and...
<SilentPsycho> And an idiot
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<frazzmeister> everytime i say something stupid, i wonder where white is......
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|<-- Vie has left irc.modthesims2.com:8080 (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Vieb)))
=-= Vieb is now known as Vie
<Vie> Back
<whiterider> :)
<frazzmeister> front
<whiterider> left
<frazzmeister> right
<whiterider> purple
<Summer> north
<Cliff> sideways
<frazzmeister> green
<Cliff> south
<whiterider> penguin
<Cliff> east
<whiterider> b\nana
<Summer> west
<whiterider> *banana
<frazzmeister> aardvark
<frazzmeister> apple
<Cliff> generic
<whiterider> eepit
<frazzmeister> mango
<Summer> gorilla!
<Cliff> viking
<whiterider> *meepit
<Cliff> penguin
<The_French_Sim> phone
<whiterider> hat
<frazzmeister> Zagreb
<Cliff> Velma
<whiterider> bing
<Summer> dress
<Cliff> Minto
<Summer> bong
<The_French_Sim> cheese
<whiterider> bong?
<Cliff> Bushey
<Summer> cake
<whiterider> lmao!
<whiterider> coke
<Summer> pepsi
<The_French_Sim> mouse
<Cliff> na
<Summer> cat
<Cliff> smile
<whiterider> cord
<frazzmeister> ougadougou
<Summer> forwn
<whiterider> Speel
<Summer> frown*
<Cliff> miss
<The_French_Sim> towel
<Summer> wheel
<whiterider> drown
<Cliff> angelica
<Summer> mister
<whiterider> brown
<Cliff> ing
<whiterider> green
<The_French_Sim> lemon
<Summer> cloth
<whiterider> poopie
<Summer> lime
<Summer> yellow
<Cliff> fire
<Summer> pee
<The_French_Sim> boobies
<Summer> water
<Summer> butt
<frazzmeister> random
<Cliff> tits
<Summer> ness
<whiterider> BOOBIES!!!!
<frazzmeister> word
<Summer> ness
<whiterider> ass
<Cliff> arse
<whiterider> wipe
<Summer> bastard..
<Cliff> ass
<frazzmeister> and such.
<The_French_Sim> turd
<whiterider> shit
<Summer> shit..
<Cliff> sandwich
<whiterider> :)
<Summer> meat
<Cliff> me
<whiterider> blt
<Summer> you
<Cliff> take
<Cliff> me
<Summer> me
<Cliff> on
<Cliff> a
<whiterider> cake
<Summer> lol
<Cliff> date
<Summer> with
<Summer> you
<Cliff> lol
<frazzmeister> this is my fault, isnt it?
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<Cliff> now we can all be...
<frazzmeister> naked?
<whiterider> Bananas!!
* whiterider is now known as NakedWhiteBanana
* Cliff is now known as NakedBanana
<NakedWhiteBanana> :)
<NakedBanana> lol
<NakedBanana> you read my mind
<NakedWhiteBanana> Yes, yes I did
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* GoldenSimmer is now known as GoldenShower
<Lethe> :|
<Lethe> dude
<Lethe> bad nick
<Pfhoenix> gross
<Anna> ihihihihihih
* Anna is laughing hysterically
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<frazzmeister> she, he.. same thing... besides all that genitalia.....
#290 · added 3 October 2006 · vote up / 13 / vote down - from #social
<frazz|drunk> i need to pee.... if i dont return, i drowned, avenge my death by ecskploding your toilet.
#390 · added 17 December 2006 · vote up / 13 / vote down
Saria_Crossing> your pure evil white
<white|BHAV> :)
<white|BHAV> !cookie
* Chii passes white|BHAV a cookie :)
<Saria_Crossing> Chii?
<Saria_Crossing> what happend to foamy?
<white|BHAV> Delphy killed Foamy
<white|BHAV> And replaced him with a young blonde girl ;_;
* Lolli has quit (Ping timeout)
* Bunny|afk has quit (Quit: )
<Saria_Crossing> O__O why??
<photo> lalala
<white|BHAV> Because he's a horny old bastard!!
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<willr1976> well thanks anyway, may God help you all and bless you, its adultrious to lust after what you are talking about
<The_French_Sim> O_o
<shakazulu> ahh blessings
* shakazulu spontaneously combusts at the word bless and god
<The_French_Sim> I don't care about blessing, I'm an atheist.
* The_French_Sim melts.
* HP|Skintone a expulsé willr1976 de #social (God loves boobies.)
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<Greenie> I have to go EAT.
<Cheesy> Ewww... don't you just hate that sensation when you throw up in you mouth a little?
<Greenie> EW.
<Cheesy> And then you burp, and you taste puke?
<Greenie> CHEESE!
<Greenie> I am about to EAT! EATTT!!!!
<Cheesy> Enjoy your meal!
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Greenie|Piratey-Things> And if you buy 720 or more, theyre only 30 cents each!
<Greenie|Piratey-Things> xDD
<Cazzy-Tchan> !!!!!
<Greenie|Piratey-Things> Ahahahaha.
<Jessica> what exactly would you do with over 700 piratey rubber duckies?
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* Greenie is now known as Greenie|SmallChildren
<ChocolateCake> Greenie, what are you doing to small children?
#794 · added 29 August 2007 · vote up / 13 / vote down - from #social
* MizzKitty|Discombobulated taps her foot at her nerdy boyfriend and decides that because of the flowers alone he will get another half hour to wrap up his nerd session
<Safyre420> maybe you just need to talk to him like you're from the internet to get some food lol
<Targ> omg can I be in ur foodz lol?
<Safyre420> or "I can has fooz plz"
<Safyre420> foodz*
<Targ> I can has cheezburger
<Safyre420> or just go open the fridge and yell "I'm in ur fridge stealin ur foodz!"
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<LilBrudder> Here:
<LilBrudder> <> !*''#
<LilBrudder> ^"`$$-
<LilBrudder> !*=@$_
<LilBrudder> %*<> ~#4
<LilBrudder> &[]../
<LilBrudder> |{,,SYSTEM HALTED
<LilBrudder> The poem can only be appreciated by reading it aloud, to wit:
[<LilBrudder> Waka waka bang splat tick tick hash,
<LilBrudder> Caret quote back-tick dollar dollar dash,
<LilBrudder> Bang splat equal at dollar under-score,
<LilBrudder> Percent splat waka waka tilde number four,
<LilBrudder> Ampersand bracket bracket dot dot slash,
<LilBrudder> Vertical-bar curly-bracket comma comma CRASH.
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<leunammi> hi guys
<leunammi> hello
<leunammi> i need some help about the sims
<leunammi> anyone here
<leunammi> ??????????????????
<leunammi> ???????????????
<Jon> We don't give help here.
<Jon> We mock and tease.
<frazzmeister> also, we demand nudes.
<frazzmeister> hahah, you suck! now strip.
<frazzmeister> see.
<frazzmeister> we are truely horrible people.
<leunammi> ok
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[15:06] * photo can hear the wind blowing over her head...
[15:06] <HystericalParoxysm> No, honey, that's... you need to close your legs.
[15:06] <whiterider> Or put some trousers on
[15:07] <HystericalParoxysm> Just don't go running in a skirt. The whistling noise would be deafening.
[15:08] <whiterider> It's ok! I have new jeans! I'm not deafened! :)
[15:08] <HystericalParoxysm> Did you put them on over your ears again hon?
[15:08] <whiterider> The waistlines this season are really high
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<longdaysend> i love nuts
<frazzmeister> :D
<longdaysend> especially candied nuts
<longdaysend> no!
<longdaysend> no i meant i like to eat candied nuts
* longdaysend headdesks and gives up
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<dana> im here with a promlem with my game sims2
<dana> pm?
<dana> what is?
<Jon|KanesWrath> dana: This isn't a help channel.
<HystericalParoxysm> dana - Use the Game Help section on MTS2.
<Zicon> dana: This is not a help channel.
<SilentPsycho> No help is givn in this chat
<HystericalParoxysm> Is there an echo in here?
<Jon|KanesWrath> Maybe.
<SilentPsycho> Slightly. :)
<Zicon> hystericalparoxysm: Yes.