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<PharaohHound> Buzz!
<Buzz> Dawg!
<PharaohHound> Or armi?
<Buzz> Nah, is me. :P
<PharaohHound> Just checking :P
* PharaohHound climbs into Buzz's lap for a quick snuggle
<Buzz> :)
<PharaohHound> How's the Finn treating you?
<Buzz> Good enough.
<Buzz> Oh, who am I kidding?
<Buzz> She's also spying on the screen...
<HystericalParoxysm> So you had a steering wheel installed on them then?
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<spladoum> When I was in college, there was a sex ed instructor who regularly dressed up like a homeless bag lady and came to the dorms to give talks.
<TeeHeeShe> why the costume?
<spladoum> One way she would do it was to chew one like gum and slide it on a banana with her mouth.
<spladoum> To get our attention, I think.
<Nysha> Chewing a condom seems like a bad idea
<King_Deadly> O_o
<Nysha> But being able to put one on with your mouth has always seemed like a good idea to me
<Nysha> Not that it's a skill I'd have used much up til now
<Nysha> (Or now. In general.)
<TeeHeeShe> it's quite a fun thing to get people to try and do at sex ed parties (using demonstrators not real penises)
<Nysha> I somehow read demonstrators as a possessive there
<TeeHeeShe> he he
<spladoum> The other main thing she'd do is get a boy and a girl to roleplay in reverse, so the boy would try to get the girl to put a condom on (the banana)
<spladoum> bear in mind, these are generally 18-19 year olds who aren't exactly viriginal
<spladoum> so that often didn't go as planned
<Nysha> lol
<CircusWolf> lol
<Nysha> tbh I think in that scenario, I'd have them wearing strapons
<Nysha> For no reason other than penises are not generally banana shaped
<spladoum> yeah, not usually so curved
<Nysha> Or pointy
<TeeHeeShe> most have a bit of curve but admittedly most aren't quite that curvaceous
<spladoum> or yellow.
<Nysha> Weeeellll....
<TeeHeeShe> or with removable skins
<Nysha> Also, weeeellll
<Nysha> Partially removable
<TeeHeeShe> fully removable
<TeeHeeShe> :P
<Nysha> Yes okay
<spladoum> or edible.
<Nysha> :P
<TeeHeeShe> define "eating"
<Nysha> At least penises don't fall apart when you suck them for too long
<spladoum> consuming the object and digesting it
<spladoum> true, but you can't eat them with spoons and ice cram.
<spladoum> *cream
<TeeHeeShe> then they are edible, it's just not considered morally acceptable
<Nysha> And the same is true of eating them with spoons and ice cream
<King_Deadly> and they also arent as sweet
<Nysha> Though you might need surgery after eating the spoons
<TeeHeeShe> I'm not saying it should be, just that it isn't especially dangerous to the person eating it
<TeeHeeShe> but spoons are so tasty!
<Nysha> Now I know why you went into medicine!
<spladoum> I've always thought of the spoon as comforting more than tasty.
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[18:55] Database looks in
[18:55] Database sees boobs
[18:55] PharaohHound shakes boobs
[18:55] Database decides it is business as usual
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* HystericalParoxysm has feet!
<Kelly> NO!
<HystericalParoxysm> Yes! It's true!
* Kelly dies from the shock of such news.
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<viromancy> So, him, Twaites and pink-shirt-boy. I'll pay the rail fare. But let me know if they need chloroforming and shipping in restraints. It's more expensive
<SilentPsycho> Probably will need the clhloroform and restraints. I haven't spoken to any of them since Halloween
<viromancy> Point out that I'm a cool executive with a good pension plan, an independent financial advisor, and a gaping hole in the "Who To Leave My Life Insirance Too"
<viromancy> But I'm also not stupid so any attempt to bump meoff for it will result in someone else's blood on the walls
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<Anna> O.O
<Anna> the anti moronic shield failed
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<Viranth> Do allies get Hellboy in CoH?
<Mnementh> lol viranth
<NovaBurn> no the allies get indiana jones
<Moe> omg
<Weavern> IMBA!
<Weavern> he's goign to destroy your tank with a sock!
<Viranth> haha
<Delphy> rofl!
<Moe> "special ability: construct nuclear weapon from paperclips and an aspirin"
<Weavern> xD
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--- GrouchyFly sets ban on urrgh!*@*
<-- GrouchyFly has kicked urrgh from #social (GrouchyFly)
<SilentPsycho> >:)
* SilentPsycho snuggles the Grouchy One
<GrouchyFly> Being grouchy doesn't really suit me...
--- GrouchyFly is now known as Superfly
<Stanislav> Star Wars - great idea of movies and games...
<Stanislav> respect to author of this
<SilentPsycho> How about BitchyFly?
<JK11> He's going to ban evade again I bet
<Cliff> hey super, great to have you back
* SilentPsycho gets out a lightsaber and runs amok
<SilentPsycho> She
<Superfly> Yah, grouchy fly was too grouchy
<whiterider> And not super enough :)
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<Vie> hum
<Bunny> hey Vie didnt see you there
* Bunny waves
<Vie> Hey
<Vie> I've been buisy
<Bunny> world domination?
<Bunny> training albino hamsters to fight?
<Vie> Erm
<Vie> taking groseries to my grandmothers...
<Bunny> awww little red riding Vie
<Bunny> :)
<Vie> Little?
<Vie> I'm 6 foot tall Bunny darling
<Bunny> correction giant red riding Vie
<Bunny> :D
<whiterider> Keep going Bunny, he'll send you pics to prove he's not little...
<Bunny> yikes
* whiterider ducks
<whiterider> :P
<Vie> heh
<Vie> different part though white
<Bunny> if thats 6 feet long
<Vie> plus bunnies seen them I think
* Bunny gulps
<whiterider> (I spend a lot of time ducking it seems, the wall behind me must look like a bomb site)
<Bunny> seen them?
<Bunny> maybe you are thinking of another Bunny
<whiterider> Oh wow... thanks for that image Bunny....
* Bunny giggles
<Bunny> 6ft giant penis!
<Vie> I thought you had seen them...
<Bunny> 6ft wide and long
<Vie> Vie the UberDich
<Bunny> its like a water tower
<Vie> heh
<Vie> anyway
<John> 4 spokes that go into the ground ?
<Vie> enough talk of my phalus
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[14:13] <suceress|simPE> cox... *sniggers*
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<Cliff> umm is that a tampon in the nostril
<LyricLee> he got wasted i got colaterol
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<Lethe> hrm, go figure, I can't *find* the damn uv map
<Delphster> You need to discombobulate the sprocket with widget A first
<Lethe> okok, I got it
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[11:32] <Jenn> huh, just reading the amazon ojon reviews and it doesn't smell like coconut to me at all.
[11:32] <Jenn> It smells more like coffee, cigerette smoke, incense, and cinnemon.
[11:33] <Jenn> I wish they'd make it a perfume.
[11:38] <whiterider> you.. what?
[11:38] <whiterider> An amazon review smells of coffee fags and hinduism? :|
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[16:09] <Syera> Chii, make me a Time Lord.
[16:09] <Chii> Go go gadget magic wand!
[16:09] <Chii> *PniG* ... you are a Time Lord.
[16:09] <Chii> I AM THE WIZARD!%*~#~^$~£@
[16:09] <Syera> YES! :D
[16:09] <Syera> Yes, you are the wizard, Chii! *smooch*
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<SirEmino> penis? :P
<SirEmino> dammit
<SirEmino> i said it again
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<Zicon> Oh, and Willy.
* Zicon loves Willy.
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* Delphy is now known as Delphy|DIY
<Cey> oh oh.. is that a scarey thing?
<Heavyweapunzemmy> Delphy does DIY? *snicker*
<whiterider> He's sandpapering his leg
<Heavyweapunzemmy> X.X
<Cey> no comment
<Loaf> pirate!Delphy?
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<elpemmy> Can you get stoned on cannabis?
<HystericalParoxysm> O_o
<jhd1189> !
<SilentPsycho> ...
<Djones> :o
<HystericalParoxysm> What the fuck else are you supposed to use it for?
<Djones> elpemmy, Quick! To the yahoo answers mobile.
* HystericalParoxysm cacklesnorts
<elpemmy> ...
<elpemmy> That wasn't what I meant.
<HystericalParoxysm> What -did- you mean then?
<elpemmy> I meant it, like, is stoned the correct term.
<Safyre420> you can use it for hemp stuff
<missangelica> You mean the act of stoning?
<Safyre420> stoned, fried, blazed
<HystericalParoxysm> Stoned, high, baked...
<Djones> I want to be stoned by cannabis.
<Djones> They'd need tons to really do any damage
<jhd1189> "May he who is without sin cast the first cannabis"
<Djones> The bible would be way cooler.
<Delphy> "Dude, this cannabis is, like, totally heavy, man!"
<elpemmy> not to mention, they'd struggle to make drugs illegal if it was in the bible.
<HystericalParoxysm> And then Jesus went unto them, and he spake, "Like, whoa, my hands are HUGE!"
<SilentPsycho> Never look a gift cannibis in the mouth
<Safyre420> jesus was a hippie
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* KevinRudd is now known as Tee
<elpemmy> ><
<Tee> WTF?
* Tee is now known as Tree
<Corrie> Tee
<Billybob> Plain white?
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* The_French_Sim would totally nomnom his baby fat
<The_French_Sim> I can pretend to be a shark
<The_French_Sim> "I'm a shaaaaaaaark! I'm a shaaaaaaaark! Suck my diiiiiick! I'm a shaaaaaaark!"
* The_French_Sim is convincing
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<Gangreless> My intertubez is clogged.
<Sparkle> *puts flash down it*
<Gangreless> Amazing
<Gangreless> as soon as you said that, it started to work XD
<Sparkle> It leaves it sparkling clean
<Sparkle> LOL
<Sparkle> I have the magic touch
<Sparkle> New Flash- it gets your internet working in no time!
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<HystericalParoxysm> Fuck it, imma just use yours LFB and if anyone asks I'll be all liek, "DUDE NO THAT IS MY SKIN LIEK 4REALZ"
<LadyFrontbum> Rofl go for it
<dal> lol
<LadyFrontbum> When ppl say "zomg hp's totally using your skin" I'll be all "INORITE KTHX BAI"
* LadyFrontbum just wanted to type INORITE
<LadyFrontbum> Aw thanks dal
<HystericalParoxysm> INOUDID
<dal> NO WAI
<dal> *hair flip*
<HystericalParoxysm> LIEKYA
<HystericalParoxysm> *eyeroll*
<LadyFrontbum> hahaha
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<elpemmy> I promised myself I'd start moving my body cock back in time for term to stary
<elpemmy> err
<elpemmy> *clock
* elpemmy does not have a cok!
<elpemmy> *cokc
<whiterider> emmy's cock is out of time?
<Blade26623> lol
<whiterider> emmy has a Time Cock!
<Blade26623> no wonder he's mad
<Blade26623> LMFAO
<elpemmy> She, Blade, please.
<Blade26623> O.o
<elpemmy> I have no cock to call my own
<elpemmy> let alone a time travelling one :(
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MasterJ16 a member
MasterJ16 on this site
elpemmy a penis?
MasterJ16 no
renske a penis that starts with an R? o0
elpemmy a red penis?
MasterJ16 no
renske D:
renske you should get that checked out.
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<Sparkle> WTF, Cock-a-Dobby
<bakafox> ..house elf for a cock?