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<curlybap> they've built a new MI5 base across the lough from here
<curlybap> and you can see in the windows from the little coin-operated telescopes
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<Lethe> wait, where the fuck did top gear get a space shuttle
<frazzmeister> oh, you know,.. in the usall way...
<frazzmeister> *usual
<frazzmeister> ..i hate that word, no matter how I type it it looks wrong
<Delphy|Out> It's like with thier
<Delphy|Out> their
<Delphy|Out> Whatever
<frazzmeister> indeed.
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<missangelica> I remember complaining about the censoring ages ago, but it really wasn't that bad.
<HystericalParoxysm> It was just a bit silly considering that we still talked about tits just as much then as we do now.
<missangelica> *nods*
<jhd1189> You mean you talked about <censored>, of course
<frazzmeister> tittys!
<frazzmeister> boobs.
<SilentAngels> Tittiesex"
<SilentAngels> !
<HystericalParoxysm> Jigglebits!
<frazzmeister> tittysex cake!
<SilentAngels> The Pointer sisters!
<SilentAngels> A Two Gun Salute!
<missangelica> breasticles, mallomars..
<SilentAngels> Sweater puppies!
<SilentAngels> Twin shooters!
<missangelica> I was thinking of calling mine "Laverne and Shirley"..
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* Rich (Rich@mts2-79896297.hsd1.pa.comcast.net) has joined #social
<Rich> Any skinners willing to give me a hand?... my skin touching up skills suck... I do objects:P
<&Tikva> I skin puppies, does that help?
<Rich> LOL
<&Tikva> ...why lol? It's nasty. Blood and guts all over the floor. I've ruined so many clothes doing that
<&Tikva> But the pay is good. Down with the fur industry! But no-one likes puppies anyway. And it's not like they're endangered
<&Tikva> Yet
<&Tikva> However, they're a pain to sew, or so the people in the other warehouse say. You have to find 10 skins of the exact same colour and texture just to make a fucking hat
<Rich> lol
<&Tikva> And puppies don't come in standard paintjobs.
<Piglet> puppies? :O
<&Tikva> Yes, those annoying whiny things that shake annoyingly when you try and kill them.
* djones stops talking to tikva in protest
<Piglet> real ones or the toy ones
<&Tikva> Real ones
<&Tikva> Toy ones don't shake
<Piglet> some do
<Piglet> but real ones :O
<&Tikva> And no-one wants a fur coat made by the Beanie Baby people
<Piglet> poor puppies :(
<djones> ...
<djones> piglet
<busybap> rofl
<djones> just don't encourage that evil whore
<&Tikva> <3
<djones> shes an evil cow. just ignore her
<Piglet> although it defo should be stoped
<&Tikva> You would have thought, if the eyeballs that won't flush gross him out so much, he'd just use the other bathroom
<busybap> ...why would eyeballs not flush?
<&Tikva> They float. no idea why.
* busybap 'd've thought they'd've been rather dense
<&Tikva> Well, I tend to squeeze the jelly out first. It works well for strengthening the back of the skins
* Piglet Faints
<&Tikva> Oh it's ok, I don't do humans. That's just nasty. There are some... but I try to avoid them. Like Buffalo Bill.
<Piglet> your a cuila daville however you spell her name lol
<&Tikva> He's fucking wierd, but the mafia pay him in gold bars....
<&Tikva> Don't think gold bars would do it for me though
<djones> mmmmmm, gold bars. they make good whacking sticks
<&Tikva> Gold bars != fair pay for skinning young children
<&Tikva> But anyway, talking about that is disgusting. Back to puppies :)
<Piglet> nooooo the horror, leave those puppies alone!
<&Tikva> I got a kitten in one of the bags once. Was not pleased. I couldn't skin it, so I sent it to a dog food factory.
* Piglet Is worried about how disturbing you are
<&Tikva> "Disturbing" is a matter of perception
<annay49> kitten?
<&Tikva> Yes, a kitten
<&Tikva> All fluffy and white
<Piglet> awwwwwwww
<Piglet> next time you get a fluffy white kitten send it over ill look after the poor thing
<&Tikva> You're kidding me - I got £50 from that factory. That's worth five puppies, with no mistakes
<Piglet> probably cos it's so cute
<&Tikva> The most annoying thing is when you've got it all perfect.... and then you nick the testicles and the whole caboodle gets ruined by escaped bodily fluids
<&Tikva> Are you still buying this?
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* GreenStraws is now known as Greenie|Latin
* whiterider nudges Greenie with an amplus gallo
<whiterider> Aww, Greenfly is a) ignoring me; b) doesn't realise I just spoke latin; or c) does realise I just spoke latin, has translated it, and feels it not worthy of a response
<whiterider> ;_;
<Greenie|Latin> Hey white?
<whiterider> Yeh?
<Greenie|Latin> Id love it if you wouldnt poke me with ample cocks in the future, aye?
<whiterider> :)
<Greenie|Latin> Im not even gonna ask where you got it.
<Greenie|Latin> :p
<whiterider> I have a fun vocabulary
<Greenie|Latin> I noticed. :]
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<Cazzy|Akihabara> LOL!
<Cazzy|Akihabara> get this!
<Cazzy|Akihabara> i asked my friend if she could bowl
<Cazzy|Akihabara> and she said, "yeh, i think i can blow"
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh
<SilentPsycho> Fruedian slip there :)
<Cazzy|Akihabara> so i laughed and said "that was funny, but anyway, i can't bowl, i suck"
<Cazzy|Akihabara> O.o
<Cazzy|Akihabara> and now i'm killing myself laughing
<Cazzy|Akihabara> "i can blow" "i can't, i suck"
<Cazzy|Akihabara> O.O
<curlybap> rofl
<Cazzy|Akihabara> it was so unintended it's really funny
<SilentPsycho> :P
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<Pescado> There's no 15 or 16.
<Pescado> This is all still 12.
* SilentPsycho pushes Pescado into the FOuntain of Youth.
<viromancy> Only in your unique ageing system, Pes
<busybap> 3, actually, viro
<Pescado> My system just happens to be shared by the game itself, so that should tell you something.
* Database then drags Pescado out of the Foundain of Youth and drowns him in a vat of Elixir of Life.
<MizzKitty|Hidden> Well, Pes, it's hard to do it your way... then he has to be 12 . 5 or something
<Database> I don't play that game, Pescado. :P
<busybap> ...how do you drown someone in an elixir of life?
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ChocolateCake> Do murderers ask people how they feel about being murdered?
<JK11> Sure
<ChocolateCake> The really nice ones
<Greenie> Yeah.
<JK11> The ones that are unconcious
<JK11> "How do you feel, you damn bastard?"
<Greenie> "Mm, not so great.. My girlfriend just broke up with me..."
<Greenie> "Shut up!"
<Cazzy-Tchan> "Don't tell me to shut up!"
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<SirEmino> being vain is my natural skills i'm affraid.
<Greenie> Hmm. Buy some new skills?
<Arch> He can't afford them. He wasted all his money on his makeup and wig.
<Greenie> Oh. Darn.
<SirEmino> fortunately, i'm naturally good looking, so i dont need those
* JohnBrehaut1 throws a 5c piece at emi
<JohnBrehaut1> he only needs his moisturizer :P
<whiterider> Except for the baldness and the buck teeth, eh, Emi ;)
<SirEmino> whitey is jealous too, since she stuck with dj instead of someone awesome like me
<&whiterider> There's no way you'd be as good in (or out of) bed as dj, you'd stop to see if you could see your reflection in your... eh... >:D
<JohnBrehaut1> hahahahaha
<SirEmino> than can be easily solve with a silk sheet :P
<SirEmino> the really shiny and reflective ones
<&whiterider> Yeah... even worse
<SirEmino> or a camcorder
<Greenie> Oh geez Emi
<JohnBrehaut1> Just......stop
<&whiterider> Also, I've yet to meet a woman who'd appreciate her guy screaming "Oh, Pikachu!!!!"
<&whiterider> xD
<SirEmino> i'm sorry
<SirEmino> but pikachu is not awesome
<SirEmino> alakazam is awesome
<SirEmino> machamp is awesome
<SirEmino> but pikachu?
<SirEmino> oh please
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<whiterider> That's... impressive. I have so many pop-up notice things in TS2, that they're dropping off the bottom of my screen
<SilentPsycho> Psh, I get that every time I play a University house.
<SilentPsycho> Fuckwit managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Fuckwit managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Cannon Fodder managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Cannon Fodder managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Random Victim managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Random Victim managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Preppy Cow managed to get on the Deans List
<SilentPsycho> Preppy Cow managed to get 1500 simoeleons
<SilentPsycho> Drives you bloody mad after a while
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<viromancy>: I like whiskey, and cigarettes, and wild wild...erm...boys. Damn, that woulkd make a crap song
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<create|emmy> mine is not a resizing issue...
<escand2> god, it's like talking to a girl with a bad boyfriend.
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[06:25] <MissLoaf> Evening
[06:26] <Medico> Mornin'
[06:26] <MissLoaf> mornin'? it's half 7 in the evening here :P
[06:27] <Medico> 0630 here.
[06:27] <Jon|Fallout3> Yes, we call that "time zones."
[06:27] <Jon|Fallout3> Welcome to the real world.
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* lyejarnl (lyejarnl@fd-9B6D7DF6.cybercable.net.mx) has joined #social
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* lyejarnl (lyejarnl@fd-9B6D7DF6.cybercable.net.mx) has joined #social
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Cazzy> LOL revolving door syndrome
<Renske> either you're in, or you're out, but CLOSE THE BLOODY DOOR!
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<ChaoticNihilist> Do you believe he put my two drow party members under a god damn geas?
<frazzmeister> :/
<ChaoticNihilist> fucking tree hugger, his city can burn in hell for all i care!
<ChaoticNihilist> i SPIT on Suldanesslar
<ChaoticNihilist> +e
<frazzmeister> burn!
<frazzmeister> kill!
<ChaoticNihilist> BURN
<ChaoticNihilist> I'll make firewood with their tree of life!
<ChaoticNihilist> xenophobic bastard
<ChaoticNihilist> ...
<ChaoticNihilist> lol, frazz
<ChaoticNihilist> took me some time to realize
<frazzmeister> :p
<ChaoticNihilist> i was busy cursing at the walls.
<tmm> best place to get eggs, under a geas
* ChaoticNihilist looks puzzled
<frazzmeister> oh dear, is it punday already?
<ChaoticNihilist> i must be really slow, since i don't get it
<ChaoticNihilist> i'll laugh anyway: haha
<ChaoticNihilist> O.o
<tmm> goose - geese - geas cn
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* The_French_Sim ponders hanging meat products in the morgue of that hospital lot he's making
<Loafkitten> lmao
<Loafkitten> frenchie
<The_French_Sim> There's already that large picture of grilled cheese from NL in the psychiatrist's office
<frazzmeister> :D
<The_French_Sim> I assume I could push the weirdness a bit
* The_French_Sim realises (with much horror) that Randweird Medical Centre has no toilets! :O
<frazzmeister> eww...hopefully noone is in with food poisoning...
<The_French_Sim> "Here in RMC, we believe in curing gastro-enteritis through sheer willpower. This is why we have no toilets."
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<&HystericalParoxysm> 44 fuzzy llamas on the wall, 44 fuzzy llamas... you take one down, hug it tightly, 43 fuzzy llamas on the wall.
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<Vie> its iTunes, it breaks everything it touches, its quite symple: iTunes break time=(Q/P^Q)N
<Vie> Q being Quality of the song, P being number of times played
<Vie> N being a random number generated by counting steve jobs pubes til you find a grey one
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<longdaysend> Loaf...mind if i ask how -you- found this cuminity of smut-givers?
<longdaysend> wow....
<longdaysend> community
<longdaysend> a little fruedian there
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* Panda bugles the chat
* Bubo gives Panda a r
<Panda> lol
<&whiterider> Actually, you need an r and an l-g morpher
<Panda> to get burgles?
<&whiterider> No
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<Greenie|afk> What did you fix?
<renske> a lightsocket
<Greenie|afk> Oooh. Potentially dangerous.
<renske> one of those things you can adjust the brightness of the light with
<renske> yes. and soft light is important in my bathroom where i soak in lavender and my own hotness.
<renske> :P
<Greenie|afk> Ooh la la.
<renske> so now it works and doesn't smell like smouldering plastic like before :P
<Greenie|afk> .. Im getting slightly disturbing ideas on how one would soak in their own hotness. :/
<renske> i feel really tough. I think I may need a tool belt
<Greenie|afk> Ill get you a hammer for it.
<renske> my hotness goes fluid in hot water.
<Greenie|afk> That sounds like a bad pickup line.
<renske> ... not much better...
<Greenie|afk> What the hell is with this conversation!?
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<BlearyassParoxysm> Man, I have lame super powers. Picking things up with my toes so I don't have to bend down, and the uncanny ability to walk into the kitchen exactly 5 seconds before the microwave finishes pretty much every time...
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<GoldenSimmer> Thats Lohan.
<Greenie> Bahahaa Lindsay.
<Greenie> She called.
<Greenie> She thinks you should pierce your nipples.
<cantresist17> No thanks
<Greenie> She'll be so disappointed. ;--;
<cantresist17> I know; but i'll get my balls done for her
<cantresist17> lol lol, I meant rubber toy balls
<Greenie> Of course you did.
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* Longdaysend gobbles frenchies cock
<frazzmeister> cock
<Longdaysend> ...
<Longdaysend> i mena
<Safyre420> cock
<Longdaysend> CN's salad
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<Medico|LUA> Considering I'm Ordo Hereticus...do YOU want 10,000 angry women after your blood?
<dj> God yes.