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<frazzmeister> I read 'glittery gay spankey' then 'gliettry monkey spunk'
<GSMnanny> *proud!
<frazzmeister> *glittery
<glittysupermonkey> lol
<glittysupermonkey> lmao in fact
<GSMnanny> hehehe
<glittysupermonkey> dirty mind frazz!
<frazzmeister> yes.
<GSMnanny> reeeally dirrrty!
<frazzmeister> I can't help but think glittery spunk would be pretty....
<glittysupermonkey> lol
<glittysupermonkey> it probably would...
* GSMnanny shuts GSM's ears
*** glittysupermonkey is now known as emspp
<emspp> oh lord, first the huuuge boobies, and now the glittery spunk
<frazzmeister> and at least you could see where its gone... its bad searching a freinds curtains for what you need to clean off....
* GSMnanny faints
* emspp giggles
<emspp> I don't know
<emspp> glitter is a pain to get off
<GSMnanny> tell me!I clean up GSM's mess!
<frazzmeister> I doubt they'd mind glittery curtains,.. its just spunky curtains people seem to have a problem with....
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* SilentPsycho sighs.
<SilentPsycho> Of all the times for Lethe to not be here.
<SilentPsycho> I found something she might find amusing.
<SilentPsycho> http://www.amazon.com/Banks-Lethe-James-L-Grant/dp/1600760511/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-5312459-8775337?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1185369171&sr=8-1
<SilentPsycho> But alas, Lethe is not here, so we cannot annoy her by making innuendos out of the title 'On the Banks of Lethe'
<FurryPanda> comment: dot dot dot
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[23:18] <jhd1189> I love McGriddles... they're splendid.
[23:18] <HystericalParoxysm> Splendid eh?
[23:19] <jhd1189> Oh yes.
[23:19] <HystericalParoxysm> That's a pretty big adjective.
[23:19] <HystericalParoxysm> Usually requires a talking lion.
[23:19] <HystericalParoxysm> Do they have a talking lion?
[23:19] <jhd1189> They're made of big adjectives. And made *by* a talking lion.
[23:19] <jhd1189> He works in the drive-thru.
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<tmm> big poofy hair
<Cazzy-Tchan> i'm so glad you gave me that exciting piece of rivetting knowledge, tmm, i couldn't possibly have lived without it :) ;)
#748 · added 1 August 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
* JK11 pokes whiterider with a hamburger
* Greenie gives JK some fries with that.
* Delphy decapitates JK with a slice of pickle
* Delphy then eats his burger and fries
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<Chocolate> Arg, I'm freezing
<Cream_Puff> Why?
<Cream_Puff> Baker put you in the freezer?
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<Aychpee> Tchan! You have ovaries! Help me!
<Zicon> o_O
<Aychpee> I'm trying to pick colour schemes.
<Zicon> .. for ovaries?
<Aychpee> For a web design. :P
<Zicon> With ovaries in it?
* Zicon is confused.
<Aychpee> No...
<Aychpee> I meant... being a chick... what with the knowing what colour "mauve" actually is and stuff...
<Cazzy-Tchan> sure!
<Cazzy-Tchan> what do you need?
<Cazzy-Tchan> and i do believe i know what the colour mauve is, yes xD
<Aychpee> Mmm, I should work up my options into little swatches actually.
<Cazzy-Tchan> it doesn't matter--i'll help ya no matter what ^^^
<Zicon> I don't know what colour "mauve" is.
<JohnBrehaut1> neither....
<Zicon> I believe it is in the reddish part of the spectrum, though.
* Cazzy-Tchan pets Zicon and JohnBrehaut1
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* Greenie gives Joey a bag of penguin slices.
<jhd1189> Blech
<Greenie> :D
<HystericalParoxysm> They'll grow hair on your chest. *nodnods*
<Bubo> i dont like penguins
<jhd1189> Please, penguins can't even grow their own hair.
<HystericalParoxysm> My grandmother always used to say that to me about stuff...
<HystericalParoxysm> I just had to sit there and wonder, why would a 7 year old girl want hair on her chest?
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<JK11> well, g'night all
<Arch> night jk
<djones> gd ni
<LilBrudder> Night!
<LilBrudder> thanks for the fun!
* JK11 has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Hmm.
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Damn you.
<Greenie|SPAStiC> How am i supposed to say goodbye when he goes and LEAVES when Im not looking?
<Greenie|SPAStiC> Bastard.
<LilBrudder> Telepathically.
<djones> empathetically
<LilBrudder> Pathetically.
<djones> too obvious
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<frazzmeister> frog
<frazzmeister> ...frog?
<frazzmeister> *rofl
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<whiterider> The whole server is 13+. Have you seen the smut in #social?
<djones> true
<djones> im the cause of most of it too
<Stormwench> I went in there for about 2 mins... and decided I must be a prude
<djones> i don't want to be banned
<whiterider> No, you're not, Daniel. #social smut was exactly the same before you came here ;)
<Stormwench> maybe he could raise it to more intellectual smut
<whiterider> Nope
<whiterider> It's our own special brand of smut. Just ask Pf. It'll never change.
<djones> intellectual smut?
<djones> i.e
<Stormwench> let them keep the smut - s long as it does not try to slide over here... which it has from time to time :)
<djones> why hello kind siur, would thee mind if i doth thine undergarments?
<Stormwench> ROFL
<djones> why quite hello mine maiden, thine tempestial wench (wink wink), hither yes, please do remove these most chaffing pants, and why, what is this, it seems your food intake chute has been entangled in my mandables, my most sincere apolgoies
<Stormwench> people forgot that if you decide to rename your self something appropriate to the social discussion it may not be an appropriate name change in any other channel
<whiterider> ... you just said "Would you mind if I do your pants"
<whiterider> Your meant to 'do' the person
<whiterider> Not the pants
<Stormwench> ROFLMAO
<djones> i've been corrected on shakespearean pron
<Stormwench> it was starting to sound like bad SciFi there
<djones> thats a new one
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<fway>: OMG FurryPinata
***Bubo|newhouse is weird
<Saf|GC2>: also I never really much liked the white stripes, their sound when they first appeared was rather dull
<Blake>: furryPinaColada
<Blake>: :O
<fway>: FurryPanties
Panda is now known as FurryAlcohol
<fway>: ew... FurryPanties
<fway>: XD
<FurryAlcohol>: lets not discuss what sort of nick change furrypanties inspired
<Bubo|newhouse>: rofl
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* LDE suggles photo
* frazzmeister does too
<LDE> (does photo have a penis? i can't remember)
<photo> Nope
<LDE> i don't think so..
<photo> photo has bewbs
<LDE> oh good, i'm not as mentally defficent as i thought i was
<photo> Hence why photo has a crush on her hot boss
<photo> :D
<Chii> =)
<-- SirEmino has quit (Operation timed out)
<photo> Course I could have a penis and have a crush on him...
<photo> Probably wouldn't have as much of a shot though
<photo> :D
<photo> Aaaaand photo kills the room
* LDE patpats photo
<LDE> you're good at that
<photo> I know
<photo> :D
* photo pokes LDE... Wanna see?
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<vsidemyna> is this the only channel?
<vsidemyna> or how i create myown?
<HystericalParoxysm> You can't have your own channel here. The only other public channel is #create, which is about creating Sims 2 custom content.
<vsidemyna> O_O
<vsidemyna> So who did this one?
<ChaoticNihilist> ....
<elpemmy> the owner of this site
<vsidemyna> Ahhhhhhhhh.
<The_French_Sim> The Almighty One
<The_French_Sim> They call him...
<elpemmy> The Holy One
<The_French_Sim> Tim?
<vsidemyna> Domain name?
<Loaf|ItCrowd> the stig
<elpemmy> The Genius
<whiterider> All the channels on this server are managed by the site staff
<vsidemyna> stuffy staff "D
<ChaoticNihilist> We don't call him at all, he's above us all
<vsidemyna> XD
<ChaoticNihilist> literally
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<x_X> Well, luckily I know my way around Vista since I got my U810
<x_X> Frenchie: RTBF
<BlearyassParoxysm> That always makes me think that you have a really tiny submarine.
<BlearyassParoxysm> ...
<BlearyassParoxysm> That... didn't come out the way I'd planned.
* x_X snickers.
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<Lethe|dinner> see, there's ttwo of me now
<Lethe|dinner> and not just cause i'm looking at it tipsylit
<Lethe|dinner> erm, tipslily
<Lethe|dinner> tipsily
<cthru> upper and lower Lethe?
<Lethe|dinner> stupid word
<Lethe|dinner> is that even a word?
<cthru> it is now!
<Lethe|dinner> yay
<Lethe|dinner> i maede a word
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curlybap: viro: are you getting my msnings?
curlybap: my wireless cut out, and pidgin doesn't like starting conversations with offliners...
viromancy: is not offline here. Kiss me, you barely legal Irish fool!
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* Cake|Awayzz (ChocolateC@fd-B77DF103.dyn.optonline.net) has joined #social
<&whiterider> Dude, it's a vibrator. It says so on the page.
<Cake|Awayzz> ...
<&whiterider> Hi Cakey :D
<djones> cakes!
<Stormwench> well coulding vibarte on your back?
<djones> cake is a vibrator!
<Stormwench> I mean it is a bit wide
<&whiterider> It is
<&Tig> yes white, but people do use those on their backs and necks ;)
<djones> eww
<&whiterider> I think just the end vibrates?
<djones> i hope they wash
<&whiterider> Well true Tiggy :P
* Cake|Awayzz (ChocolateC@fd-B77DF103.dyn.optonline.net) Quit (Quit: Sick bastards...)
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<djones> I'm so spoilt by my on connect commands
<djones> i couldn't remember my nick pass...
<djones> silly java wouldn't accept /pass as a identify command :p
<whiterider> I know your password dj, how hard is it to remember?
<djones> lol whitey, well i have a bunch, i just couldn't remember which one i had registered my nick on here with
* djones (djones@fd-4C4FD391.hbsinternet.co.uk) Quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by whiterider)))
<whiterider> Eheh
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* Zicon kidnaps the_french_maid
<The_French_Maid> D:
<Zicon> What? I need someone to clean up my house.
<The_French_Maid> I can't clean up your house, I need (read: want) to go to a three-day LAN party :D
<Zicon> Then you shouldn't tempt me with maid-ness.
<The_French_Maid> Maidness?
<The_French_Maid> THIS
<The_French_Maid> IS
* The_French_Maid kicks Zi into a vat of cleaning products
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<Database> Anything's quicker than IE.
<frazzmeister> and other than safari, which makes me want to stab things, thats all I've used
<frazzmeister> well yes,... teaching a parrot to say 'google lolcats' and than having it fly to a netcafe, and get someone to google lolcats, and than learning about lolcats, and flying back to tell you,... is quicker than using IE,.. provided the netcafe is not using IE inwhich case your parrot doesn't have a long enough lifespan.
<frazzmeister> unless you don't have a parrot,... but if theres a pet store open nearby, you can still probably beat IE if you leave soon.
<frazzmeister> I suspect I sense not making in which case i refer you to the coment up there somewhere about drink
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* Longdaysend just spent half an hour reading wiki articles regarding things that do not interest her
<elpemmy> Hi TFS!
<The_French_Sim> Also, hi everybody!
<Longdaysend> hey frenchie
<photo> Hiya Frenchie
* The_French_Sim is revising networking, hurray
* dj has quit (Operation timed out)
<The_French_Sim> Maybe later in the evening, I'll build some more.
* djones wiki's Longdaysend's articles
<The_French_Sim> Also, LDE, don't worry. Last night, I spent hours reading "More awful than you" threads and such
<The_French_Sim> Made me lol hard though
<photo> Again with that pervy thing Deej
<djones> Oh please, its lde
<Longdaysend> oh god, been there done that frenchie. many a day has been wasted reading those threads
<djones> its actually impossible to do anything with lde and it not be pervy
<Longdaysend> good times,man, good times
* Xianny does lde
* djones tilts head
<Xianny> ... did i say that out loud?
<The_French_Sim> :D I was laughing like an idiot... at 3 am
<Longdaysend> it is? i'm sorry, i guess?
<Longdaysend> how is it that my initials have become synonomous with sex exactly?
<djones> its more the aura you exude
<elpemmy> it's not jsut your initials
<elpemmy> it's just you
<elpemmy> you are synonomous with sex :P
<djones> and id say its smut, not sex
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<LDE> Chii has no sense of time. she's like a dog who greets you happily when you come in the door, even if you just forgot your keys 5 seconds ago
#1224 · added 10 February 2009 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
* Longdaysend blows to frenchie
<Longdaysend> ...er bows
#1226 · added 12 February 2009 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<cthru|beanie> I'm damn scared of getting into qdb