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[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Do you see the "Downloads" link on the left hand side.
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Start there.
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » wait
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » ya
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » but i also see a link in red at the top of the page
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/index.php?page=3
[3:32pm]« keana » what are yall talking about
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » nothing
[3:32pm]« keana » huh
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » i need to get rid of some hacks
[3:33pm]« keana » what
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» keana, please shush.
[3:33pm]« keana » no
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» If you don't I'll *make* you shush.
[3:33pm]« emilyhasarat » do i need to go to that link or something?
[3:33pm]« keana » no you want
[3:34pm]« emilyhasarat » can i get help with the clean installer?
[3:34pm]« keana » i dont know
[3:34pm] Delphy sets mode: +b *!*keana@*.phil.east.verizon.net
[3:34pm]«@ Delphy» Yes you WILL shut up keana.