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* XxWashedXUpxX throws wrapping paper at deadly.
<King_Deadly> What did you get?
<XxWashedXUpxX> Well, I already have 2 presents that need to be taken back.
<XxWashedXUpxX> One is because my mom brought me a shirt that had sex reference on it and she didn't know about it, but my dad and I knew it.
<King_Deadly> what does the shirt say?
<XxWashedXUpxX> I love colitis (which is what they say on the big bang theory that means sex).
<Twi> coitus is sex
<Twi> Colitis is swelling of the large intestine
<XxWashedXUpxX> It was coitus, I misspelled it.
<XxWashedXUpxX> She didn't know it meant that.
<kitty> Though if she'd gotten you a "I love colitis" shirt, you probably should have returned that too XD