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<SeeMyu> okay! Close to being finished with revising! :D
<Nysha> When's the exam?
<SeeMyu> revising the rubrics :D
<SeeMyu> lol
<Nysha> Pah, doesn't count :p
<leefish> what is the level 3 quality guideline of ts3 patterns 3 score?
<leefish> You have 4 seconds
<leefish> 1 2 3 4
<leefish> FAIL
<leefish> next
<leefish> :D
<SeeMyu> O_o
* SeeMyu flails
<leefish> the answer was 3
<Nysha> What does the level 3 guideline score? 3
<Nysha> Yeah, no shit :P
<leefish> :P
<leefish> am not UNFAIR
<leefish> just terrifying :D
<SeeMyu> you've got that right lol