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<whiterider> At this rate, I'm gonna enter a TS3 calendar pic of a couple getting divorced
<whiterider> Just to even things out
<PDawg> lol
<PDawg> you totally should, there's a ridiculous amount of lovey-dovey mushy stuff
* PDawg is allergic to lovey-dovey mushy stuff
<LeeFish> I know
<LeeFish> Use a depression pose and call it February.
<whiterider> Maybe I'll check what time of year arsenic flowers and do a poisoning
<LeeFish> Is my typical Valentines Day anyway
<PDawg> I could do a dog mauling
<LeeFish> lol
<LeeFish> August: National Dog Mauling Month
<whiterider> November: Sim gets slpashed with muddy water and sleet by a passing articulated lorry
<whiterider> That'll show 'em. Happy people.
<LeeFish> Aww
* PDawg hates happy people