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* Longdaysend wants to play with you,photo
<HairmakingParoxysm> Giggity?
<photo> Lol. A month is 7.99 but you have to buy it online.
<photo> 3 months is 20
<Longdaysend> you know, if there ever comes a day when i don't say something you guys can twist into sexual bullshit, let me know.
<photo> That day will never come.
<Longdaysend> i'll throw a fucking party
<photo> http://www.l4d.com/
<Longdaysend> bah...wonder if gamestop sells cards
<whiterider> What kind of party? *eyebrow waggle*
<photo> Yup. For 3 months.
<photo> We don't carry the ones for 1 month anymore.
<Emino> the day would be when photo, whitey, frazzy, saffy, frenchie, hp, d, zicon, pedantic and data dropped dead.
<photo> Hehehe