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<frazzmeister> shit, i am drunk, i think i just accidently signed up for facebook
* Database laughs.
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh, that is drunk!
<SilentPsycho> How can you accidentially sign up for Facebook?
<Database> WEll, you wouldn't do it deliberately, would you?
<frazzmeister> i don't know know, i clicked something... and there were boxes, so i wrote stuff in them
<frazzmeister> now suddenly i am at gmail, what happened?
<frazzmeister> i need to pee before i can deal with this.......

<frazzmeister> ok, why was i making a facebook profile?
<&Tikva> Because you were drunk
<frazzmeister> oh,... yeah, crap... i finally got it right too...
<frazzmeister> aww, i already has a freind, i am win.

<frazzmeister> wtf, i have a facebook.
<&whiterider> You noticed?
<SilentHM> Yes, you did that during the apple-eating earlier
<frazzmeister> yes.....
<frazzmeister> oh right..
<frazzmeister> why?