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RezDelnava> i find it slightly humorous that is channel has a sparkle, a sparklycookie, and a cookiemonster in it co-existing peacfully
<HystericalParoxysm> That's cos they're all the same person. :P
<raps555> xD
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<whiterider> You know, stealing falcons is immoral
<whiterider> And you're likely to get shredded by vicious claws
<whiterider> Or talons
<stealfalcon> it was a TYPO god every 1
<stealfalcon> asks me about that
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<Loaf> what is your queen called?
<Ren|awaaaaay> PIZZAAAA
<Ren|awaaaaay> oh.
<Ren|awaaaaay> Beatrix.
<Ren|awaaaaay> why?
<whiterider> Queen Pizza
<Loaf> because i saved the pic of my queen under 'BADASS LIZ, CRIMEFIGHTER'
<whiterider> I always knew the dutchies were weird
<Loaf> and need something equally epic for your queen
<Djones> Beatrix?
<Djones> Hmm.
<Djones> Badass Liz is a queen with no morals and a score to settle. Beatrix, the falconpuncher is a queen who smokes too much weed. Together they fight crime.
<whiterider> I wish I could draw, I'd make that a weekly comic
<Djones> Beatrix falconpuncher, the third.
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<frazzmeister> AVAST LONG KITTENS,
<frazzmeister> FOR IT IS THE DEEJ DAYS
<frazzmeister> AND ONCE I HAD JOE HAT
<frazzmeister> FOR THE TIME OF
<frazzmeister> BEF
<frazzmeister> BEEF
<frazzmeister> fin.
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* Tree invades CN's personal space.
* CN enjoys
<CN> tree is a space invader
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<Qbuilderz> HELL CHYEA
<jhd1189> That sounds like an IKEA name if you read it quickly... Hellchyea
<jhd1189> "Comfortable Hellchyea seating goes perfectly with our Borkborkbork chair cushion"
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yes it's long, but the wtf-factor is epic.

<frazzmeister> twat != raspberry gun.
<Gangreless> you never know until you try
<darkwytche> O.o thank you Frazzie for that imagery
<Gangreless> you'd have an extra edge in a food fight, no one would be expecting you!
<darkwytche> Hate asparagus.
<frazzmeister> anytime DW
<emino|home> mmm durian
<frazzmeister> thats just the problem, they WOULD be expecting me...
<darkwytche> :)
<Renske_> i dont think raspberries are sturdy enough to be kegel'd out of your vag.
<frazzmeister> emi sexes durians?
<darkwytche> frozen ones!
<Gangreless> you'd have to pick em before they're ripe
<Renske_> coooooold!
<Renske_> unripe raspberries D:
<emino|home> durians are TASTY!
<darkwytche> I had to google durian
<Renske_> well it's not like you'll eat them afterwards, so i guess it could work
<frazzmeister> and stinky.
<Renske_> orang utans eat durians.
<Renske_> emi shoves them up his butt?
<Renske_> they're huge!
<frazzmeister> ow.
<emino|home> its native food here
<darkwytche> orangutans eat their own feces
<Gangreless> now i gotta google durians...
<Renske_> hamsters too.
<emino|home> its really delicious
<Renske_> i bet it is, emy
<Renske_> emi
<darkwytche> durian or feces emi?
<Renske_> if you're 'trained' for it.
<emino|home> but dutchman and englishman hates it
<Renske_> :D
<Renske_> all dutchmen hate the durian?
<frazzmeister> It is tasty, as long as you can't smell it.
<emino|home> they felt dizzy with the spell
<Renske_> or are we talking about a specific dutchman?
<Renske_> wuh... wat?
<emino|home> pussies :P
<darkwytche> durians smell?
<emino|home> smell*
<Renske_> pussies are tasty as long as you can't smell it?
<frazzmeister> they smell awful
<emino|home> they have strong smells
<Shel|zomgsims> Like fish
<Gangreless> flying dutchman?
<emino|home> its not awful
<frazzmeister> that too.....
<emino|home> its delicious
<Renske_> shel: actually not true.
<Shel|zomgsims> I know
<Gangreless> apparently they smell like compost
<Shel|zomgsims> Just spouting nonsense
<Renske_> pussies?
<Shel|zomgsims> Compost?
<Shel|zomgsims> Ew
<emino|home> compost?
<Gangreless> durians
<Shel|zomgsims> Well, I'll go sniff a pussy, then get back to you
<emino|home> nothing like it
<darkwytche> urrr so confused urrrr
<Shel|zomgsims> Lol dw
<darkwytche> something smells...
<frazzmeister> more like sewage i'd say//
<Renske_> fishy?
<Gangreless> I definitely couldn't eat it then
<darkwytche> Fishy sewage fruit
<Shel|zomgsims> :P
<frazzmeister> I want those goldfish biscuits now....
<darkwytche> O.o
<Renske_> shel: go sniff a durian instead. those wont press charges.
<Gangreless> ha
<Shel|zomgsims> Hehe, true
<emino|home> bah, i should've done my laundry over the weekend
<Shel|zomgsims> But what's a durian?
<Renske_> rofl
<Renske_> i love this conversation.
<darkwytche> a fruit of some kind
<Gangreless> seriously?
<Shel|zomgsims> Ahhh
<emino|home> sniffing a number of work clothes to see whether its wearable is shit
<Renske_> gangre: oh yes.
<darkwytche> I did mine today emi, just need to iron
<Gangreless> at least two of us in here said we were googling durian
<darkwytche> emi do the laundry dude!
<Renske_> emi: why? is there pussy/durian on it?
<Shel|zomgsims> :P
<frazzmeister> most likely durian..
<Renske_> yeahhhh.
<Gangreless> That settles it, I am now officially calling pussies "durians"
<emino|home> theres jizz on some of it if you insist on knowing :P
<Renske_> D:
<Shel|zomgsims> What about fetishes....what are your opiniuons on those?
<Shel|zomgsims> opinions*
<frazzmeister> theres jizz on the durian?
<Renske_> opunions?
<Shel|zomgsims> Opionions*
<frazzmeister> oh no.
<Shel|zomgsims> FUCK
<Gangreless> still fail
<Renske_> aww you jizzed on the durians?
<Shel|zomgsims> Opinions*
<darkwytche> Durian jizz
<Renske_> aw?
<Renske_> but but...
<Shel|zomgsims> This whole jizz on the durian thing is making me shed tears of laughter
<Gangreless> No more giving opunion jobs for you, ren
<darkwytche> Theres bound to be a website for that - jizzing on durians
<frazzmeister> it's not punday there yet is it?
<Renske_> punday is over.
<Renske_> but for me, every day is punday.
<darkwytche> Monday here
<emino|home> finally
<emino|home> find one without jizz, durian or pussiejuice
<Renske_> \o/
<Renske_> victory!
<darkwytche> woot!
<frazzmeister> ...wait, it's monday?

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<SickPsycho> Lethe, PC is on the route to recovery! :D
<Lethe> wooooooo
<SickPsycho> Tech Guy discovered what might have been causing my problem.
<Renske> haii
<Renske> ooh ooh did he short out your circuits?
<Renske> hm?
<SickPsycho> :P
* Lethe snorts
<Renske> poked his screw driver in your case?
* SickPsycho pushes Renske back into the gutter where she belongs
<Renske> hm?
<Renske> :D
<Lethe> plugged your sockets
<Renske> i make this gutter look good.
<SickPsycho> :P
<SickPsycho> Nahh, he just discovered the minor fact that my PC core was running at 88 Degrees.
<Lethe> but his sata in your hard drive
<Lethe> power up your cpu
<Renske> ah you were so hot you really needed a good fanning?
<SickPsycho> Yep. ;P
<Renske> :D
<Djones> fannying
<Renske> THANK you.
<Djones> Quite welcome.
<Lethe> this conversation, had by three women
<Lethe> would make people over at slashdot die in a pool of geeky orgasm
<SickPsycho> Heheheh
<Lethe> we wield such power
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<elpemmy> google tells me that last one was
<elpemmy> "are you horny or want a cookie"
<renske> yes.
<SickPsycho> XD
<renske> imagine that to the melody of 'should i stay or should i go now' from The Clash.
<renske> true.
<elpemmy> I really really want a cookie now
* Lethe snorts some more
<SickPsycho> Aww, emmy's not horny. :(
<elpemmy> I don't do the sexytiem, Sylie.
<elpemmy> Ever.
<renske> never ever?
<renske> ever ever?
<Lethe> she's underage
<elpemmy> well maybe one day.
<Lethe> she's allowed to lie
<elpemmy> If I find a guy who is not a prick.
<Lethe> honey
<Lethe> sweetiepie
<elpemmy> and I don't mess up :)
<Lethe> you're gonna need that prick
<Lethe> i'm not sure what they told you
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<whiterider> Now I'm going to go and swear at my vagina for a while.
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<Loaf> OH MY GOD
<Loaf> SHOES.
* Delphy zones out
<Loaf> That was the BEST SHOPPING TRIP EVER.
<Delphy> Bra?
* Delphy zones back in again
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<Tom> Im gonna redo it.
<DalShake> yep, sucktastic
<Tom> reckon I should redo it?
<DalShake> i was just saying how much i hated that house
<Tom> like.. its so cold.. and spacious.. its just too wierd.
<DalShake> like HL's vagina
<DalShake> *badum tish*
<fanseelamb> wow
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<Renske> remind me to wear panties when going drinking with you guys.
<Renske> err.
<Renske> never mind.
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<weeble> AAAAAAH internet knitters are trying to make me have buttsecks!
<weeble> oh. wrong channel.
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<FurryPanda> hi all
<whiterider> Heya Panda
<FurryPanda> how are you?
<whiterider> Feeling oddly productive. You?
<FurryPanda> feeling pleasantly vegetative
<whiterider> We go tooogether, like...
<FurryPanda> parasitic symbionts?
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<Loaf> ok, guys, i have a conundrum
<&Lethe> a conundrum? how intriguing
<Loaf> i've made a mini-cake mix to do a microwave cake
<Loaf> but realised that our microwave is broken
<Loaf> it's pretty much just a standard cake mix...
<&Lethe> that is sad
<Loaf> do i just eat it?
<&Lethe> um
<Renske> lol
<&Lethe> you have an oven?
<&Lethe> or even just a stove?
<Renske> how desperate ARE you?
<Loaf> or does that make me too studenty...
<Frenchie> Go to your neighbour's, kindly ask to use their microwave oven?
<&Lethe> i'd cook it
<Renske> orr maybe just a candle?
<&Lethe> ;D
<Renske> set something on fire?
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<WWW> I am not paying 23 dollars for a box, unless it is a NICE box.
* Sparkle paints a box beautifuly
<Sparkle> Hi Davey!
<Davey> You're selling your box?
<Davey> Hooker
<Sparkle> Wanna buy a box?
<Sparkle> o_O
<Sparkle> ....
<Davey> Sorry, I had to
<Sparkle> This box comes with all the mod cons
<Davey> Box accessories?
<Sparkle> Full plumbing, satilite TV
<Sparkle> It'll cost you just £25
<Davey> Well I'd hope your box came with plumbing, but idk how you fit a satellite TV in there
<Davey> Magic Box
<Sparkle> £50 then
<Sparkle> It's a hilarious box
<Davey> If no one is buying your box at 25, you probably don't want to up the price
<Davey> I'm sure it is
<Sparkle> Okay, how about £30?
<Davey> That's still up, my dear
<Davey> Ilu sparkle.
<Sparkle> £32, and I'll throw in 4 bedrooms and a sauna
<Davey> Mighty big box
<Sparkle> It's the deal of the century!
<Davey> You should really lower the price if it's that large
<Sparkle> £30 and that's the lowest I'll go
<Sparkle> But you get everything
<Davey> Not just your box?
<Davey> Does your offer come with the back door?
<Sparkle> 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms..Eat in kitchen...Satillite TV...Sauna..
<Sparkle> Even a..wait, what?
<Davey> Well good, I'm glad we could eat *in* your box
<Sparkle> It even has a bowling alley and a swimming pool!
<Sparkle> I think that's worth the £30.
<Davey> Well sparkle, it is large, it would be like throwing a hot dog down a bowling alley
<Sparkle> £300
<Davey> Okay Sparkle. Ilu. I have to tell you
<Davey> Box is a euphemism for vagina
<Sparkle> ..Davey, I hate you so much!
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<armiel> *is going to go practise some man-hunting....*
<armiel> or actually going to is wrongly told, cause i'm already doing it
<Callie> What kind of equipment do you need for that?
<DaveyDaVinci> A studfinder
<armiel> lol
<DaveyDaVinci> As well as gaydar, so she doens't waste her time
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<&Lethe> you talked about my climb towards the grave? o.O
<renske> yeah isnt that more like a descent?
<Renewableemmy> rofl
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<whiterider> rofl
<whiterider> Someone added a bunch of running mascaras to the Marriage & Weddings section of the contentlists
<whiterider> That's telling...
<Sparklycookie> o___O
<Sparklycookie> Where where ehere?
<Sparklycookie> Aww, not as funny as I thought
<Sparklycookie> I imagined a load of mascaras with arms and legs running though the page
<Sparklycookie> Now THAT would have been funny
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<SilentPsycho> I got bored earlier and tried to imagine what an icecube up the twat would feel like, but it kept melting in the hot tub before I could put it in.
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<renske> at least i have pizza on the way :D
* Frenchie noms Renske's pizza
<renske> oi
<renske> you eat my food.
<Frenchie> Yes :3
<renske> this is only acceptable to me if 1) we will be sleeping together in the near future, 2) we have slept together in the recent past, or 3) i consider my chances of sleeping with you high to very high.
<renske> i dont think that either of those is applicable.
<Frenchie> But it's Domino's :(
<renske> okay, so how much do you want it?
* renske dangles a slice of pizza in front of frenchie
* Frenchie just pretends he's going to poke Ren's eyes out with his fingers, then grabs the slice of pizza while she flinches
<renske> i wear glasses, you dork.
<Database> ha owned
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<frazzmeister> if you try to kill someone with the power of your mind, and you suceed.. is it murder?
<frazzmeister> coz.. it's not like you'd be expecting it to actually work, unless you were insane...
<frazzmeister> I mean, if it were even possible to prove..
<frazzmeister> if you DID think it was going to work, would you get off on insanity, or not because you were right and thus not insane... even though that's insane?
<frazzmeister> this sort of thing keeps me awake at night..
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<Lethe> i've played with dicks before
<Lethe> metaphorical ones
<renske> :|
<Lethe> actually, real ones too
<Lethe> nevermind
<renske> nono
<renske> let's explore this train of thought
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* LoofahFluffer did not do year 12. I iz ignorant.