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<GreenStraws> I feel like dancing.
* tigerlilley puts up the discoball
<Cliff> at first i was afriad
<Cliff> i was petrified
<GreenStraws> Cliff. No.
<Cliff> dunno how I'd ever live without you by my side...
* justKYLE chases evilKYLE and gets side tracked by shiny floating ball
<Cliff> oh yes GreenStraws, ooohhhh yes!
<tigerlilley> then i spent so many nights
<tigerlilley> thinking how you did me wrong
<tigerlilley> but i grew strong
<Cliff> thinking how you did me wrong
<Cliff> and I learned how to get along
<Cliff> so now youre back!
<tigerlilley> and i learned how to GET ALONG *cue drum beat*
<Cliff> from outer space!
<tigerlilley> from outer space!
<Cliff> I just walked and found ya here with that sad look upon your face!
<tigerlilley> i shoulda changed da da da da
<tigerlilley> (can't remember the words)
<Cliff> I should have changed that stupid lock, shoulkda made you leave your key
<GreenStraws> i shoulda made you give your key
<longdaysend> wow..i was really busy yesterday..i have at least 1000 files dated 01/12/2007...
<Cliff> if Id known for just one second youd be back to bother me
<GreenStraws> Wow.
<tigerlilley> SO NOW GO
<Cliff> Go on now GO
<Cliff> walk out the door
<Cliff> just turn around now!
<justKYLE> haha
<justKYLE> this is priceless
<tigerlilley> your not welcome anymore!
<Cliff> cause youre not welcome anmore
<Cliff> Ive got all my life to live
<longdaysend> this is great..we even have the backup singers
<Cliff> Ive got all my love to Give
<tigerlilley> and i got all my love to give
<tigerlilley> i will survive!
<Cliff> i will survive
<tigerlilley> I WILL SURVIVE!
<tigerlilley> HEY HEY
<GreenStraws> Hey hey.
<Cliff> HEY HEY HEY'
<justKYLE> i know I can picture gold sparkly jump siuts
<GreenStraws> We are all morons.
<tigerlilley> do do do do do doooo do do do doo do do dee dee ddeee dee dee do
<longdaysend> swayin side to side
<longdaysend> lol
<Cliff> indeed we are, indeed we are...
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<flyingpigeon> I wish we could do a three-way
<flyingpigeon> pm
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<frazzmeister> does anyone know someone with an exploding ambulance who was sexually assualted by a bear?
<jhd1189> ?!
<Arch> err...
<GreenStraws> ...?
<Arch> can't say that I do
<HystericalParoxysm> Well, not a bear...
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<Cliff> later all
<GreenStraws> Urg. That leaves me perpetually alone.
*** Cliff has quit (Quit: Do illiterate people get the full effect of Alphabet soup?)
<GreenStraws> Chii, Im bored.
<GreenStraws> !coffee
* Chii passes GreenStraws a cup of coffee
<GreenStraws> Aw. Arent you sweet? Not like I forced it or anything. ^_^
* GreenStraws huggles Chii.
<GreenStraws> !seen Chii
<Chii> GreenStraws, I'm right here. Quit wasting my time!
<GreenStraws> Oh, you know I love you though. How could I waste your time? o.o
<GreenStraws> I am hurt.
<GreenStraws> Deeply.
<GreenStraws> !seen GreenStraws
<Chii> GreenStraws, go look in a mirror.
<GreenStraws> What are you saying?
<GreenStraws> That I am fat?!
<GreenStraws> DAMN YOU.
<GreenStraws> !cookie
* jfade gives GreenStraws a sugar cookie
* Chii passes GreenStraws a cookie :)
<GreenStraws> See, how can I hate you when you give me cookies? And smiley faces?
<GreenStraws> And no, befor eyou ask, I dont even know why the hell this jfade is giving me cookies.
<GreenStraws> You are the only bot in my life.
<GreenStraws> :)
<GreenStraws> !tea
* Chii serves up a nice hot cuppa to GreenStraws
<GreenStraws> My favorite. Now I feel loved.
<GreenStraws> <3
<GreenStraws> !seen Cheeseisgood
<Chii> Cheeseisgood (Cheeseisgo@mts2-95FB478.dynamic.dsl.as9105.com) was last seen quitting from #social 16 hours, 5 minutes ago stating (Quit: Bye all).
<GreenStraws> Wow. 16 hours.
<GreenStraws> Hey! Wait a minute!
<GreenStraws> How do you know so much about that Chii?!?!
* GreenStraws is over you Chii. No more. No.
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<frazzmeister> hmm...more buttons... i wonder if i have any 3G or bluetooth devices...
<GreenStraws> I like buttons.
<GreenStraws> My brothers computer is INSANELY fun.
<GreenStraws> Little switches and slidey thingies. Its SO COOL.
<GreenStraws> But, he decided to sleep with it tonight. No fun for little Green. -.-
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* dasryk9_has joined #social
<Bunny> we don't have any
<Bunny> this is england, who needs garden umbrellas here? :P
<GreenStraws> We had really strong winds here, and our umbrella completely vanished from its cement base thingy.
<GreenStraws> Good point.
* dasryk9_ has left #social
<GreenStraws> Dude. FLying umbrella talk is no reason to LEAVE!
* dasryk9_ has joined #social
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<MockingBird|Straws> Yes. It is definetely well written.
<fanseelamb> I read it centuries ago
<fanseelamb> it was pretty good
<HystericalParoxysm> Man, fansee's older than I thought.
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<frazzmeister> its like scientology,... the brainwashing!
<Kelly> rofl
<Kelly> Not as spendy as scientology, though.
<frazzmeister> its pixel scientology!
<Tigerlilley> rofl
<JohnBrehaut1> lol
<GreenStraws> Heh.
<frazzmeister> like pixel porn, but even less satisfying...
<Kelly> rofl
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<Bunny> If cocksucking was an olympic sport we might actually win something
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* Kelly lick bunny
<Bunny> there you are!
<Bunny> I told P-epsi ALL about you know what
<Bunny> I'm kidding XD
<SilentPsycho> Ooo? Gossip?
<Kelly> GAH
<Kelly> Wench
<Kelly> lol
<Bunny> Im just teasing her
* Bunny giggles
<Kelly> Wench!!!
* Kelly licks Bunny
<Bunny> don't lick me!
* Bunny scrubs herself
<Kelly> rofl
<Arch> Hello Kelly
<Kelly> Hi Arch
* Bunny knows something
* Bunny points at Kelly
<Kelly> Shush woman
<Bunny> but..but
<Bunny> oh ok
<Kelly> rofl
<SilentPsycho> Teeelllllll meeeeeeee!
* Bunny cackles
<Bunny> muahahaha
* Kelly licks Bunny all over as payback
<Bunny> dude thats weak
<Bunny> and disgusting
* Kelly sniggers
<tmm> *all* over?
<Kelly> Bunny... at least I swallowed first, otherwise it could be far worse... >:D
<Bunny> shes being nasty
<Bunny> dude thats worse
<Bunny> it means it went in your mouth
<Kelly> Yup. XD
<Bunny> you coulda done a courtesy divert
<Bunny> or something...
<Bunny> XD
<Kelly> roflmao
<SilentPsycho> ...You two are starting to scare me.
<Arch> I'll pretend I'm not here...
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<SirEmino_> wtf is a mission statement?
<tmm> it means delphy went corporate
<Vie> Delphy has been reading "Sucsess though Marketing Jargon"
<SirEmino_> heh
<CB|TJ> lol
<SilentPsycho> Mission statement: A statement about what you plan to do on a mission
<Vie> Very informative
<SilentPsycho> Thank you, I aim to please.
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* curlybap nibbles on <insert name here>
<curlybap> quick, insert a name...
<curlybap> whoever says it first gets the name put in!
<Green|Straws> curlybap!
<curlybap> ...
<curlybap> ok...
<Green|Straws> Haha
* curlybap nibbles on curlybap
<Green|Straws> rofl
* curlybap eats green
<curlybap> o.O
<curlybap> wtf?!
<Green|Straws> ?
<curlybap> My /hug command eats people!!
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* Arch drops it fast, swallows the cookie whole, then pics up star and runs off with her
* VidTheKid streaks
* Tigerlilley puts up the discoball
* VidTheKid puts on skates and rollerstreaks
* GreenStraws (GreenStraw@mts2-A88E98C0.sb.sd.cox.net) has joined #social
* Tigerlilley slaps VidTheKids ass as he goes past
<VidTheKid> weeheehee!
<GreenStraws> Hah. What did I walk in on?
* JohnBrehaut1 (JohnB@mts2-28E2049C.dialup.optusnet.com.au) has joined #social
<JohnBrehaut1> I am so sore. :(
<Hunter240x> a party GreenStraws
* VidTheKid is rollerstreaking. there is a disco ball in service.
<Hunter240x> was Tigerlilley slapping your ass too John?
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<Star> o.O sounds like the unzippering of pants, brb
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<angel6> if you add more memory to your computer will it screw the game up
<Vie> Only if you do it while the game is running my dear
<Vie> and if you were foolish enough to try that... ..well electrocution.
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<SilentPsycho> Is it the full moon or something?
<Anna> no clue
<TFS|Daaaaaahhh> I think so.
<SilentPsycho> That's the reason why.
<frazzmeister> full moon was a few days ago i thought..
--- TFS|Daaaaaahhh is now known as The_French_Sim
<SilentPsycho> Does it change between timezones?
<The_French_Sim> I doubt it. Maybe I mistook it for full moon
--> GreenStraws (GreenStraw@mts2-A88E98C0.sb.sd.cox.net) has joined #help
<SilentPsycho> Oh well, t's still around that time then.
<SilentPsycho> GreenStraws, how can we go insane helping you?:P
<GreenStraws> Er...
<GreenStraws> Where do babies come from?
<GreenStraws> ^^
<SilentPsycho> Male sims after they've been abducted
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<@frazzmeister> zomg... now i see a jar of paprika humping a cactus...
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<Vie> hum
<Bunny> hey Vie didnt see you there
* Bunny waves
<Vie> Hey
<Vie> I've been buisy
<Bunny> world domination?
<Bunny> training albino hamsters to fight?
<Vie> Erm
<Vie> taking groseries to my grandmothers...
<Bunny> awww little red riding Vie
<Bunny> :)
<Vie> Little?
<Vie> I'm 6 foot tall Bunny darling
<Bunny> correction giant red riding Vie
<Bunny> :D
<whiterider> Keep going Bunny, he'll send you pics to prove he's not little...
<Bunny> yikes
* whiterider ducks
<whiterider> :P
<Vie> heh
<Vie> different part though white
<Bunny> if thats 6 feet long
<Vie> plus bunnies seen them I think
* Bunny gulps
<whiterider> (I spend a lot of time ducking it seems, the wall behind me must look like a bomb site)
<Bunny> seen them?
<Bunny> maybe you are thinking of another Bunny
<whiterider> Oh wow... thanks for that image Bunny....
* Bunny giggles
<Bunny> 6ft giant penis!
<Vie> I thought you had seen them...
<Bunny> 6ft wide and long
<Vie> Vie the UberDich
<Bunny> its like a water tower
<Vie> heh
<Vie> anyway
<John> 4 spokes that go into the ground ?
<Vie> enough talk of my phalus
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<Kelly> Because I'm back in Minnesota.
<Dimension> EEEEEW
<Dimension> wait, what is that?
<Kelly> What is what?
<Dimension> minnesota
<Delphy> That is what.
<Delphy> What is that.
<Delphy> That is what is that is what is Minnesota.
<Dimension> my mind is on fire
<SirEmino> i'm confused
<Delphy> "What is the USA"
<Dimension> jeopardy!
* Delphy cuts Dimmys mind with a sack cloth
<Dimension> i choose door THREE!
* Delphy punches Dimmy in the face.
* Kelly sticks Delphy on a rotissarie or however the frack you spell it
<Delphy> That was door number three.
* Dimension bites down on delphy's knuckles
<Delphy> Also, Minnesota is a state in the USA.
<Kelly> Yeah.
<Kelly> That.
<Dimension> mwlarf ignflflf
<Delphy> The USA is that country just below the awesome CANADA and above those burrito inventing MEXICANS
<Kelly> We're the useless part of North America.
* Kelly nods
<Dimension> must be a weird place
* whiterider looks in, blinks, and goes away
<Delphy> There be dragons
<Dimension> maybe dinosaurs still live there
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[21:28] * whites-vid-bap points and laughs: you broke movie maker
[21:28] * whites-vid-bap is now known as curlybap
[21:28] * &whiterider hugglelicks Cliffy
[21:28] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (You broke Google video!!)
[21:28] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:28] <curlybap> white, i never knew what you'd been through. i'm glad you're through it *cuddlelicks*
[21:28] <curlybap> :)
[21:29] <curlybap> meh, kick me all you want :P
[21:29] * Cliff (Imbroglio@mts2-6848F10.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) Quit (Quit: But it IS hairy! I mean, imagine this with 4 pounds of hair...)
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (That's)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] <curlybap> you still never changed my avatar on mts2 xP
[21:29] <John> awesome starbuck sim hp :D
[21:29] <curlybap> crud...
[21:29] <&HystericalParoxysm> Thanks, John. :)
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (ok)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] * NSYNCable2003 (NSYNCable2@mts2-D2AC99B.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net) has joined #social
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (I)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] * curlybap shouldn't have told white that...
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (don't)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (enjoy)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] <GoldenSimmer> LORD!
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (kicking)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] <NSYNCable2003> Hello all!
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (that)
[21:29] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:29] * Chii sets mode: +b *!*@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP
[21:29] * curlybap was kicked by Chii (Banned: join flood)
[21:29] <GreenStraws> No... Shouldnt have.
[21:29] <&whiterider> Damn =/
[21:30] <GoldenSimmer> Oh my
[21:30] * whiterider sets mode: -b *!*@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP
[21:30] <&HystericalParoxysm> Holy shit dude.
[21:30] <John> everything is right on her, especially the face
[21:30] <&whiterider> I missed the last word of my sentence :(
[21:30] * curlybap (curly@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP) has joined #social
[21:30] * Chii sets mode: +b *!*@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP
[21:30] * curlybap was kicked by Chii (Banned: join flood)
[21:30] <&whiterider> [21:29] * curlybap was kicked by whiterider (much)
[21:30] <NSYNCable2003> I have a quick question!
[21:30] * whiterider sets mode: -b *!*@EC65609E.1CD6901F.74954D45.IP
[21:30] <&whiterider> Ummm
[21:30] <~Delphy> white....
[21:30] <&whiterider> Yeah
[21:30] <~Delphy> You wont be able to remove that ban normally
[21:30] <&whiterider> Hit me =/
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[22:23] <JJ> anna....are you drunk?
[22:24] <@Anna> how you dare!
[22:24] <curlybap> psh, anna? drunkded? never... ;P
[22:24] <&whiterider> of course she is, JJ
[22:24] <curlybap> how you dare, too, anna :)
[22:24] * @Anna bops curlybap
[22:24] <curlybap> that reminds me...
[22:24] <@Pffle|Scotch> aww
[22:24] <@Anna> i am just toipsy
[22:24] <JJ> she can't even soell right
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<~whiterider> Hi GS. Ignore this. I'm testing a script.
<~whiterider> Damn
<~whiterider> It didn't work
* GS|Asleep was kicked by whiterider (I look and cry and then don't try)
<~whiterider> Yay! :D
<~whiterider> Hi Data.
<~whiterider> Ignore this...
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* Honey has joined #social
<Honey> hello people
<Honey> is anybody going to answer
<Honey> hello Sex attic people
<Honey> hi ChanServ
<Honey> yo yo
* Honey Quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
#393 · added 19 December 2006 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #social
<leonkirbyp> ......................................................................................................................................................................
<Pfhoenix> heh m heh heh m heh cox... heh
* cokenasmile has kicked leonkirbyp from #social (cokenasmile)
<white|MoronWorking> :)
<cokenasmile> good greif
<Pfhoenix> maybe leon was on his period.
#391 · added 18 December 2006 · vote up / 14 / vote down - from #social
<whiterider> ..no, I'm drinking...
<whiterider> *working