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<Zicon> Bouncy meat? =/
<Stormwench> I was trying to avoid that direction...
<Panda> lol
<Panda> try it
<Panda> works in many cafeterias
<Panda> buy a hot god, throw it from shoulder height, release when arm is at chest height
<Panda> itll bounce
<Panda> *dog
<Panda> DOG!
<Stormwench> you can buy Hot Gods!!
<Stormwench> hope they take visa
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<&whiterider> Dude, it's a vibrator. It says so on the page.
<Cake|Awayzz> ...
<&whiterider> Hi Cakey :D
<djones> cakes!
<Stormwench> well coulding vibarte on your back?
<djones> cake is a vibrator!
<Stormwench> I mean it is a bit wide
<&whiterider> It is
<&Tig> yes white, but people do use those on their backs and necks ;)
<djones> eww
<&whiterider> I think just the end vibrates?
<djones> i hope they wash
<&whiterider> Well true Tiggy :P
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[11:25pm] [Blake] i can back up my shit.
[11:25pm] [Blake] :)
[11:25pm] [Tig] you should back up your shit, otherwise if there's a crash, you'll lose it all
[11:25pm] [Blake] yeah.
[11:25pm] [Blake] my shits been backed up for years, Tig. :)
[11:25pm] [ChocolateCake] Ew.
[11:25pm] [ChocolateCake] You should really go to the doctor for that.
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* Panda bugles the chat
* Bubo gives Panda a r
<Panda> lol
<&whiterider> Actually, you need an r and an l-g morpher
<Panda> to get burgles?
<&whiterider> No
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[17:07] <Stormwench> its was harder to screw it up then it was to make it
[17:07] <Stormwench> sorry that was the cat
[17:16] <fangywhiterider> Your cat has exceptional spelling and grammer
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<SilentPsycho> Oh well, Break/Talky time over. Time to get back to my report on Improving Time management, Managing and Organising Meetings More Effectively, and Training Program for the previous two points. And yes, I know the irony of just starting this report 15 hours before the final deadline. :P
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<fway>: OMG FurryPinata
***Bubo|newhouse is weird
<Saf|GC2>: also I never really much liked the white stripes, their sound when they first appeared was rather dull
<Blake>: furryPinaColada
<Blake>: :O
<fway>: FurryPanties
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<fway>: ew... FurryPanties
<fway>: XD
<FurryAlcohol>: lets not discuss what sort of nick change furrypanties inspired
<Bubo|newhouse>: rofl
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<viromancy>: I like whiskey, and cigarettes, and wild wild...erm...boys. Damn, that woulkd make a crap song
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[12:40] <HystericalParoxysm> omg this dude in Morrowind just called me a "dumner."
[12:40] <HystericalParoxysm> I think he was insulting me. Harumph!
[12:40] <viromancy> one who dumns?
[12:43] <HystericalParoxysm> Well, I'm a dunmer. Not a dumner. Maybe he just can't talk right.
[12:44] <viromancy> What do dunmers do all day?
[12:44] <Cake|Gone-ish> Dunm.
[12:44] <Cake|Gone-ish> :D
[12:45] <viromancy> ahhh...of course
[12:46] <viromancy> well there's been far too much dunming lately, if you want my opinion. We never used to dunm when I was a boy. We knew it was bad for us. Clean air and healthy exercise was good enough for us
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<viromancy> I'm in ur mind, snoggin' ur inner queenz
<Safyre420> my inner queen might cut you with her pink glitterfied box cutter, be careful lol
<SirEmino> you in YOUR mind, deluded in INSANITY
<viromancy> I'm not snogging YOUR inner queen, saffy. I can always do that to your outer queen
<Zicon> pics
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<viromancy> This is such a cool camouflage technique. Every time a stranger appears, we talk about porn until they either join in and become one of us, or run away
<viromancy> Then we go back to talking about rubbish
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[14:16] <Aychpee> No.
[14:16] <Stoz> another question
[14:16] <Aychpee> No.
[14:16] <Aychpee> No questions.
[14:16] <djenerate> cakey, you fixed your portal game yet?
[14:16] <djenerate> ...
[14:16] <djenerate> damn timing
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<&HystericalParoxysm> What the hell? I -still- don't have hate mail for revoking this moron's RP forum access. *frumps* I think I'm losing my touch or something. Now the morons just apologize. :(
<&HystericalParoxysm> It's completely unfair! Yell at me! Call me names! Insult my parentage, my heritage, and my mother! All these sickening apologies and niceities. Ugh.
<&whiterider> Well you know why they do that?
<Star> they know they're gonna end up losing anyway
<Star> and apologizing
<Star> they're just cutting out all the pain and suffering
<Star> they're learning! :O
<&HystericalParoxysm> THANK YOU WHITEY
<Star> woah, need a moment to read that one
<&HystericalParoxysm> *dies laughing*
<&whiterider> YOU'RE WELCOME BITCH! <3
* &HystericalParoxysm hands whitey a pile of benes
<&HystericalParoxysm> Now THAT'S what I miss!
* Star hands whitey a pile of vowels
<Star> and....well hell... here's the whole alphabet... put 'em in order this time
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[21:39:20] <Tyler> since it seems only we're talking, im moving this chat to a more private box >.>
[21:39:45] <&fanseelamb> but then I can't SPYYYY *pouts*
[21:40:34] <Tyler> you can join our cam sechz later..
[21:41:17] <Jessica> lol
[21:42:07] <Safyre420> what about me
[21:42:13] <Tyler> you have a penis
[21:42:25] <Safyre420> so lol
[21:42:26] <Tyler> id rather you didnt
[21:42:35] <Safyre420> :(
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[12:41] <Zicon> Pff, I wish I had a penis.
[12:42] <Tyler> I wish I had a vajayjay.
[12:42] <Stormy> well now we know what to get you next year for xmas
[12:42] <viromancy> Vajayjay? Is that an Indian name?
[12:43] <viromancy> I'm sure I went to college with a Vajayjay. Vajayjay Patel. Did applied chemistry
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[13:36] <Stormy> see I am old enough to be your mother!
[13:36] <ChocolateCake> Mom!? =o
[13:36] <Stormy> Winston!
[13:36] <ChocolateCake> OMG!
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<Panda> the M key is right near the M!
<Greenie> .. No shit, Panda.
<Panda> ...
<Panda> shut up
<Panda> *N
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<Jessica|finds> umm
<djones> woops
<djones> sorry about that
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<FuryPamther|Wtf> dont reckon ive met you bunny
<whiterider> Bunnybunnybunnybunnybunny
* FuryPamther|Wtf shakes ahnds
<FuryPamther|Wtf> *hands
<Bunny> probably not i haven't been here in like months
<whiterider> That's because you suck Panda :0
<whiterider> *:)
<Stoz> O_o
<Stoz> suck???
<Bunny> you don't want to touch my hands, i know where they've been
<FuryPamther|Wtf> lol white
* FuryPamther|Wtf uses the purell
<Bunny> so who still has boobies flagged?
<Bunny> or are you all slacking?
<DrunkPyshco> Bunny. meet Panda. Panda, meet bunny, the one who broke her jaw giving a guy a blow job.
<Stoz> Panda, privet
<Bunny> :p
<DrunkPyshco> Rawr
<FuryPamther|Wtf> O_o
<Aychpee> That was the best introduction EVAR
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<Bubo> i can speak enlish
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[01:40] <Tig> how'd you get all bruised? or shouldn't I ask
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> Well you see..
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> There was alcohol
[01:40] <Greenie> ... Of course.
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> and a mechanical bull
[01:40] <Greenie> ... Okay, thats a new one.
[01:41] <Tig> i suddenly feel like I live the most boring life on the planet
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[16:44] <HystericalParoxysm> Argggh I cannot get this damn song out of my head...
[16:45] <Stormy> do it yourself frontal lobotomy - no tools needed?
[16:45] <dj|foods> trepanning time!
[16:45] <HystericalParoxysm> Yay! Trepanning!
[16:45] * dj|foods does the hammer dance with a set of trepanning tools in his head
[16:45] <dj|foods> hand*
[16:45] <dj|foods> fuck...
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<SilentDrinking> XD
<SilentDrinking> Does it say something about your room if your housemate insists on putting on ski socks, a jumper, slippers, gloves, and bringing her quilt in before she enters your room?
<Stormy> ah yeah...
<Stormy> when is the last time you turned the heat on
<Stormy> or closed the window
<SilentDrinking> Ummm...October.
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<viromancy> She could just be preserving her virtue. I've known young men put on multiple layers of clothing before entering my room :P
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[17:30] <Stoz> girls, close your eyes, please?
[17:30] <ChocolateCake> As long as your pants stay on