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<lioness> Ah, Steam. The only thing named after what it runs on. Installing Skyrim took six hours from putting the disk in the drive.
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<whiterider> Oh gawd, Buzz. If you accidentally ban that uploader, I won't tell
<Buzzler> How would I do that my bubble-wrapped warnhammer?
<whiterider> Either you missed a word, or that's the weirdest term of endearment I have ever been confronted with
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[18:44] <DirtyDiana> They don't call me Dirty Diana for nothing!
[18:44] <leefish> They dont *call* you Dirty Diana
[18:44] <leefish> You made it up
[18:44] <DirtyDiana> lol
[18:44] <leefish> They call you Dally Wally
[18:44] <leefish> Which is much less menacing
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<SimsGirl> i'm just going to guess apartment life since mansion is a stuff pack and wouldn't count as an ep right?
<SimsGirl> if this doesn;'t work right i'll have grounds to sue all of you
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[18:04] <Kayla|Cleanz> Damn shes a sexy fish* LOL my child beleives anything
[18:05] <&whiterider> A... sexy fish?
[18:05] <Bakafox> You have photos of Lee?
[18:05] <Kayla|Cleanz> well Im not going to tell her the word is bitch am i...
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* Bakafox decides to cram many rabbitholes into the lot and then just test for lag
<Bakafox> it's a small world.. so may not be so bad
<ForeverCamp> It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...
<ForeverCamp> It's a world of hopes and a world of fears...
<Bakafox> a world of PIRATES
* Bakafox makes Camp walk the plank
<Bakafox> (this world really makes me miss diving boards)
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<Frenchie> I hope they don't charge me for cancelling a ticket! It wouldn't make sense
<&HystericalParoxysm> No, they usually won't unless you want to rebook without paying full price again
<frazzmeister> doubt it, anyway, telling them is doing them a favour, that way they aren't delaying for someone who's not there, and they can sell your seat to someone trying to get a last minute flight, and then they've been paid twice..
<&whiterider> Three times, since they sell it for twice the price second time round
<frazzmeister> indeed
<frazzmeister> and yet they still charge $10 for the worlds smallest packet of pringles..
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<&whiterider> :p
* Bakafox steals whitey's tongue
<&whiterider> :|
<Bakafox> no pointing that at me young ladies
<Bakafox> or possibly singular lady
<frazzmeister> I find it hard enough to beleive whitey is one lady, much less multiple.
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<Jaguwar> If you give a plant, however, and go on about how it's more permanent that a cut flower that already dying before you give it to her...
<Jaguwar> Guaranteed aw moment, even if she's afraid of plants
<Frenchie> <Jaguwar> Guaranteed aw moment, even if she's afraid of plants <--- If she's afraid of plants, she's a zombie. Run.
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[03:55] <W7Porph> Go buy ribbon
[03:56] * CN goes off singing the sisters of mercy - ribbon
[03:56] <kiwi_tea> Broke-tastic. The "go buy" response no longer applies to me.
[03:56] <kiwi_tea> I have an exemption.
[03:56] <W7Porph> Go "find" ribbon
[03:57] <kiwi_tea> I will just lurk around in a tree and fish it out of the hair of a passing maiden.
[03:57] <Bakafox> That works too!
[03:57] <kiwi_tea> And I will say "You have no idea what I went through to get this ribbon."
[03:58] <kiwi_tea> And he will say "Considering I'm posting your bail, I think I have fair idea."
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<Ben> I guess it's one of those..."I don't know who invented Gin, but I'm so glad they did" moments.
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<elpemmy> ahh fuck I HATE VECTORS
* elpemmy is now known as mathsingemmy
<mathsingemmy> "The point C lies on l and is such that OC is perpendicular to l" Well that's just freaking great BUT I CAN'T DO THIS
<CN> what's wrong with it?
<mathsingemmy> How am I supposed to find the point C?
<CN> does it give a drawing?
<mathsingemmy> no
<CN> l is just a line and O is the origin?
<mathsingemmy> just an equation
<mathsingemmy> yup
<mathsingemmy> the equation for line l is r=(i + 7j -5k) + n (3i -j + 2k)
<mathsingemmy> where n is a variable
<CN> oh, just draw it then
<mathsingemmy> it's 3 dimensional!
<CN> yep
<CN> be glad it's not 4 dimensional!
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<Ren> J and me drove through a pretzel event
<Ren> not literally through it.
<Ren> but it was in the center of town.
<frazzmeister> there are pretzel events?
<Ren> he says next year I should be Pretzel Queen.
<Ren> it's Luxembourg. They're a silly bunch.
<Ren> Pretzel Saturday. It's a thing, apparently.
<Ren> I'd be a super awesome Pretzel Queen.
<Ren> I can sit on a float and wave.
<frazzmeister> do pretzel squeens get all twisted and bent up?
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> ...why can't i type that?
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> WTF
<Ren> haha
<frazzmeister> QWEEN
<frazzmeister> QUEENS
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[00:53] <@heaven> I hate trying to pick titles.
[00:54] <Bakafox> ...I misread that as "I hate trying to pick titties"
[00:54] * Bakafox may be overly tired
[00:54] <@heaven> If only I could pick titties.
[00:54] <@heaven> I would definitely trade mine in.
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* iDal (daluved1@fd-79E6FEA5.mycingular.net) has joined #supersekritstaffchannel
<iDal> Damnit no lee
<whiterider> She's been bouncing in and out like a spacehopper wearing a strapon the past few days
<whiterider> She'll probably be around later
<iDal> O.O
<iDal> Oh.....
<whiterider> Yeah... I know... I got as far as spacehopper and then it all got a bit weird...
<whiterider> Not my fault...
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[06:27] * @PDawg thinks HP has sun issues
[06:27] <&HystericalParoxysm> I'm from Texas, man.
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Of course I have sun issues.
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Fuck the sun.
[06:28] <@PDawg> lmao
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Stupid shiney bastard, waking me up being all "Woo Imma make the plants grow, lookit mee, shiiiiny!"
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(09:26:04) winterbaron: Is there anyone?
(09:26:09) winterbaron: Aa
(09:26:19) winterbaron: HELP
(09:26:21) winterbaron: HELP
(09:26:29) winterbaron: There is a bird in my house!
(09:26:40) winterbaron: XD Omg, what I have to do now.........
(09:26:51) winterbaron: OOOMG He's flying to the window
(09:27:01) winterbaron: *Kletsj*
(09:27:10) winterbaron: AAAAAA
(09:32:16) whiterider: Them man-eatng birds, huh
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(19:11:14) winterbaron: Tell us three Dutch TV-programms
(19:14:11) Frenchie: "Tulip Swap", "CSI: Amsterdam" and "The Wheel of Cheese of Fortune"
(19:14:38) Delphy: Can you imagine CSI: Amsterdam? That'd be hilarious.
(19:15:10) Frenchie: "I'd say this criminal is... run-off-the-windmill"
(19:15:21) Frenchie: *clog dance*
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(21:32:03) Delphy: Simmygirl: I often find mysql the oldest by far
(21:32:06) Delphy: Err myself
(21:32:12) Delphy is so used to typing mysql...
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Morphead: Hello Dal dearest and others
daluved1: You
SIMul8rReviews: Morph!
daluved1: ...didn't have to cut me off
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(09:00:30) HystericalParoxysm: PDawg likes TNG too. YOU ARE THE CANADIAN ME, AREN'T YOU?
(09:00:37) (PDawg): YUS
(09:00:50) (Enetirnel): Lol
(09:01:10) ChatBot: (PDawg) is now known as (CanadianHP).
(09:01:14) bakafox gnaws on HP's chair leg
(09:01:18) HystericalParoxysm: So what are your thoughts on Voyager? That will prove or disprove that you are somehow my clone.
(09:01:27) (CanadianHP): Uh oh
(09:01:34) (CanadianHP) gulps nervously
(09:01:52) (CanadianHP): I um, think that they could've done a lot more with the concept, but I still enjoy what it ended up being?
(09:02:28) bakafox: >_>
(09:02:41) (CanadianHP) has a feeling she picked the wrong answer
(09:02:41) HystericalParoxysm: Damn. I was really hoping I could've brought you here and we could have made hot clone-on-clone pron. The correct answer was FUCK THAT SHOW, THEY HAD THAT STUPID TUVIX EPISODE AND JANEWAY WAS A BITCH
(09:02:51) (Enetirnel): 8o
(09:02:53) (CanadianHP): lmao
(09:02:58) (CanadianHP): WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS
(09:03:06) HystericalParoxysm: I AM SO DISAPPOINT
(09:03:12) (Enetirnel): CLONE ON CLONE PORN
(09:03:25) ChatBot: (CanadianHP) is now known as (PDawg).
(09:03:45) HystericalParoxysm: Well, I guess we -can- still be friends. D even likes Voyager and I went and married him. Hell, he likes -trance- and I didn't hold that against him. Much.
(09:04:10) (PDawg): You're very sweet that way.
(09:04:34) (PDawg): *Janeway is, damn I can't spell this morning
(09:04:35) HystericalParoxysm: Careful, you're dripping sarcasm onto your shoes.
(09:04:48) (PDawg): Me? Never.
(09:05:00) (PDawg) is an angelic little pup who is never sarcastic
(09:05:18) (PDawg): Can we still make hot porn?
(09:05:29) HystericalParoxysm: Hell yeah
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(10:41:38) Nouk: I like. For sism 3?
(10:41:41) Nouk: Errr Sims 3?
(10:41:56) whiterider: I haven't decided yet :p
(10:42:08) Nouk: Sims 2 and I'll have your Babies.
(10:42:17) whiterider: I'm not sure which I'm more afraid of - making control textures, or making five different colour normal textures
(10:42:21) Nouk: I will deliver them on your doorstep at age 12, knowing Dutch, English and French.
(10:42:34) whiterider: Trained to work in the fields?
(10:43:25) Nouk: I was going to say 'having at least 7 years of private school under their belts' but 'knows what a potato is' is fine too :P
(10:43:40) whiterider: :D
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(17:59:23) (Qbuilderz): God. Damn it. My mother made me chocolate fucking pudding. Do you know how infuriating it is to eat only jello and pudding and milkshakes?
(17:59:26) (Qbuilderz): I hate everything.
(17:59:37) (Qbuilderz): All I want is a steak. A big, delicious steak
(17:59:56) (Qbuilderz): NOW. EXCUSE ME while I go and eat my seventh FUCKING BOWL OF PUDDING.
(18:00:05) ChatBot: /nick (Qbuilderz) (Q|EmotionalBreakdown)
(18:02:55) armiel: teethy business.
(18:03:09) Jaguwar: Yeah, I kind of guessed. Poor Q, that's no fun. :(
(18:03:14) Jaguwar: Soon Q, hang in there!
(18:03:21) Jaguwar: brb, time to put the nachos in the oven
(18:03:26) armiel: LOL (18:03:28)
(Q|EmotionalBreakdown): My spoon fell into the pudding. This is just the worst day ever.
(18:03:32) armiel: was that not intentional??!
(18:03:37) armiel: ROFl
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(00:22:57) SeeMyu: The HIIILLLSSS are ALLLIVVE.... with the sound of MUUUSSIIICC
(00:23:05) daluved1: LOL
(00:23:07) SeeMyu: Okay. I really need some sleep
(00:23:10) Fukothepixie: You alright there SeeMyu? :P
(00:23:13) QBUILDERZ: This isn't Austria, Seemyu, get your shit together!