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Ability Monster / Item Where Win Steal Bribe
Auto-med20x Remedy
 GratMt. Gagazet, exterior and cavern  Remedy x40 for 80,000 gil
 Lord OchuCenter of Kilika Forest  Remedy x80 for 92,980 gil
 OchuMoonflow  Remedy x70 for 144,000 gil
 RagoraKilika Forest  Remedy x8 for 15,600 gil
 SandragoraSanubia Desert, in antlion pits  Remedy x99 for 255,000 gil
 Malboro MenaceMonster Arena (Kilika Forest)Mana Tonic x2 (common)
x4 (Overkill)
Dark Matter x1 (rare)
x2 (Overkill)
Remedy x4 (common)
Mana Spring x2 (rare)
Prize for unlocking: Poison Fang x99

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