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<Delphy> Okay so you should still have the game files on your desk
<Delphy> disk
<Delphy> hard drive
<Shane> LOL
#1467 · added 19 November 2009 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #social
<renske> 12 drummers drumming, 11 pipers piping, 10 lords a leaping, 9 ladies dancing
<renske> 8 maids a milking, 7 swans a swimming, 6 geese a laying, 5 goooolden riiiiiiings
<renske> 4 calling birds, 3 french hens, 2 turtle doves, ALAN PARTRIDGE IN A PEAR TREEEEE
<elpemmy> I think it was and a, not alan :P
<renske> the song makes so much more sense now
<renske> it's 'and a partridge in a pear tree'?
<elpemmy> Yes, Renske.
<renske> i've been singing 'alan partridge in a pear tree for YEARS'
<renske> our whole choir has
<Database> yeah, it's "and A partridge". As in the bird.
<renske> this is EPIC
<whiterider> When, exactly, do you think this song was first sung?
<whiterider> How well-known do you think Alan Partridge was then?
<renske> i didnt know, i'm DUTCH FGS
#1544 · added 9 April 2010 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #supersekritstaffchannel
<HystericalParoxysm> Yes, I know, I'm a HUGE Who fan and Ten is my favourite Doctor.
<fanseelamb> I only watched Ten's series. New guy does not interest me at all, and I never watched it before. But Ten is <3
<HystericalParoxysm> Matt Smith is -way- funnier to watch as the Doctor after hearing a lovely story someone told on another forum.
<fanseelamb> ooh do tell
<HystericalParoxysm> Their friend apparently dated him for a while.
<HystericalParoxysm> And when in bed, he would shout, "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" and if the answer wasn't a resounding, "YES, I LOVE THE COCK!" his erection would wilt and he'd go and sulk in the corner.
<HystericalParoxysm> So now me and Renske want to go to Who conventions with "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" posters.
<fanseelamb> You must! OMG. ROFL
<fanseelamb> And and at the Q&A put up your hand all innocently, then when they call on you ask "DO YOU LOVE THE COCK?!" We'll write you in jail!
<HystericalParoxysm> ROFLMAO I'm laughing so hard Delphy went "SHHH"
#1637 · added 6 September 2010 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #????
* SilentPsycho has joined
* SilentPsycho pokes frazzmeister
<frazzmeister> hmm
* SilentPsycho throws frazzmeister into the Pit of Pickles and Pancakes and Doom
<frazzmeister> eep
<frazzmeister> what did I do?
<SilentPsycho> I had a weird freaky dream, and you were the main character in it
<SilentPsycho> First, everyone randomally stayed for a few days at my house.
<SilentPsycho> Then a while afterwards I saw on the news that you and Slave Boy were missing, presumed dead.
<SilentPsycho> The police had found your bottles of lager, but not your bodies under the ice (for some reason you were living in Alaska)
<SilentPsycho> I burst into tears, thinking you're dead, then a few days later you climb in through my window, saying you had just had enough and ran away from the abuse of the woman.
<SilentPsycho> And Slave Boy appeared on the TV saying he was searching for you
<SilentPsycho> And you randomally started scattering crude oil around the house. Then the police came and you agreed to go with them, but then you climbed out of the window with Slave Boy, and ran into the Lion section (for some reason I was living in the middle of a safari park.)
<SilentPsycho> And then it just got confusing.
<SilentPsycho> Although, the annoying boy from a few houses down got eaten by a lion, so it wasn't all bad
<SilentPsycho> And I got to ride a tiger.
<SilentPsycho> I swear my subconcious is on drug most of the time.
<SilentPsycho> Drugs, even
<frazzmeister> o.0
#1743 · added 16 November 2011 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #social
<Jaguwar> The absolute sweetest looking plumber I've ever seen in real life just left my house. Face like a boy+smile like Mark Walhberg=swoon!
<&HystericalParoxysm> Jag - You clearly have to ask him back over to... lay some pipe.
<Jaguwar> hehehe I wish! Perhaps I'll see him around, but this is an apartment, so I don't control when they come.
<&HystericalParoxysm> Jag - Sure you can, you just press on the base underneath the shaft.
#1777 · added 20 June 2012 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #general
(19:11:14) winterbaron: Tell us three Dutch TV-programms
(19:14:11) Frenchie: "Tulip Swap", "CSI: Amsterdam" and "The Wheel of Cheese of Fortune"
(19:14:38) Delphy: Can you imagine CSI: Amsterdam? That'd be hilarious.
(19:15:10) Frenchie: "I'd say this criminal is... run-off-the-windmill"
(19:15:21) Frenchie: *clog dance*
#176 · added 10 July 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
* SilentPsycho gets out her whacking stick
<Darkwytche> Silent is being aggressive! It's so sexy!
<SilentPsycho> >:)
* Gaz grins
* Durntdude breaks whacking stick
<frazzmeister|busy> hehe
* SilentPsycho kicks Durntdude in the groin.
<SilentPsycho> I broke your stick.
#185 · added 24 July 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
[02:28] * JohnBrehaut1 has joined #social
[02:29] <JohnBrehaut1> who is bug ?
[02:29] <HystericalParoxysm> An unholy avenger of asskicking evilness.
[02:30] <JohnBrehaut1> LyricLee
[02:30] <Starbuck> lol
[02:30] <Bug> hi
[02:30] <Starbuck> that's just funny how people can tell Lyric by that
#320 · added 25 October 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down
<jordangirl1995> why wont my cars work
<Delphy> Did you gas them up?
<jordangirl1995> yes and i got the mesh and it wont work
<Delphy> I'd suggest checking the starter motor
<Delphy> Maybe replace the battery
<Delphy> If all else checks out, do a push start
<Delphy> Or call a qualified mechanic.
<jordangirl1995> i am talking about the sims 2 retard
<jordangirl1995> !
<Delphy> That's nice.
<-- jordangirl1995 has quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
#359 · added 30 November 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<frazzmeister> wtf.. i have a splinter under my belly button.....
<Bunny> how the hell did you get it?
<frazzmeister> i have no idea....
<Bunny> been humping trees again haven't oyu
<Bunny> own up
<frazzmeister> maybe.....
<frazzmeister> that coconut palm is hot....
#282 · added 28 September 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
[Bunny] Theres not a single quote by me in that fucking database.. its not fair! I'm FUCKING hilarious!!
• Bunny sulks
#345 · added 16 November 2006 · vote up / 11 / vote down
<whiterider> ..."?F-R-E-E-Z-E-P-OP
<whiterider> Freezepop Forever and ever!
<whiterider> Freezepop Forever and ever!
<whiterider> Freezepop Forever and ever!
<whiterider> Freezepop Forever and ever and ever and ever!?
<whiterider> O.O
<whiterider> That's not what I put on my clipboard.....
* whiterider headdesks
<whiterider> Maybe I'll just stay away from keyboard shortcuts today
* whiterider yanks off her Ctrl key
#416 · added 8 January 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down
* curlybap nibbles on <insert name here>
<curlybap> quick, insert a name...
<curlybap> whoever says it first gets the name put in!
<Green|Straws> curlybap!
<curlybap> ...
<curlybap> ok...
<Green|Straws> Haha
* curlybap nibbles on curlybap
<Green|Straws> rofl
* curlybap eats green
<curlybap> o.O
<curlybap> wtf?!
<Green|Straws> ?
<curlybap> My /hug command eats people!!
#447 · added 24 January 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #help
<x_emo_x> so cabn somebody tell me their code for university
<Rich> x_emo_x: 1234567789abcdefghi
<x_emo_x> shouldnt there be 16 words there only 15??
<x_emo_x> i ment letters
<Rich> sorry I missed j
<x_emo_x> were at?
<x_emo_x> the end?
<Rich> yes
<x_emo_x> thnx
<Rich> no problem
#450 · added 25 January 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<Cheeseisgood> Yep... I'm just thrupid then!
* curlybap follows emi
<Cheeseisgood> *stupid
<curlybap> *nodnod* thrupid you are :)
#454 · added 26 January 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
frazzmeister> we lick toads here.
<frazzmeister> just for the buzz.
<Nini> yummy
<frazzmeister> not because we wann feck toads.
<frazzmeister> coz they are the trippy toads.
<gooie> is feck what i think it is?
<frazzmeister> i spilt beer on my boobie.
<frazzmeister> fuck its gooie.
<Nini> eew male boobies!
<frazzmeister> im not malr.
<frazzmeister> maale
<frazzmeister> male
<curlybap> male?
<Nini> I dont care =___=
<frazzmeister> i have a twat.
<Nini> I say youre male
<frazzmeister> ......
<frazzmeister> i have a twat!!!
<Nini> welcome to the club, now go outside and yell it at random people :D
#460 · added 26 January 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<frazzmeister> yes, i am a sexgodes.
<frazzmeister> i thinke im sobering...nedd more beer,, the web cam made me paranoids agin
<SilentPsycho> sexgodes? Is that the term for a hermaphrodite sex divinity?
<frazzmeister> lde!
<frazzmeister> sure, why not,'
<frazzmeister> i wouldnt mind hanging a dick above my twat,,,, like misltetoe... purty.
<Longdaysend> wow..did i pick a bad time to visit ?:D
#917 · added 22 November 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<whiterider> Turkey Day...
<whiterider> ?
<whiterider> Oh, Spanksgiving.. d'uh...
<SilentPsycho> I vote us Brits should make up our own holiday, so we can have more partying and boozing.
<Stormy> only fair
<whiterider> I don't need to
<whiterider> I'm going boozing in London on Saturday night
<whiterider> :|
<SilentPsycho> ...Good point.
<Stormy> actually considering that the pilgrims were still british citizens and the colony was owned by britian... you could celebrate the pilgrims surviving the year there
<whiterider> lol
<Stormy> which is all its really about
<SilentPsycho> I'm...doing nothing because I have assignments right now
<Stormy> as Jamestown failed as the first british colony.. as the people disappeared
<whiterider> Well, I voted that we should celebrate Independence Day too. Only we'd call it "Finally Getting Rid Of Those Bastards Day." :D
<SilentPsycho> I miss being able to have a boozing session with my mates.
<SilentPsycho> Last time I had one was...last Friday. ;P
<SilentPsycho> Woot!
* SilentPsycho hangs 'FGROTB' banners around the chat.
<-- treejen has quit (Quit: foody time)
<dj|warrock> wait
* dj|warrock pokes whiterider
<SilentPsycho> Happy "Finally Getting Rid Of Those Bastards Day" Whitey and Dj
<Stormy> wait that does nt come until July 4th
<dj|warrock> your going london then?
<dj|warrock> happt FGROTBD day Silent
<SilentPsycho> ...Bugger. Brain's not working correctly right now
<Stormy> thanksgiving the bastards were not fighting for independance
<whiterider> Stormy would be right there
<whiterider> :P
<SilentPsycho> Remind me to say that to someone on July 4th then
#839 · added 29 September 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<HystericalParoxysm> God, humans are stupid. "Oh, they're going to destroy our race? Hey, can I stick my dick in 'em first?"
#830 · added 23 September 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<Greenie|Dead> Someone made a boat. Out of TOAST.
<Greenie|Dead> :D
<Panda|995essays> toast floats
* Panda|995essays sails a peice of toast onto the hudson river as a haunting opera melody plays in the distance
<photo> have i ever told you that you're a dork
#810 · added 6 September 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<BeneLeftNouk> uhm.... sssjhhh
<BeneLeftNouk> son't tell em I'm Delphy
<Jessica> besides i dont want you now that you've had tylers babiez
<BeneLeftNouk> :O
<SilentPsycho> Delphy had Tyler's babies?
<SilentPsycho> X)
<BeneLeftNouk> sexy
* ChocolateCake giggles
<SilentPsycho> Little baby Dellers and Typhys
<Jessica> that is so odd
<SilentPsycho> :P
<BeneLeftNouk> cross Tyler with Delphy, Nouk and pescado
<SilentPsycho> ...gack!
* SilentPsycho dies
<Jessica> omg
<BeneLeftNouk> result: Apployon, guard of the abyss
<Jessica> that is just scary
<SilentPsycho> Heheheh
<BeneLeftNouk> angel of death and war
#755 · added 4 August 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<SilentPsycho> And I'm known for my ability to drink twice as much as everyone else, and not get a hangover.
<SilentPsycho> Once, during a different style of anime-drinking game, I had 14 shots of vodka before the second episode was finished. My friends gave up after 4 and 6 respectively.
<SilentPsycho> And I didn't even get a hangover. I had a concussion from slamming headfirst into the door while trying to walk, but no hangover.
--> Shnooks (Shnoox@mts2-3E35831.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) has joined #social
<frazzmeister> rofl
<SilentPsycho> I kind of spent the night on my friend's floor that time.
<SilentPsycho> And the drinking game?
<Animera> hi Shnooks
<SilentPsycho> Drinking whenever you spot an innuendo, or can think of something dirty related to what happenes in the anime
<Shnooks> hallo :D
<SilentPsycho> Just my luck we chose to watch Read or Die.
<SilentPsycho> We even drank a shot each to Nancy's breasts.
<-- Shnooks has quit (Quit: Leaving)
<SilentPsycho> I think I may have scared Snooks off. Pfft, weakling.
<frazzmeister> heh
#827 · added 22 September 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<Stoz> the best game is real life... it's sometimes has bags, but graphics - very excellent
<Stoz> bugs*
<Panda|997essays> LMAO!!
<Arch> Yes I do!
* Jessica bites Ty|Charmed
<The_French_Sim> Some features of RL should have been removed during the beta though.
<The_French_Sim> RL should actually have an anti n00b filter.
<The_French_Sim> And I said 'n00b', not 'newb'
<HystericalParoxysm> I'd just be happy with more save points.
<The_French_Sim> :D
<Arch> It does, it just doesn't always trigger properly and they somehow survive the darwin award moment.
<Panda|997essays> and there should be some more and better hacks
<Panda|997essays> and you should be able to not save the game and do thigns over
<Stoz> HystericalParoxysm, you just never used them
<The_French_Sim> A better RL gaming community would be nice too.
<The_French_Sim> The current one has more than its fair number of morons.
<HystericalParoxysm> Yeah, no kidding. This community's full of assholes.
<Panda|997essays> im rather fond of the RL gaming communtiy im in
<Arch> Just gotta join the right clan I suppose.
<The_French_Sim> Maybe we need better RL mods and admins.
<The_French_Sim> And banning policies :D
<Arch> To bad most of them are only found on very specific regional servers.
<The_French_Sim> "You have been perm-banned from Real Life"
#738 · added 31 July 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<frazzmeister> my tounge is blue.
<Cazzy-Tchan> you have a tounge?
<frazzmeister> yes, several,.. in a jar,.. i collect them.
<Cazzy-Tchan> oooh! which one's blue then?
* frazzmeister eyes cazzys tounge
<JohnBrehaut1> Hey suc :)
<frazzmeister> te middle one
<Cazzy-Tchan> i don't have a tounge
<SirEmino> she uses them to play toungue twister
<whiterider> Tchan! you rock!
<Cazzy-Tchan> :)
<whiterider> You embody what #social is
<Cazzy-Tchan> yay!
<Cazzy-Tchan> thank you xD
<whiterider> Instead of "Your tongue is blue?", "you have a tongue?"...
<whiterider> Har, excellent xD
#700 · added 30 June 2007 · vote up / 11 / vote down - from #social
<HystericalParoxysm> Someday, I'll start a cover band. And we'll do death metal versions of lullabyes and opening themes to classic children's cartoons.
<frazzmeister> metal versions of soft songs are ace... also,.. lounge jazz versions of death metal...
<HystericalParoxysm> Perhaps DIE ALONE would be more death metal.
* HystericalParoxysm edits.
<frazzmeister> mary had a demon lamb, its fleece was red with blood?
<HystericalParoxysm> Ohhhh you can be our songwriter