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<HystericalParoxysm> People seem to mistake me for a guy a lot. Probably because I type with my penis.
#1447 · added 2 November 2009 · vote up / 13 / vote down - from #social
21:56 < writingemmy> Wait we're attaching a nozzle to Data's penis?
21:56 < Chii> Your magical love adventure begins now.
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<HystericalParoxysm> I'm so proud. My kid has learned to say "for fuck's sake"
<Ben> And he's how old?
<HystericalParoxysm> Two and a half.
<Ben> Oh my.
<HystericalParoxysm> Every time Mr. Paroxysm dies in Infamous 2, my kid goes "For fuck's sake!" and throws his hands up in the air.
<rens|off> lol
<HystericalParoxysm> It sounds more like "fuhh say!" but it's adorable.
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<SilentPsycho> "Away, you bottle-ale rascal, you filthy bung, away!"
<SilentPsycho> "Thou spleeny spur-galled pignut!"
<SilentPsycho> "Your bedded hair, like life in excrements, start up and stand on end."
<adrisole> Filthy bung
* adrisole dies
<adrisole> I keep thinking of those things we used in Chemistry
<SilentPsycho> You think of school science, I think of buttplugs...
<SilentPsycho> What does that say about us?
<adrisole> We need hobbies?
<elpemmy> You know I always pictured buttplugs as looking identical to the bungs in chemistry
<elpemmy> Not that I picture butt plugs a lot... uhh...
<elpemmy> shit.
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<whiterider> lol. I'm ill. I'm allowed to be a bitch this evening. Sorry :p
* armiel makes whitey some nice hot blueberry soup
<heaven> Blueberry soup???
<Jaguwar> blueberry soup???? Really???
<Jaguwar> sniped! LOL
<ForeverCamp> BLUEBERRY SOUP?!
* ForeverCamp is mindblown
<armiel> is good, healthy, and good when you are ill
<armiel> could you guys yell any louder?
<whiterider> You... blueberry?
<missroxor> blueberry?!
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<PoliteFinn> is it polite to talk about womens frontal parts?
<adrisole> Depends on context.
<adrisole> If you're talking about being knee deep in clunge, then I'm going to vote "no".
<MadamFish> ....
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[02:48am] <Inge> The only thing I ever heard about a ferret before is one came in through my friend's cat flap
[02:49am] <Inge> She stood there in horror until it went out again
[02:49am] <Bink13y> awhh a visiting ferret dignatary
[02:49am] <HystericalParoxysm> Ahhh, yes, she had a ferret inspector. Just making sure everything's properly silly, and then they'll be on their way.
[02:49am] <HystericalParoxysm> It's like the guy that comes to check the electrical meter once a month.
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[13:28] <Durntdude> gimme a dollar
[13:28] * Durntdude was kicked by frazzmeister (a dollars worth of kickarse?)
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* Lollipop_Girl showers white in holywater
<TwatLady> lol
<Lollipop_Girl> :D
<Frenchie> :D
<frazzmeister> it would burn on a twat, i reckon....
<TwatLady> And you know when your twat is burning, you need to get to the clinic!!
<Frenchie> The dangers of douching, ilustrated.
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<AbstractSIMmer187> ok
<AbstractSIMmer187> bobbies people
<AbstractSIMmer187> i love em\
<AbstractSIMmer187> do you?
<HystericalParoxysm> You can't even spell it.
<AbstractSIMmer187> boobies
<HystericalParoxysm> You've never seen a pair of tits in your life, have you?
<HystericalParoxysm> Not in person, anyway.
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<Oriana> my name wouldnt make much of a pr0n name either
<Tyler> course it would oriana
<Oriana> there is nothing pornographic about "Morgan"
<Tyler> there is a slut i know named morgan...
<frazzmiester> Morgan and her throbbing organ?
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<frazzmeister> !coke Kelly
* Foamy opens up a fresh can of coke and sets it in front of kelly
<sEpHeRs> !sex sephy
<Lethe|work> lol
<sEpHeRs> bastard
<Bunny> haha outta luck
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* curlybap just fingered himself and it works!
<justKYLE> haha i love mad tv
<curlybap> ...damn that came out wrong
<curlybap> i meant ctcp finger
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--- EbilPanda is now known as PistLark
<EbilPsycho> Oh well. At least I know now what to do when I'm able to send Noir and the rest of her brood over.
<PistLark> now if delphy wants to call me furypanda, she can
* EbilPsycho snickers
<EbilPsycho> For some reason, gender-mistaken Delphy moments are funny.
<Delphster> night furypanda
<PistLark> DELPHY'S A GUY?????
<EbilGreenie> o.O
<EbilPsycho> XD
<PistLark> never woulda guesed in a thousand years...
<EbilGreenie> Rofl.
* EbilGreenie dies laughing.
* PistLark wanders off in a confused of other's genders haze
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<JK11> telling people to kill explorer would've been more nice
<&Tikva> Yeah but you're not that stupid
<JK11> :P
<&Tikva> Anyway, you can fix that
<&Tikva> Just restart explorer
<JK11> Yeah, I know
<JK11> Do it to a n00b though
<&Tikva> Like the "press Alt-F4 to see something really cool" trick? :P
<Panda|AntiZero> whas taht do?
* Panda|AntiZero (FurryPanda@mts2-2069562F.hsd1.md.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
<&Tikva> Try it
<&Tikva> rofl
* FurryPanda (FurryPanda@mts2-2069562F.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #social
<FurryPanda> shut up
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<Greenie> :
<Greenie> **:D
<ChristmasPud> you misspelt a smiley. O.o
<Greenie> Yes, yes I did.
* Greenie is pathetic.
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<SilentPsycho> Got to love Anime drinking games.
<Animera> lol SilentPsycho
<Animera> i think i should take up drinking,,, it'll make the time go faster
<SilentPsycho> Try TV/Anime/Video game drinking games. Basically before you start decide certain events that require you to drink. For example, while watching Haunted Junction, I drank whenever a women fell in love with Red Mantle, whever Kazumi was possessed, and whenever Haruto said 'Oh my God', twice if he said it noty at the end.
<SilentPsycho> ...Drink whenever someone makes a typo.
<Animera> lol, i cant even play with my new mesh, i never coppied it, and my pc should be half way to New Zealand by now
<SilentPsycho> Typo!
<Animera> lol - i can do that ;) but the next question is,,, can i spell?
* SilentPsycho drinks
<Animera> *downs*
<SilentPsycho> I know I shouldn't drink during the day, but it's the coldest thing in the entire house.
<Animera> lemme go get my vodka, this can be fun ;)
<SilentPsycho> I've got Magners.
<SilentPsycho> Or you could play a Fanfiction drinking game.
<SilentPsycho> That's a good way to become an alcoholic.;)
--> frazzmeister (frazzledge@mts2-FEC42FBD.sa.bigpond.net.au) has joined #social
<SilentPsycho> And speaking of alcoholics...:P
<frazzmeister> rum?
<frazzmeister> i mean, hi!
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* reeses29 (reeses29@fd-98981C25.dsl.emhril.sbcglobal.net) has joined #social
<reeses29> hey guys
<reeses29> wats goin on
<SilentPsycho> Delphy died.
<reeses29> lol
<reeses29> that aint good
<SilentPsycho> No one is here is really up for talking right now
<SilentPsycho> In, even
<reeses29> did delphy really die
<SilentPsycho> Yes.
<Delphy> Yes.
<reeses29> then how come delphy juss answered
<Delphy> I resurrected after 3 server restarts.
<SilentPsycho> That's Delphybot, HP made him.
<SilentPsycho> He just says random things, like Delphy used to.
<reeses29> hey is there a place in mts2 where i can make hosue requests
<SilentPsycho> Hosue? Is that like Housin?
<reeses29> house*
<Delphy> House is a TV show.
<reeses29> like a forum where i can make house requests
<SilentPsycho> My friend's addicted to that
<reeses29> i know but is there any forum request things
* reeses29 has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<SilentPsycho> I love confusing people.
<Delphy> Me too. :)
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<emspp> !vodka frazz
<frazzmeister> :p
* Chii gives frazz a bottle of vodka :)
<frazzmeister> :D
<emspp> drink responsibly ;)
<frazzmeister> never!
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<longdaysend> well i like barbie dolls but you don't see me putting them in the oven for 15 minutes do you?
<&whiterider> I would have done that when I was a kid but I was scared of the oven.
<longdaysend> heh..i probably would have too come to think of it
<&whiterider> I did dress them up in "death robes" and hang them upside down from my bed for a week.
<longdaysend> rofl
<longdaysend> i pretended the abused the baby barbies and skipper...they escaped eventually though
<longdaysend> they*
<&whiterider> We had really sordid imaginations as kids, huh
<longdaysend> and burned down the dream house, trapping babrie and ken in the elevator to die
<longdaysend> ...indeed
<&whiterider> Mine spent about a month trapped in a basement being forced to do hard labour for no food, if they refused then Esmarelda Barbie was going to be killed in front of them.
<longdaysend> and my mother wondered why i didn't want to play barbies with her :P my therapy life would have started at a much younger age
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<Zicon> Insufficient twattage?
<frazzmeister> don't stick light bulbs up there zic,.. even if it is dark....
#1332 · added 27 July 2009 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #social
<ArtsyFrenchie> You know it only requires a private place for me to help you find some orgasm ;)
* ArtsyFrenchie chuckles
<Loaf> :P
<Lethe> dudes: get a pm
<frazzmeister> and a webcam for the rest of us....
#1346 · added 19 August 2009 · vote up / 12 / vote down - from #social
<Loaf> oh, fuck it.
<Loaf> i've lost my orgasm now :/
<Database> ... XD
<Loaf> thought it was in my work bag, but no.
<Loaf> dammit, don't QDB me again!
<elpemmy> rofl
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<Database> first rule: never, ever tell a woman she's fat. even in a nice way. XD
<Database> I think that is one of the only "rules" that actually does blanket-apply to everyone.
* The_French_Sim doesn't equate "overweight" with "unattractive" though :p
<Pescado> Databases: That depends on whether you're trying to be nice.
<Pescado> I'm not, so I'm free to call a whale a whale.
<Database> See, you are the exception to the rule, Pes
<Database> You aim to insult, so the rule doesn't apply. :p
<Pescado> And you should follow my example!
* The_French_Sim actually aimed to tell Loafie that her weight isn't demeaning to her looks, and that she looks cute, overweight or not :p
<Pescado> Notice how well it works!
<Pescado> And Loaf, you are fat and stupid.
<The_French_Sim> o_o
<Pescado> Just like your fat, stupid face.
<Loaf> aww, love you too Pescado
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<Inge> I am starting a paysite called BeggyZone
<Inge> no content, just a paypal button for donations