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<Greenie> ... I thought steamy was generally good...
<jhd1189> Well, steamy in the uncomfortable French foreign film way, I guess
<jhd1189> So I guess I meant "edgy"
<jhd1189> Or "risque"
<jhd1189> Or "some other word that will help me dig out of this awkward hole I just dug"
<Greenie> But I LIKE awkward holes!
<jhd1189> O_O
<Greenie> [Thats what S/HE said!]
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<Gunther> :p I hope I'm convincing
<createmmy> you are
<Gunther> I don't want the impersonator to PM me :D
<createmmy> act more b00bish
<createmmy> *n00b
<createmmy> even
<Gunther> b00bish!!
<createmmy> lol
<createmmy> I've made that typo before ¬¬
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<Database> Chii, how is babby formed?
<Chii> Give it a push.
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* Qbuilderz pokes Canoodle for a 2 second question in private
<Canoodle> sure sure
<Canoodle> :D
<fakepeeps7> That sounded... odd.
<Canoodle> he's always poking me. :p
<Canoodle> hehe
<fakepeeps7> 8-O
<Canoodle> :D
<Qbuilderz> Yah, poking is cool
* fakepeeps7 's mind is in the gutter
<Canoodle> he's poking me in private. Oh, dear.
* Qbuilderz snickers
<fakepeeps7> Just as long as he's not poking you IN your... never mind.
<Qbuilderz> Get your mind outta the gutter
<Qbuilderz> :p
<Canoodle> LMAO
<fakepeeps7> You're the one who's poking...
<Qbuilderz> (I get stuck in there often, (:-)
<Qbuilderz> EWWWW
<fakepeeps7> Where?
<Qbuilderz> Bad timing!
<Qbuilderz> lol
<fakepeeps7> ROFLMAO
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<Gangreless> !cookie
* Chii passes Gangreless a cookie :)
<Gangreless> sweet
<Greenie> Literally!
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[14:00] * renske hugs vaginas
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[17:44] <Sparkle> I had some cheese balls, but they're soggy
[17:44] <Sparkle> Cue innuendo in 3,2,1
[17:44] <Gangreless> I can't think of a good one, Sparkle.
[17:44] <Sparkle> Soggy cheese balls?
[17:44] * Gangreless makes joke amount cheese, smegma, and soggy balls.
[17:45] <Sparkle> You mean you can't seriously think of innuendo about that?
[17:45] <Gangreless> I just did, see "Gangreless makes joke"
[17:45] <Gangreless> .. and that should have said "about" not "amount"
[17:46] <Gangreless> Let's try this again..Sparkle: I have soggy cheese balls.
[17:46] <Gangreless> Wash them more often?
[17:46] <Sparkle> Or eat them, and not just leave them on my bed?
[17:47] <Gangreless> Well, if you're in to that kinda thing.
[17:47] <Sparkle> I meant the food product
[17:47] <Gangreless> haha
[17:48] <Sparkle> And don't leave cheese snacks
[17:48] <Gangreless> Well if you're going to buy cheese, you should probably keep it refrigerated.
[17:48] <Gangreless> Definitely don't keep it in your bed like some sort of organic masturbation device.
[17:48] <Sparkle> And I still have a pot of salad on my desk
[17:49] <Sparkle> I meant the food -_-
[17:49] <Gangreless> Sparkle, dear, food is for eating, not for masturbating. Well, ok, some food is for masturbating, but not cheese and salad. Silly.
[17:50] <Sparkle> Forget it.
[17:50] <Gangreless> haha
[17:50] <Safyre420> dick cheese and tossed salads?
[17:50] <Gangreless> exactly saf
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[19:54] <Gangreless> How the hell is it that I have about 42 highlighters and never one near me?
[19:55] <daluved1> jesus hates you
[19:56] <Gangreless> The feeling's mutual
[19:56] <Zucabr> Which one?
[19:56] <Gangreless> Which one what? Which feeling?
[19:56] <Zucabr> IE, which Jesus? Is this the same one that hates fags?
[19:56] <Gangreless> ah
[19:56] <Gangreless> I'm assuming
[19:56] <Zucabr> Coz tell him that he had TWO DADS, for Hissake.
[19:57] <Gangreless> hur
[19:57] <Zucabr> I like my family's Jesus better.
[19:57] <Gangreless> I have a general problem in christianity telling everybody that one particular guy was so special that he was the son of god
[19:58] <Gangreless> Besides, I thought we were -all- god's children.
[19:58] <Gangreless> Therefore..
[19:58] *** Gangreless is now known as Jesus
[19:58] <Zucabr> XD
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20:39 < renske> and i would look like a gay guy in drag dancing his ass off.
20:39 < renske> quite literally.
20:39 < renske> if i move my trunk around i cant guarantee junk wont fall out.
20:39 < renske> .... that just sounded like i poop when i dance.
20:39 < renske> strike that please
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11:03 HystericalParoxysm Oookay
11:03 HystericalParoxysm Stop being dickweeds.
11:03 FurryPanda yesm
11:04 roxygurl1800 Oh my god thank you.
11:04 Djones but it's so delicious and moist.
11:04 FurryPanda and good for the soil!
11:04 FurryPanda goes to hoe her dickweed
11:04 Djones Quotedb'd.
11:04 FurryPanda from where to where?
11:05 Djones Just your last line.
11:05 FurryPanda you bitch
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<Tom> NO. I classify sex as penitration. from ANOTHER person. masturbation is like.. god's gift to all.
<renske> sex =/= penetration.
<renske> there's a whole lot more to sex than penetration.
<renske> poor poor tom.
<Tom> it so does. its like gays are still virgins, cause they havent done it properly.
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<lewjen> ...wow, imagaine a bucket full of viagra. you'd get a boner from looking at... a sim
<joninmobile> I've gotten boners from looking at sims before
<lewjen> ahem
<DaveyDaVinci> *Watches Hendrix to remove the bad mental imagery*
<lewjen> okay, jon, okay
<lewjen> lol
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<renske> and if the wind was wrong, J's car would be covered in grubby stickiness.
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* LoofahFluffer did not do year 12. I iz ignorant.
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<Loaf> ok, guys, i have a conundrum
<&Lethe> a conundrum? how intriguing
<Loaf> i've made a mini-cake mix to do a microwave cake
<Loaf> but realised that our microwave is broken
<Loaf> it's pretty much just a standard cake mix...
<&Lethe> that is sad
<Loaf> do i just eat it?
<&Lethe> um
<Renske> lol
<&Lethe> you have an oven?
<&Lethe> or even just a stove?
<Renske> how desperate ARE you?
<Loaf> or does that make me too studenty...
<Frenchie> Go to your neighbour's, kindly ask to use their microwave oven?
<&Lethe> i'd cook it
<Renske> orr maybe just a candle?
<&Lethe> ;D
<Renske> set something on fire?
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[22:15] <Lethe> silly fingers
[22:15] <Lethe> coopereata
[22:15] <Lethe> !!
[22:15] <elpemmy> Oh Lethe :P
[22:15] <Lethe> rofl
[22:15] <Lethe> i suck
[22:15] <Lethe> i woudl be sad
[22:15] <Lethe> but i can't stop laughing
[22:15] <Lethe> my fingers have avangotn gme
[22:15] <Lethe> abanondend
[22:15] <Lethe> abandoned
[22:16] <Lethe> yay!
[22:16] <elpemmy> :D
[22:16] <elpemmy> stick with teh short words, yeah? :P
[22:17] <Lethe> the*
[22:17] <Lethe> hma!
[22:17] <Lethe> i mean
[22:17] <Lethe> HA!
[22:17] <Lethe> lolol
[22:17] <Lethe> at least im having ufn
[22:17] <SilentPsycho> Hehehehe
[22:17] <SilentPsycho> You added Selfsim in yet?
[22:17] <Lethe> not yet
[22:17] <Lethe> but hi shall
[22:17] <SilentPsycho> Yay! :D
[22:17] <Lethe> sing yo'ure gonna butg me to do it
[22:18] <SilentPsycho> I'm not bugging you, I'm just asking. :P
[22:18] <Lethe> :)
[22:18] <SilentPsycho> You'd KNOW if I was being a bugger to you. ;P
[22:18] <Lethe> oh
[22:19] <Lethe> Safyre420e
[22:19] <Lethe> um
[22:19] <Lethe> what wass supootsed to be 'deart'
[22:19] <Lethe> without t
[22:19] <SilentPsycho> XD
[22:19] <Lethe> umm
[22:19] <Lethe> i have no iedea hwo that happened
[22:19] <SilentPsycho> Me neither.
[22:19] <elpemmy> S-tab?
[22:19] <elpemmy> S is next to D...
[22:19] <Lethe> yah
[22:19] <Lethe> s ir sirthg next to d
[22:19] <Lethe> right
[22:19] <Lethe> is
[22:19] <Lethe> oh wathever
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<Cookiemonster> WTF, Narriator is still talking even after closing the window
<AllegedLunatic> is it talking to you?!
<AllegedLunatic> is it telling you to...kill someone?!?!?!
<Cookiemonster> No
<AllegedLunatic> phew
<Cookiemonster> I don't think my computer is possesed
<Cookiemonster> ..or is it?
<Sheldrake> My computer was possessed
<Sheldrake> Every night at around 11:00PM, it would start playing some music, a viagra ad, or some sports game
<Sheldrake> Even if I closed all the windows, it would still play
<Sheldrake> Turns out it was a virus, but it still creeped me out :/
<FurryPanda> the cure for possession of a computer is holy water
<Sheldrake> Yep
<Sheldrake> Dunk it into a tub full of holy water
<Sheldrake> Problem solved
<FurryPanda> you tilt it so the USB port or CD drive is parellel to the ground, and then dump holy water in
<Sheldrake> Well....THAT problem is solved :P
<Cookiemonster> It breaks your computer, ending in you needing to get a new one
<FurryPanda> you will see the sparks of divine redemption
<Sheldrake> Hehe
<FurryPanda> it is appropriate, but unnescessary, to sing a hymn here
<FurryPanda> once the sparks of divine redemption go away, and you have dealt with any divine fire damage, you can then reactivate the computer
<FurryPanda> and there shall be a heavenly chord (assuming you changed the setting for "OMG ALARM BEEP" to "heavenly choir"
<FurryPanda> and there shall be a beautiful blue expanse, with blocky white text
<Cookiemonster> And it shall be known as Bliss
<FurryPanda> and you shall know the love of thy lord, for your computer shall hiss and make mechanical whining
<FurryPanda> and there's more, but most people replace their computers (and desks) at this point
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<missangelica> I seriously don't look at male feet unless they are wearing clown shoes.
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<Ben> I guess it's one of those..."I don't know who invented Gin, but I'm so glad they did" moments.
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TeeHeeHee: Q said my house was boobies, or words to that effect
PharaohHound: The moustache is totally boobies
QBUILDERZ: Not just boobies, the best part of the boobies.
QBUILDERZ: You're welcome!
lewjen: o.O
lewjen: 'best part'
SeeMyu: best part of the boobies?
SeeMyu: I thought boobies all together were the best?
PharaohHound: It's hard for me to pick a favourite part
SeeMyu: the best of the best? :P
QBUILDERZ: * The best individual part of the boob, assuming said boob was in parts
QBUILDERZ: There -- pendanticism for clarity :P
PharaohHound : You cut the boob up?
PharaohHound : is confused
QBUILDERZ: No, no, I didn't cut the boob up, It was already in par-...
TeeHeeHee: lets not consider this in too much detail
QBUILDERZ: The tits are the best part of the boob. FACT.
PharaohHound : How was it in parts?
TeeHeeHee: just wants to enjoy a whole boob
QBUILDERZ: Of course! We all want to enjoy said "full" boob
PharaohHound: Or do you mean in the sense that they're all attached, but we're considering them individually?
QBUILDERZ: But your house isn't the boobs, it's the tits
lewjen: Monoboob for all!
QBUILDERZ: The best indivi- I give up.
QBUILDERZ: You're house is crap.
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<elpemmy> ahh fuck I HATE VECTORS
* elpemmy is now known as mathsingemmy
<mathsingemmy> "The point C lies on l and is such that OC is perpendicular to l" Well that's just freaking great BUT I CAN'T DO THIS
<CN> what's wrong with it?
<mathsingemmy> How am I supposed to find the point C?
<CN> does it give a drawing?
<mathsingemmy> no
<CN> l is just a line and O is the origin?
<mathsingemmy> just an equation
<mathsingemmy> yup
<mathsingemmy> the equation for line l is r=(i + 7j -5k) + n (3i -j + 2k)
<mathsingemmy> where n is a variable
<CN> oh, just draw it then
<mathsingemmy> it's 3 dimensional!
<CN> yep
<CN> be glad it's not 4 dimensional!
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<jhd1189> Whoops. Did I miss the deadline for Q's thing?
<SeeMyu> Still have 19 hours :)
<jhd1189> Ah. All I could find was "August 5th, Hawaiian time"
<jhd1189> Thanks :)
<SeeMyu> lol, no problem :)
<whiterider> Hawaiian time? Er, why?
<PharaohHound> Date line?
<PharaohHound> Maybe Q just wishes he were in Hawaii
<jhd1189> He picked it in luau of a better time zone, I guess
* PharaohHound groans
<jhd1189> :D
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<HystericalParoxysm> Also I should go help D hose off the crotchfruit.
<HystericalParoxysm> ... by which I mean our children, not his testicles.
<jhd1189> ........................................................
<lidiqnata> hey what happened to MOCCA and LATTE awards?
<Tikva> HP: go on, hose his testicles too
<Tikva> I drank them
<Tikva> ...the MOCCA and LATTE awards that is
<leefish> uhuh
<leefish> not the juice of the crotch fruit
<SeeMyu> lol
<leefish> Stealinng OJ from little children
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(22:42:18) SeeMyu: -________-
(22:42:33) SeeMyu: Facebook.. how dare you say my profile picture is too small
(22:42:56) SeeMyu: What.. need bigger profile pictures to satisfy your pleasures?
(22:43:01) SeeMyu: I see
(22:43:11) SeeMyu: How ungrateful!
(22:43:59) SeeMyu: I'll just go find someone else who appreciates my profile picture size
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[21:02] <CircusWolf> My room is freezing, this shit is practically singing "Let it go" :P
[21:02] <MrNewbie> I had gastroenteritis for a week once
[21:02] <MrNewbie> sucked
[21:07] <King_Deadly> let it gooooo let it gooo
[21:09] <Nysha> That's one solution