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<&whiterider> Avast! + Malwarebytes + HijackThis! = A chav in a filing cabinet
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[20:59] <Lethe> annnd i'm looking at vibrators
[22:35] <curlybap> for some reason, my head read, "i'm looking at vibrators" in roy from the it crowd's voice
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[17:34] <cthru> SHEESH
[17:34] <cthru> I'm the PROTAGONIST
[17:34] * cthru dramatically waves her hair
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<renske> IN SLO MOE
<renske> err
<renske> could i have misspelled that any more?
<FrenchMaid> Yes
<FrenchMaid> Inn sloe mhoe <--- see?
<renske> ooo frenchie is part welsh
<renske> Inn Sloe Mhoerrfhfffwllkpf. the rrfhfffwllkpf is silent.
<FrenchMaid> That sounded like some sort of long fart to me
<whiterider> * the rrfhfffwllkpf is silent but deadly
<FrenchMaid> XD
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* Database writes the term "pity poker" down.
<Djones> Again, part of life.
<Djones> Database, it -is- a good one, right?
<Database> incredibly
<Database> I may steal it
<Djones> It also lets you say things like "Oh just fucking fold that hand of pity poker, I've got a royal flush of pain and misery that pisses all over your abject social anxiety like a stab in the stomach from a disenfranchised mother."
<Database> ...
* Database writes that down too.
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* SeriousAboutSkillets raises hand
<SeriousAboutSkillets> You forget that I'm cool?
<traelia> >.>
<MagnificentRack> Suuuure you are. You keep on believing! :D
* SeriousAboutSkillets is cooler than the otherside of the pillow
<SeriousAboutSkillets> Okay maybe not with a name like SeriousAboutSkillets >>
<SeriousAboutSkillets> But you get the point!
<adrisole> No, that's kind of ironic chic.
<SeriousAboutSkillets> iron...ic...
<SeriousAboutSkillets> Like Iron Skillet? :D
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<Frenchie> I hope they don't charge me for cancelling a ticket! It wouldn't make sense
<&HystericalParoxysm> No, they usually won't unless you want to rebook without paying full price again
<frazzmeister> doubt it, anyway, telling them is doing them a favour, that way they aren't delaying for someone who's not there, and they can sell your seat to someone trying to get a last minute flight, and then they've been paid twice..
<&whiterider> Three times, since they sell it for twice the price second time round
<frazzmeister> indeed
<frazzmeister> and yet they still charge $10 for the worlds smallest packet of pringles..
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<Ren> J and me drove through a pretzel event
<Ren> not literally through it.
<Ren> but it was in the center of town.
<frazzmeister> there are pretzel events?
<Ren> he says next year I should be Pretzel Queen.
<Ren> it's Luxembourg. They're a silly bunch.
<Ren> Pretzel Saturday. It's a thing, apparently.
<Ren> I'd be a super awesome Pretzel Queen.
<Ren> I can sit on a float and wave.
<frazzmeister> do pretzel squeens get all twisted and bent up?
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> ...why can't i type that?
<frazzmeister> squeens
<frazzmeister> WTF
<Ren> haha
<frazzmeister> QWEEN
<frazzmeister> QUEENS
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[00:53] <@heaven> I hate trying to pick titles.
[00:54] <Bakafox> ...I misread that as "I hate trying to pick titties"
[00:54] * Bakafox may be overly tired
[00:54] <@heaven> If only I could pick titties.
[00:54] <@heaven> I would definitely trade mine in.
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* iDal (daluved1@fd-79E6FEA5.mycingular.net) has joined #supersekritstaffchannel
<iDal> Damnit no lee
<whiterider> She's been bouncing in and out like a spacehopper wearing a strapon the past few days
<whiterider> She'll probably be around later
<iDal> O.O
<iDal> Oh.....
<whiterider> Yeah... I know... I got as far as spacehopper and then it all got a bit weird...
<whiterider> Not my fault...
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<SensuousPear> anyone want a wikihow article on how to fake their own death?
<THH> I'm alright thanks
<whiterider> Been there, done that
<SensuousPear> alright, but if the need arises let me know
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(17:59:23) (Qbuilderz): God. Damn it. My mother made me chocolate fucking pudding. Do you know how infuriating it is to eat only jello and pudding and milkshakes?
(17:59:26) (Qbuilderz): I hate everything.
(17:59:37) (Qbuilderz): All I want is a steak. A big, delicious steak
(17:59:56) (Qbuilderz): NOW. EXCUSE ME while I go and eat my seventh FUCKING BOWL OF PUDDING.
(18:00:05) ChatBot: /nick (Qbuilderz) (Q|EmotionalBreakdown)
(18:02:55) armiel: teethy business.
(18:03:09) Jaguwar: Yeah, I kind of guessed. Poor Q, that's no fun. :(
(18:03:14) Jaguwar: Soon Q, hang in there!
(18:03:21) Jaguwar: brb, time to put the nachos in the oven
(18:03:26) armiel: LOL (18:03:28)
(Q|EmotionalBreakdown): My spoon fell into the pudding. This is just the worst day ever.
(18:03:32) armiel: was that not intentional??!
(18:03:37) armiel: ROFl
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(00:22:57) SeeMyu: The HIIILLLSSS are ALLLIVVE.... with the sound of MUUUSSIIICC
(00:23:05) daluved1: LOL
(00:23:07) SeeMyu: Okay. I really need some sleep
(00:23:10) Fukothepixie: You alright there SeeMyu? :P
(00:23:13) QBUILDERZ: This isn't Austria, Seemyu, get your shit together!
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(23:17:22) spladoum: I proudly admit that once I heard "body hair" and "shower sex," I was totally sold on Gen.
(23:17:34) SeeMyu: LOL Splad
(23:17:45) SeeMyu: Those features are quite nice
(23:17:47) SeeMyu: >:D
(23:18:00) spladoum: To hell with wedding parties. Screw prom.
(23:18:13) spladoum: Rub-a-dub-dub, honey.
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<Nysha> On the one hand, I am glad that I live in a world where I can find vector graphics of pubes on the internet
<Nysha> On the other hand, I am less glad that I have to scroll past my little pony hentai to get to them
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(23:31:07) SeeMyu: Ugh. I hate drunk people.
(23:31:22) SeeMyu doesn't have a good experience with drunk people
(23:37:13) maybesomethingdunno: let me guess....someone has peed on your floor, has passed out in the puddle on the floor, and you're now stomping your feet and waving your hands because they are giving you routing issues. just put your plate or your newborn on the floor next to the person and puddle...then grab a nice book to read.
(23:40:46) SeeMyu: LMAO
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[19:24] HystericalParoxysm: Well, if ya stick with it, take a while to read through Techknitter's stuff. Actually getting all the underlying concepts and stuff is mind-blowing and makes it so much easier to figure out how to do stuff you want to do.
[19:25] PharaohHound: Mmm, I've perused a little bit of their stuff. It's so COOL
[19:25] PharaohHound : :D
[19:26] *leesester: sounds the knitternerd alarm
[19:26] HystericalParoxysm: DEPLOYING COUNTERMEASURES
[19:27] leesester: and now, while the klaxon wails, I shall boogle off to bed
[19:27] *HystericalParoxysm: watches as yarn shoots from the air vents like silly string
[19:27] leesester: :D
[19:27] leesester: lol what
[19:27] PharaohHound: Oooh, yarn!
[19:27] *HystericalParoxysm: gets poison darted in the neck by a flying sock needle
[19:27] *PharaohHound: runs after
[19:28] *PharaohHound: trips over confusing pattern instructions and breaks her leg
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<whiterider> All you need now is an invisible Sex McNutty's rug on the walkway
<heaven> Walkway?
<HystericalParoxysm> You can walk behind the falls.
<heaven> Oooh, that's lovely!
<armiel> I still have it open on a tab cause it's so gorgeous http://25.media.tumblr.com/86ebdb5d44e30dc057cba86ef16aa597/tumblr_mqkeyliIpv1sbkhoko2_1280.jpg
<armiel> ^ HP's pic
<heaven> Wow.
<whiterider> See? Who could resist fucking there
<HystericalParoxysm> Hmm.
<HystericalParoxysm> I'll see if I can make the walkway fuckable.
<HystericalParoxysm> ... um.
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[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> ooh, dwagie
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> *dawgie
[12:42] == PharaohHound [chatzilla@fd-2D5B2429.eastlink.ca] has joined #create
[12:42] == mode/#create [+o PharaohHound] by ChanServ
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> I spy a hound!
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Oui, c<est moi
[12:42] <@armiel> wow that minion is fast
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> I can see her before she arrives in the room!
[12:42] <@armiel> before dawg is on channel
[12:42] <QBUILDERZ> Holy shit.
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Ger.
[12:42] <@PharaohHound> Stupid keyboard
[12:42] <@TeeHeeHee> we're just that in touch
[12:42] * King_Deadly is mind blown
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[23:57] <heaven> My next one is 1,000 though so I kinda feel pressure to make something spectacular.
[23:57] <heaven> Ain't no way Bar Harbor will be done on time.
[23:57] <CircusWolf> :(
[23:57] * CircusWolf waits paitently
[23:57] <Buckley> Yeah, that's a big milestone.
[23:57] <SeeMyu> give them the gift of life
[23:58] <SeeMyu> that's a beautiful gift
[23:58] <SeeMyu> okay yeah, what
[23:58] <heaven> I'm NOT having a baby for tumblr.
[23:58] <King_Deadly> HAHAHAHAHA
[23:58] <Buckley> ROFL!
[23:58] <SeeMyu> :D
[23:58] * King_Deadly cries laughing
[23:58] <CircusWolf> LOL
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[20:50] MrNewbie I decided to have a look at the price of TS3 on Amazon; not too shabby. The highlight though was finding a review that gave the game one star only because the Sims didn't speak English.
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[19:12] XxWashedXUpxX: My sister is too obsessed with her fish.
[19:12] Misty: I think I am finally satisfied with these poses
[19:12] XxWashedXUpxX She had to hurry up and put him inside because it was raining and she didn't want him to get wet. -_-
[19:13] PharaohHound: Your sister was worried that her fish would get wet
[19:14] PharaohHound: Does she know how fish work?
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* Becky eats a chip very very noisely to annoy people. ;)
<Kelly|Mall> Becky... you annoy us anyways. :P
<Becky> i try my best to, kelly. rofl
* SilentPsycho kills Becky with a noisy chip, although how a chip can be noisy, she doesn't know. [Note: SilentPsycho is from England. Chip = Fries]
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<KillerHamster> hello?
<Kelly> Goodbye.
<KillerHamster> why is it so quiet?
<Kelly> Cause it is.
<KillerHamster> oh, rught
<KillerHamster> right*
* KillerHamster (KillerHams@mts2-F262853A.hsd1.nj.comcast.net) Quit (Quit: modthesims2.com)
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<Jimmy> Hi can anyone tell me how to make a outfit in the sims 2 Bodyshop like to put a picture of a one out fit in real life to put it in the gaem
<HystericalParoxysm> Jimmy, look in the Body Shop Skinning tutorials in the Create section.
<Jimmy> um can u please tell how to find it
<HystericalParoxysm> Go look. It's really, really easy to find based on what I just told you.
<Jimmy> ok i go to the create part and then where do i go
<HystericalParoxysm> Read what the links say.
<Jimmy> which link
<Jimmy> thanks for trying to help hystericalparoxysm but i just dno't see it thanks anyway
<HystericalParoxysm> If you'd read what the links say, you'd have found it already. ;)
<Jimmy> what link where is it at thats what i don't gety
<HystericalParoxysm> In the Create section. Either Body Shop Skinning and then Tutorials or just scroll down to Skinning and Clothing Tutorials.........
* HystericalParoxysm sighs and headdesks repeatedly.
<Jimmy> how do i get to skinning
<HystericalParoxysm> Read. The. Links.
<Jimmy> ok but i stiil don't know where to go to get to the links
* HystericalParoxysm has kicked Jimmy from #help (Go outside and play.)