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<ZOMG|Patterns> Why am I singing Christmas Carols to myself?
<frazzmeister> you're seasonally challenged?
<ZOMG|Patterns> Weird
<ZOMG|Patterns> I think I do it a lot, actually, now I think about it.
<ZOMG|Patterns> Like when I want to sing, I think I just mindlessly sing them because I know the lyrics the best.
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[23:59] * Corrie backs away slowly
[00:00] * Gangreless throws cheese at Corrie's ass.
[00:00] <Corrie> hmm, maybe I should get dressed.
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* Greenie has quit (Quit: Greenie|cleaning)
* Greenie (squee@ip98-171-183-249.sb.sd.cox.net) has joined #social
<Greenie> Okay that was stupid.
* Greenie is now known as Greenie|cleaning
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<MobileEmino> Malaysian squat toilets is the aolution to many marital problems that start with toilet seats arguments!
<renske> squatting is NEVER the answer
<Database> I never understood that.
<Database> How hard is it to move the seat?
<frazzZZzz> Squating to poo is healthier...
<renske> but what do you do with your pants
* Database suspects anyone who argues with him abou toilet seat placement will get a raised eyebrow and "move it then!"
<renske> i argued with J that the seat must be down in 3/4 of all toilet situations, and therefor it's more efficient to put it down.
<Sparkle> I use Vista, and can't find it
<Tikva> You can't find the toilet seat?
<renske> vista toilet control?
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<renske> wtf is up with you people and your weird schedules.
<Angel> Didn't you get the memo?
<renske> aw they always 'forget' to send me the memo
<renske> and i made a pie chart and everything!
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<Gangreless> fuck anime
<Gangreless> I'm so glad they relegated it to only one night a week
<Davey> cowboy bebop is fantastic
<Davey> the music is amazing
<Gangreless> I only watch anime if it involves hermaphrodites and tentacle penii.
<Ri> ...
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<Djones> There was a joke to be made.
<Corrie> there was?
* Corrie would like to hear this joke.
<Djones> Yes, a very shakespearean one at that.
<Djones> The faux pretension of gender based humour derived from disguise and conceit.
* Corrie sits in and listens.
<Djones> If you were from the 16th century, you would of pissed yourself into the grave it was that funny.
<Djones> Trufacts.
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<curlybap> You're a real friend, ren. A REAL FRIED.
<curlybap> ...friend.
<whiterider> :D
<whiterider> ..that sounds better if you don't say it out loud
<whiterider> Or worse, depending whose wrench
<curlybap> Yes, yes it does.
<renske> rentchup?
<whiterider> Yes
<curlybap> I'm just trying not to think of -what- the wrench is going up.
<whiterider> It's ketchup, made with boners, especially for ren
* renske gets ready for some mountaineering
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<FurryPanda> a public group is a group at a cafe
<FurryPanda> a private group is a group in a living room
<FurryPanda> a private group becomes public when they go streaking
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[18:24] <Gangreless> there's going to be a hot little vixen brutally murdered, gutted, and skinned, its mangled body left to rot in a ditch...
[18:24] <Gangreless> .. if firefox doesn't stop being so GODDAMNED DOUCHEY
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<Frenchie> I like my vaginas attached to women.
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<Chii> r
<Angel> chii is broken. All she says is r
<Angel> that, or she's become a pirate...
<Jekyll> Chii, are you okay?
<Jekyll> .... maybe she's eating now or something.
<Jekyll> i like the pirate theory, though.
<Angel> is she broken, became a pirate or eating?
<Jekyll> eating broken pirates
<Angel> rofl
<Jekyll> what we hear is -their- scream.
<Angel> hmm... That actually makes a lot of sense
<Angel> thanks Jekyll, i'm suddenly less worried about Chii
<Chii> Ok.
<Angel> oh thank God you're okay Chii. You had me worried.
* Angel suddenly realises she's making convo with a bot. That is...weird...
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<Sparkles> Sparkly sparkly sparkles!
<viromancy> Are we talking mormon vampire sparkles here, or just some sort of spontaneous combustion?
<Sparkle> Neither
<viromancy> Oh pooh. I was hoping for the mormon vampires.
<curlybap> heh
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[23:55] <ChaoticNecrophile> okay, i'm not understanding what the hell i'm supposed to do with the skins for the penis >.>
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02:29 < Chii> you know that stuff you did for me last night?
02:32 < Emino> ...
02:32 < Emino> who did what to you, Chii?
02:32 < Chii> I can't tell you that!
02:32 < Emino> Isit Data, Chii?
02:32 < Chii> French fries of course!
02:33 < Emino> ...
02:33 < Emino> FRENCHIE!!!
02:33 < Chii> :O
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<jhd1189> Ooh, that reminds me... I found my "Confidential" stamp yesterday!
<jhd1189> Not that I actually have any use for it, but I love having one
<fanseelamb> Ooh you should stamp something that you really want someone to read. 'Cause you know they'll read it as soon as they see that stamp.
<NatureDal> Yeah and make it something pointless
<NatureDal> like an old shopping list
<fanseelamb> LOL!
<jhd1189> Heh, that's pretty much all I've ever done with it
<NatureDal> You know what else is fun? A "Void" stamp!
<NatureDal> Imagine being handed something you don't like...like a pink slip
<NatureDal> Just stamp "Void" on it, and hand it back
<whiterider> Whip out your Void stamp, go "Aha!", stamp it and hand it back, smiling
<NatureDal> *nod*
<whiterider> "Oh dear, you'll have to do another one"
<NatureDal> See, white's got the idea
<NatureDal> lol!
<whiterider> And hope they run out of forms before you run out of ink
<jhd1189> Ooh, that's an excellent plan :D
<whiterider> Or you could stamp it over the Blockbuster sticker on DVDs
* NatureDal contemplates running to Office Depot to get her a set of stamps
<whiterider> "You think this belongs to you, Mr Acne-ridden 14 yearold doing a Saturday job? I think NOT!"
<NatureDal> LOL!
<jhd1189> Stamp it over parking tickets and send them back to the police
<NatureDal> You could piss a lot of people off with a void stamp!
<whiterider> lmao
<jhd1189> "I mean, I WOULD pay the ticket, but it's void!"
<NatureDal> rofl!
<whiterider> Speeding tickets too...
<whiterider> And Driving In The Bus Lane When You Are Not A Bus tickets. I learned that trick from my nan.
<jhd1189> "Just a moment officer... ah yes, here we are." *STAMP*
<NatureDal> arrest warrants...
<whiterider> :D
<NatureDal> LOL
<whiterider> Incriminating documents
<jhd1189> Subpoenas...
<NatureDal> photo...
<NatureDal> + s
<whiterider> "I never used that man's credit card, look, the evidence is VOID!"
<jhd1189> Oh yeah, credit card bills!
<jhd1189> *VOID*
<NatureDal> Car notes...
<NatureDal> VOID
<whiterider> And you must slam your fist down on the nearest flat surface every time you say "Void"
<NatureDal> Lol! I've been doing that, too ^
<whiterider> Man, if we lived within 100 miles of each other, we could all get together and make a great YouTube video out of this
<jhd1189> It would be an excellent video too :/
<NatureDal> mmhmm, it'd go viral too
<whiterider> Absolutely
<NatureDal> we'd be youtube stars
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<HystericalParoxysm> When I was in high school, me and a group of friends got in trouble for wearing "Support your local lesbian - eat a beaver!" buttons.
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<Loaf> my tribble needs new batteries =[
<Djones> ...bad gutterbrained daniel
<Lethe> oh i could so read that out of context
<Djones> bad.
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<renske> there are pink things in nature
<renske> like ponies
<renske> ..
<renske> i. am. DUMB.
<renske> strike the ponies, replace with \'flowers\'
<elpemmy> rofl
<elpemmy> Unicorns are pink and white stripes. Like zebras. Only with horns.
* elpemmy nodnod
* renske and elpemmy live in a really speshul world
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<viromancy> Yes, well, I bet harry potter fans aren't even aware they're supposed to be competing against small, prepubescent teenage christian doormats who think castrated Mormon vampires who sparkle are the most scary things of darkness out there.
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<cthru> also, what is a loofah? what's it's use?
<Lethe> it's a back brush
<LeeFish> its a type of sponge
<Lethe> like one of them sponges on a stick
<LeeFish> used for scrubbing bits
<cthru> aaaah
<LeeFish> Basically, her name is scrubber
* Lethe says 'on a stick' in a mexican accent in her head
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<renske> at least i have pizza on the way :D
* Frenchie noms Renske's pizza
<renske> oi
<renske> you eat my food.
<Frenchie> Yes :3
<renske> this is only acceptable to me if 1) we will be sleeping together in the near future, 2) we have slept together in the recent past, or 3) i consider my chances of sleeping with you high to very high.
<renske> i dont think that either of those is applicable.
<Frenchie> But it's Domino's :(
<renske> okay, so how much do you want it?
* renske dangles a slice of pizza in front of frenchie
* Frenchie just pretends he's going to poke Ren's eyes out with his fingers, then grabs the slice of pizza while she flinches
<renske> i wear glasses, you dork.
<Database> ha owned
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<Loaf> what is your queen called?
<Ren|awaaaaay> PIZZAAAA
<Ren|awaaaaay> oh.
<Ren|awaaaaay> Beatrix.
<Ren|awaaaaay> why?
<whiterider> Queen Pizza
<Loaf> because i saved the pic of my queen under 'BADASS LIZ, CRIMEFIGHTER'
<whiterider> I always knew the dutchies were weird
<Loaf> and need something equally epic for your queen
<Djones> Beatrix?
<Djones> Hmm.
<Djones> Badass Liz is a queen with no morals and a score to settle. Beatrix, the falconpuncher is a queen who smokes too much weed. Together they fight crime.
<whiterider> I wish I could draw, I'd make that a weekly comic
<Djones> Beatrix falconpuncher, the third.
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<whiterider> You know, stealing falcons is immoral
<whiterider> And you're likely to get shredded by vicious claws
<whiterider> Or talons
<stealfalcon> it was a TYPO god every 1
<stealfalcon> asks me about that
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<TFrenchie2> So, the bird in my house yesterday... I think it was a bat
<Renske> how could you make that mistake??
<TFrenchie2> Ren, it was small and black
<TFrenchie2> And it flew around
<TFrenchie2> And it was in the dark
<Lethe> ufo?
<Aychpee> Technically, yes.
<ren|awaaay> wiiiings that flap in the niiiiight
* ren|awaaay hums
<Aychpee> Frenchie was invaded by Darkwing Duck?
<ren|awaaay> yes.
<ren|awaaay> or rather, his french uncle
<ren|awaaay> Canard Ailes Noires.
<ren|awaaay> HON HON HON
<ren|awaaay> or rather... LE QUACK