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[19:10] î Djones plays the dataflute
[19:10] <Djones> oh yeah baby
[19:10] î Database is violated in new and unusual ways
[19:10] <CN> you gotta have a really skilled clit to make use of vaginal harps
[19:10] <CN> hello XxWashedXUpxX
[19:10] <Levini> lol
[19:11] <Levini> Apparently Blowing just got a new name :P
[19:11] <Levini> "hey guys Imma play the flute and then go for drinks"
[19:11] <Database> I thought "playing the flute" was always a euphemism for a blowjob
[19:11] <Levini> "anyone wanna join for drinks after flute practice?"
[19:11] <Djones> Shush you
[19:11] î Djones is a flautist.
[19:11] î Djones hates you all.
[19:11] <Levini> Same here Data
[19:12] <Levini> or DJ
[19:12] <Djones> NO.;
[19:12] <Djones> I MEAN
[19:12] <Levini> or DJ/Data Crossbreed
[19:12] <Djones> I REALLY PLAY THE FLUTE
[19:12] <Djones> FOR REALSA
[19:12] <Levini> suuuree
[19:12] <PharaohHound> SURE
[19:12] <Levini> permission to QDB?
[19:12] <SilentPsycho> Hell yes.
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-->| TeeHeeHee (TeeHeeHee@1AB7F211.83C878DC.89DC23C0.IP) has joined #social
[11:22] =-= Mode #social +o TeeHeeHee by ChanServ
[11:22] Aychpee: Hound and THH keep coming in at about the same time.
[11:22] Aychpee hmmmmmms.
[11:22] PharaohHound whistles innocently
[11:22] TeeHeeHee whistles innocently
[11:22] PharaohHound: :D
[11:22] TeeHeeHee: in stereo
[11:22] Aychpee: Okay seriously, two innocent whistles = TOTALLY NOT INNOCENT
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[23:13] <&Nysha> I dreamt that there were mad swordsmen invading the house and I hid in the attic, and then couldn't get back out
[23:13] <&Nysha> But that's probably not relevant to ads
[23:13] <leefish> That was life in the UK
[23:13] <leefish> It happened. Not an ad.
[23:14] <PharaohHound> Those pesky British swordsmen
[23:14] <&Nysha> No hon, I'm in the SOUTH
[23:14] <leefish> ah, so pretty boy swordsmen
[23:14] <leefish> Not PROPER ones
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<Database> so
<Database> universe is fucked, clearly
<Nysha> As long as the universe is enjoying itself
<Database> oh, quite
<Database> this is clearly mutually consensual and enjoyable fucking
<Database> ...
<Database> which gives a new meaning to "parallel universe."
<Nysha> :D
<Nysha> Or possibly
<Nysha> Perpendicular universe
<Database> upside down against the metaverse wall?
<Nysha> Also an option
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[09:19] *PharaohHound wonders which HP is the real HP
[09:19] HystericalParoxysm: Oh, I must've left the laptop on.
[09:20] HystericalParoxysm: They're both me.
[09:20] PharaohHound: Oh good. I was just about to throw a dildo at one of them and see what happened
[09:20] HystericalParoxysm: We'd probably fight over it.
[09:21] PharaohHound: HP fighting with herself over a dildo. I would pay to see that
[09:22] HystericalParoxysm: Yeah you know it would pretty much just be porn after the first 2 minutes, right?
[09:22] PharaohHound: Ouais
[09:22] PharaohHound: :D
[09:22] Frazzmeister hence the payment.
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<Nysha> btw kitty, you don't have a ball gag on your amazon wishlist do you? I have one in my favourites called "kitten" and am trying to work out whose it is
* kitty is utterly speechless.
<Nysha> So you already have a ball gag, mkay
* Nysha ticks off the list
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[01:35am] <Delphy> I can supply you with much hentai goodness.
[01:35am] <Delphy> Games, anime, manga... all for one low low price
[01:36am] * Delphy ... digital pimp, hard at work. :)
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[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Do you see the "Downloads" link on the left hand side.
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» Start there.
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » wait
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » ya
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » but i also see a link in red at the top of the page
[3:32pm]«@ Delphy» http://sims2pack.modthesims2.com/index.php?page=3
[3:32pm]« keana » what are yall talking about
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » nothing
[3:32pm]« keana » huh
[3:32pm]« emilyhasarat » i need to get rid of some hacks
[3:33pm]« keana » what
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» keana, please shush.
[3:33pm]« keana » no
[3:33pm]«@ Delphy» If you don't I'll *make* you shush.
[3:33pm]« emilyhasarat » do i need to go to that link or something?
[3:33pm]« keana » no you want
[3:34pm]« emilyhasarat » can i get help with the clean installer?
[3:34pm]« keana » i dont know
[3:34pm] Delphy sets mode: +b *!*keana@*.phil.east.verizon.net
[3:34pm]«@ Delphy» Yes you WILL shut up keana.
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<Emm> I need a new idea for a movie...something funny
<SilentPsycho> Someone de-evolving Bush?
<Emm> i have a funny one called DanceDAnce, but I'm regreting not putting the grim reaper in it
<Emm> how would you de-evolve bush?
<SilentPsycho> Easy, take him out of his suit.
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<damato> ok, good. lol. i just can't stop using cheats, lol. im probably not the only one. heheheh.
<Delphy> We have a 12 step program for that
<damato> really
<Delphy> $500 to enrol.
<damato> lol
<damato> your kidding, right?
<damato> im pretty gullible, lol XD
<Lethe> I see sarcasm is an acquired taste
<damato> no, i hate sarcasm. I am not being sarcastic.
<Lethe> we are, though :) a lot
<damato> so to use this 12 step program to help stop using cheats, i would have to pay $500?!
<damato> *mouth drops* is there like a preview of it, lol :P
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[03:19] MANDY_CAKES: If you delete errors I guess you get a non erroring game.
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* Jon would like to see the Borg do battle with the Ewoks.
<Jon> I've already established that the Enterprise would kick the Death Star's ass, but as far as races...definately Ewok Vs. Borg.
<Jon> The Borg are all cyborg-ish and all, but I doubt they could resist the urge for deep fried teddy bear.
<Jon> The entire Collective would descend upon that tiny little workd chanting, "Southern comfort food, southern comfort food. We are the Borg. We will add your greens and your okra to our own."
<Jon> The Cube would land and turn into a giant Dilithium Crystal power grill and the Borg and the Federation would have a massive backyard barbecue.
<Jon> And Worf would be running around hunting Ewoks with his Bat'leth.
<Jon> Screaming, "Come back! It is a good day to die!"
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* LlamaLu442 lends beppo battle llama
<LlamaLu442> U need a llama spear?
<HystericalLlama> War llamas? Nooooo.
<HystericalLlama> Llamas are for cuddling!
<HystericalLlama> Llamas are not for fighting!
<LlamaLu442> But But
<Llama101> You can be the 4 llamas of the alpacalypse
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[01:54pm] <hiddensmoke> i took an exam today in english and i had to write an essay on romeo and juliet
[01:54pm] <hiddensmoke> i wrote it like irc
[01:54pm] <Kelly> like irc?
[01:54pm] <hiddensmoke> Romeo- ZOMG!
[01:54pm] <hiddensmoke> Juliet- I LOVE YOU!
[01:55pm] <outtis> :E
[01:55pm] <outtis> I hope you fail
[01:55pm] <hiddensmoke> Romeo- Lets get married Foolishly
[01:55pm] <Zepherian> Romeo - I si queer
[01:55pm] <Zepherian> Juliet - I si suicide
[01:55pm] <hiddensmoke> Juliet- BRILLIANT
[01:55pm] <outtis> Julit - I know you hax
[01:55pm] <outtis> *juliet
[01:55pm] <outtis> :(
[01:55pm] <Zepherian> romeo - onos! me si suicide too
[01:55pm] <hiddensmoke> Romeo- onos! She art dead!
[01:55pm] <outtis> juliet - /kill
[01:56pm] <hiddensmoke> Romeo- How can i live without the girl i just met!
[01:56pm] <hiddensmoke> *romeo sucisides*
[01:56pm] <hiddensmoke> you get the picture
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--> VoodooChile (VoodooChil@9A740898.A2039443.D3B3644D.IP) has joined #social
<en7en> I'm not just crazy. I'm idiotic too!
<CatRose> me too
<CatRose> let's join hands and do the idiotic dance!
<CatRose> lol
* CatRose slaps CatRose around a bit with a large trout
* en7en tries to grab CatRose's hand, but misses, and falls.
<VoodooChile> christ
<-- VoodooChile (VoodooChil@9A740898.A2039443.D3B3644D.IP) has left #social
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<viromancy> I go away for 5 minutes and I come back to mammaries all overe the place. It's like watching sea-lions flopped out on the shore. There's a constant honking and the desultory floppy reshuffle, but it's tits as far as the eye can see.
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[22:17] =-= SuperFly is now known as Superfly|Chemistry
[22:17] <Anna> chemistry? july 31st? chemistry?
[22:17] * Anna sends Superfly on vacation
[22:18] <HystericalParoxysm> He's just brewing drugs, that's all.
[22:18] <whiterider> He has a crystal meth lab in his secret dungeon
[22:18] <HystericalParoxysm> Well, of course. Why else do you think he was made staff?
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<Vie> eat till your hungry
<Vie> ...
<Vie> when your hungry
#208 · added 9 August 2006 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #social
<SilentPsycho> A toast to bread, for without bread, there could be no toast.
<deadkenny> amen
<SilentPsycho> To bread!
<deadkenny> to bread
<deadkenny> andtoast
<deadkenny> and beer
<SilentPsycho> And the ability to toast to bread
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--- Delphster is now known as InfiniDelphy
* Anna licks InfiniDelphy
<SilentPsycho> Do I want to ask Delphy?
<InfiniDelphy> Infinity Combat Prototype
<P-epsi> how's coke today?
<Anna> mmmmm
<InfiniDelphy> aka naked mud wrestling
<Anna> wow
<SilentPsycho> Ahhh.
<cokenasmile> coke is reading popular mechanics :)
<SilentPsycho> That's not as interesting as naked mud wrestling
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<Pfhoenix> well, it's not that bad with the old hand, I just cant hold very heavy things in it.. I basically shattered the 4th and 5th metacarpal.. (ring and pinky bone) in my hand...
* Pfhoenix smiles remembering how she did it... Ahhh, violence.
<Bunny> My handwriting is hideous, I type everything I can
<SilentPsycho> What did you do?
<Pfhoenix> well, I was drunk...
<whiterider> And she's still more dangerous than kicking a rhino...
<Pfhoenix> and got in a fight with an oak door.
<Bunny> and therefore invincible
<Pfhoenix> and the door kinda kicked my ass.
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<curlybap> urgh, theres a guy in my class keeps saying how much he's looking forward to christmas and counting down the eggs
<curlybap> eggs?
<curlybap> *days
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* Lolli has a shiney halo because she's so innocent :D
* Pfhoenix polishes her horns
<Pfhoenix> speaking of polishing a horn.
* Lolli is surrounded by a devine light, and has flying angels and grapefruits around her.
#336 · added 5 November 2006 · vote up / 3 / vote down - from #social
<curlybap> i c\an't even remember the dong
<curlybap> *snog
<Safyre420> lol
<curlybap> *soing
<whiterider> *song
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* Kelly lick bunny
<Bunny> there you are!
<Bunny> I told P-epsi ALL about you know what
<Bunny> I'm kidding XD
<SilentPsycho> Ooo? Gossip?
<Kelly> GAH
<Kelly> Wench
<Kelly> lol
<Bunny> Im just teasing her
* Bunny giggles
<Kelly> Wench!!!
* Kelly licks Bunny
<Bunny> don't lick me!
* Bunny scrubs herself
<Kelly> rofl
<Arch> Hello Kelly
<Kelly> Hi Arch
* Bunny knows something
* Bunny points at Kelly
<Kelly> Shush woman
<Bunny> but..but
<Bunny> oh ok
<Kelly> rofl
<SilentPsycho> Teeelllllll meeeeeeee!
* Bunny cackles
<Bunny> muahahaha
* Kelly licks Bunny all over as payback
<Bunny> dude thats weak
<Bunny> and disgusting
* Kelly sniggers
<tmm> *all* over?
<Kelly> Bunny... at least I swallowed first, otherwise it could be far worse... >:D
<Bunny> shes being nasty
<Bunny> dude thats worse
<Bunny> it means it went in your mouth
<Kelly> Yup. XD
<Bunny> you coulda done a courtesy divert
<Bunny> or something...
<Bunny> XD
<Kelly> roflmao
<SilentPsycho> ...You two are starting to scare me.
<Arch> I'll pretend I'm not here...