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<cthru> @^^% ?
<Chii> #£$%#~£~!#%^
<cthru> !@#^%$$!@$
<Chii> ~$~$$~@#!%@£^££!@
<Lethe|Bloggy> ..
<cthru> ^&^$$#@*(((!#$%
<Chii> $*$£~#~@*@#%^!
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[13:22] <CN> so hard to find good angel drawings
[13:22] * Angel (Angel@6CB1063D.9D0500DD.EC9A3C8E.IP) has joined #social
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<LadyFrontbum> Im trying to think of another way of telling preppy to pop more.
<LadyFrontbum> as in the features.
<LadyFrontbum> I feel bad saying the same shit over and over.
<Aychpee> How about... she's got a cute look content-wise and is well presented, but her actual features seem a bit soft and generic - try a little more work with the sliders to make her facial features more unique - perhaps find a picture of a real person to model some of her features off of, to create a more distinctive and realistic look.
<LadyFrontbum> you are good at this.
<LadyFrontbum> lol
* LadyFrontbum copies and pastes.
<LadyFrontbum> BAM
<Aychpee> ohhh yeah, reject that sim, reject her hard!
<LadyFrontbum> lmao
<LadyFrontbum> Yeah she likes that.
<LadyFrontbum> *sleazy look*
<Aychpee> Oh yes you're a naughty little pudding aren't you? I'm gonna hack your sliders all. night. long.
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<frazzmeister> if you try to kill someone with the power of your mind, and you suceed.. is it murder?
<frazzmeister> coz.. it's not like you'd be expecting it to actually work, unless you were insane...
<frazzmeister> I mean, if it were even possible to prove..
<frazzmeister> if you DID think it was going to work, would you get off on insanity, or not because you were right and thus not insane... even though that's insane?
<frazzmeister> this sort of thing keeps me awake at night..
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<Aychpee> You have a bit of bush sticking into your garage though. ;)
<Aychpee> (That sounds dirty...)
<armiel> haha, i'll move it a little bit
<Flabaliki> its funny, cause even if that was intended to be dirty, it doesnt make any sense :P
<DaveyDaVinci> I think it could mean that your hair is growing into your vagina?
<DaveyDaVinci> Idk
<Flabaliki> lol
<DaveyDaVinci> *Does not know much of female anatomy, nor sexual euphamisms*
<Aychpee> I guess if it got really long...
<Flabaliki> eeew
<DaveyDaVinci> Then you could braid it.
<LadyFrontbum> or if you were tribbing.
<LadyFrontbum> *cough*
<DaveyDaVinci> Wtf is tribbing
<DaveyDaVinci> Seriously.
<DaveyDaVinci> Aussie speak >_<
<LadyFrontbum> scissoring.
<Aychpee> Ahahaha
<Flabaliki> rofl
<LadyFrontbum> lmao
<Aychpee> I prefer "bumping clams"
<DaveyDaVinci> >_<
<LadyFrontbum> lol
<Aychpee> Which is to say I prefer the -term-...
* Aychpee coughs
<armiel> ok, no sticky bushes anymore
* Aychpee cacklesnorts
<LadyFrontbum> HAHA
<Aychpee> I'm sooo 12 at heart
* Aychpee goes back to work on pennisland
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<SilentPsycho> I got bored earlier and tried to imagine what an icecube up the twat would feel like, but it kept melting in the hot tub before I could put it in.
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<whiterider> rofl
<whiterider> Someone added a bunch of running mascaras to the Marriage & Weddings section of the contentlists
<whiterider> That's telling...
<Sparklycookie> o___O
<Sparklycookie> Where where ehere?
<Sparklycookie> Aww, not as funny as I thought
<Sparklycookie> I imagined a load of mascaras with arms and legs running though the page
<Sparklycookie> Now THAT would have been funny
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<weeble> AAAAAAH internet knitters are trying to make me have buttsecks!
<weeble> oh. wrong channel.
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<FurryPanda> hi all
<whiterider> Heya Panda
<FurryPanda> how are you?
<whiterider> Feeling oddly productive. You?
<FurryPanda> feeling pleasantly vegetative
<whiterider> We go tooogether, like...
<FurryPanda> parasitic symbionts?
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<fanseelamb> hi mikey!
<mikey> hiya Fansee
<mikey> nightmare time again?
<daluved1> hehehe when I was little, nightmares was what we called sex when my friends and I played with our barbies
<fanseelamb> o.O
<fanseelamb> you are an odd duck, dallyllama <3
<daluved1> Well you sure as hell didn't want to be caught saying sex when you're 9
<fanseelamb> lol!
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<Sheldrake> Where the fuck am I supposed to get $89.99 + S&H?
<Renske> Sex and Help?
<Renske> those ARE the two things you need the most.
<Sheldrake> And how am I supposed to get it when I only have $40.04 in the bank and no income until october or november?
<Sheldrake> >.<
<Sheldrake> No, shipping and handling, silly
<Renske> and 89.99 isnt much for a hooker.
<Renske> you're shipping a hooker?
<Renske> arent there any local ones?
<Sheldrake> Piss off, I'm in a glass cage of emotion right now
<miniemmy> also paying someone else to handle a hooker seems sort of counter intuitive
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* fanseelamb gets video camera and instructs Loaf & Irrelephant to commence the show
<Loaf> rofl
<Irrelephant> Xxzxcuzx
<Irrelephant> Ok.
<Irrelephant> good enough for me.
<fanseelamb> haha :D
<Irrelephant> Also.
<Irrelephant> No.
* Loaf crosses 'exhibitionism' off the kink list
<fanseelamb> LOL
<Irrelephant> bugger.
<Irrelephant> are you using pen or pencil for that crossing out?
<Loaf> :P
<Irrelephant> Just so I know.
<Irrelephant> Because i have *sunglasses*
<Irrelephant> a rubber.
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<renske> hp, you DO know that J is ambitious, dedicated and a real go-getter, yes? :D
<renske> after each orgasm he asks 'ok, now are you REALLY satisfied?'
<renske> \o/
<renske> now i am done bragging.
<HystericalParoxysm> Are there spreadsheets where he has you rate his performance on several key criteria, and then he graphs his improvement over time?
<renske> zomg hp he would totally get off on that.
<renske> i would pin them over the headboard and point at them during sex..
<renske> ok so now i need a blackboard and a pointing laser.
<renske> OR touch-sensitive bedding that makes a winamp-visualization-like image of the sex.
<renske> also a touch sensitive couch
<HystericalParoxysm> And whale sounds.
<renske> HUMPback whales?
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<LinuxFrenchie> I forgot how to get that azerty kb layout
<LinuxFrenchie> Dqmmit
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<renske> if you hang them near a radiator they take on a very lifelike temperature
* renske nodnods
<renske> but after some use you have to get their joints retightened.
<Omini> i must try that with mine
<renske> because they wont hold their positions as well.
<Omini> er
<Omini> i mean
<Omini> i must... remember that should i ever come across one
<Omini> er... bad use of wording
<Omini> should i ever see one
<renske> and then come across it.
<renske> on her forehead
<Omini> nah on her tits
<renske> and then smudge it a bit with your thumb
<renske> going 'SIIIIIMBAAAA'
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<lew|Away> woooaaah
<lew|Away> my hands are really veiny
<HitFish> yup yup
<HitFish> manly hands
<HitFish> or too much squeezing....
<lew|Away> omg
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> Squeezing what, exactly?
<lew|Away> ...
<HitFish> indeed
* HitFish waggles monobrow
<Cookiemonster> Actually, with Lew, I have a good idea what
<lew|Away> you sure you wanna know?
<HitFish> We guessed
* Cookiemonster waggles eyebrows
<lew|Away> http://s865.photobucket.com/albums/ab218/Zmobie_Pikz/?action=view¤t=modernlot11.jpg
<Cookiemonster> You squeezed the lot?
<lew|Away> ...
<lew|Away> it's something called a cock
<lew|Away> you heard of one of those?
<lew|Away> lol
<Cookiemonster> TMI Lew
<HitFish> tell me thats white paint on those walls
<HitFish> and on that note........
* Cookiemonster ROFLs
<Cookiemonster> Niiiiice
<lew|Away> oh my
* HitFish scurries off
<lew|Away> if a man could produce that much... um... he'd deserve a medal :O
<Cookiemonster> XDDDDDDD
<whiteybook> No he wouldn't
<whiteybook> He'd deserve a clip round the ear and a bottle of washing powder
<HitFish> yea, its a small pic
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<rens|awaaay> did your country piss of god?
<rens|awaaay> *off
<rens|awaaay> piss of god.. D:
<whiterider> This time I went with very waterproof boots with terrible grip = cold thighs
<rens|awaaay> Holy Jarate.
<frazzmeister> yes. we did, but the droughts. floods, fires, heat, and cyclones are usually enough
<rens|awaaay> so now you've collected them all! \o/
<TipsyPsycho> ...I read that as <renske> did your country piss gold?
<frazzmeister> it used to piss gold, actually.
<rens|awaaay> that would seriously mess up the sewage system.
<frazzmeister> half the blood country is flooded too atm...
<frazzmeister> *bloody
<frazzmeister> place near where my mum lives, got almost a years rainfull in 24 hours.
<TipsyPsycho> Austrailia, the land covered in blood and gold!
*** ChocolateCake has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<frazzmeister> *rainfall
* TipsyPsycho prospects in frazzy's mine.
<rens|awaaay> ö
<rens|awaaay> so... it's yours now?
<TipsyPsycho> I can sharee if you pay rental fees.
<rens|awaaay> i dont think i am comfortable with you pimping out frazzy's mine.
<TipsyPsycho> But it's such a good mine!
* frazzmeister pushes you both down an opal mine and goes to the pub.
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<Qborg> Okay, I will have to read this all first then
<HugeLunatic> And eat cookies while reading
<Qborg> My mother puts alcohol in her cookies and then doesn't let me eat them. I used to just take them, but now she numbers the bags so I can't get away with it.
<HugeLunatic> rofl
<whiterider> :/
* Qborg leads an unfortunate and cookie-less life
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<Ren> pishing is the art/hobby of catching fish by peeing on them, stunning them.
<Ren> it's a very male-dominated sport.
<Bakafox> I dunno Ren, apparently women have won several pissing contests at the chili cookoff south of here
<gelis> catching fish by peeing?
<Ren> where I come from the 'ooh what shall we do today I KNOW LET'S PEE ON THINGS' is a very male thing.
<Bakafox> usually is here too, but apparently women can dominate when they decide they'd like to pee on things too
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<Ren> like... does a 2d octopus also need 2 legs? or 4?
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<lioness> Ah, Steam. The only thing named after what it runs on. Installing Skyrim took six hours from putting the disk in the drive.
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* Bakafox decides to cram many rabbitholes into the lot and then just test for lag
<Bakafox> it's a small world.. so may not be so bad
<ForeverCamp> It's a world of laughter, a world of tears...
<ForeverCamp> It's a world of hopes and a world of fears...
<Bakafox> a world of PIRATES
* Bakafox makes Camp walk the plank
<Bakafox> (this world really makes me miss diving boards)
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(09:00:30) HystericalParoxysm: PDawg likes TNG too. YOU ARE THE CANADIAN ME, AREN'T YOU?
(09:00:37) (PDawg): YUS
(09:00:50) (Enetirnel): Lol
(09:01:10) ChatBot: (PDawg) is now known as (CanadianHP).
(09:01:14) bakafox gnaws on HP's chair leg
(09:01:18) HystericalParoxysm: So what are your thoughts on Voyager? That will prove or disprove that you are somehow my clone.
(09:01:27) (CanadianHP): Uh oh
(09:01:34) (CanadianHP) gulps nervously
(09:01:52) (CanadianHP): I um, think that they could've done a lot more with the concept, but I still enjoy what it ended up being?
(09:02:28) bakafox: >_>
(09:02:41) (CanadianHP) has a feeling she picked the wrong answer
(09:02:41) HystericalParoxysm: Damn. I was really hoping I could've brought you here and we could have made hot clone-on-clone pron. The correct answer was FUCK THAT SHOW, THEY HAD THAT STUPID TUVIX EPISODE AND JANEWAY WAS A BITCH
(09:02:51) (Enetirnel): 8o
(09:02:53) (CanadianHP): lmao
(09:02:58) (CanadianHP): WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS
(09:03:06) HystericalParoxysm: I AM SO DISAPPOINT
(09:03:12) (Enetirnel): CLONE ON CLONE PORN
(09:03:25) ChatBot: (CanadianHP) is now known as (PDawg).
(09:03:45) HystericalParoxysm: Well, I guess we -can- still be friends. D even likes Voyager and I went and married him. Hell, he likes -trance- and I didn't hold that against him. Much.
(09:04:10) (PDawg): You're very sweet that way.
(09:04:34) (PDawg): *Janeway is, damn I can't spell this morning
(09:04:35) HystericalParoxysm: Careful, you're dripping sarcasm onto your shoes.
(09:04:48) (PDawg): Me? Never.
(09:05:00) (PDawg) is an angelic little pup who is never sarcastic
(09:05:18) (PDawg): Can we still make hot porn?
(09:05:29) HystericalParoxysm: Hell yeah
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(10:41:38) Nouk: I like. For sism 3?
(10:41:41) Nouk: Errr Sims 3?
(10:41:56) whiterider: I haven't decided yet :p
(10:42:08) Nouk: Sims 2 and I'll have your Babies.
(10:42:17) whiterider: I'm not sure which I'm more afraid of - making control textures, or making five different colour normal textures
(10:42:21) Nouk: I will deliver them on your doorstep at age 12, knowing Dutch, English and French.
(10:42:34) whiterider: Trained to work in the fields?
(10:43:25) Nouk: I was going to say 'having at least 7 years of private school under their belts' but 'knows what a potato is' is fine too :P
(10:43:40) whiterider: :D
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* HystericalParoxysm cannot stop laughing: http://huntereyessimblr.tumblr.com/post/64980485229/infernalhomo-doctorhortonhearsawho
<armiel> should have known it had something to do with dildos
<HystericalParoxysm> It is kind of my specialty.
<lewjen> HP and dildos again? lol
<lewjen> Is it now at the point where it's just expected that dildos will crop up at some point in staffchat? :P
<HystericalParoxysm> Sure, I just planted a fresh crop of 'em over in the corner.
<armiel> :(
* HystericalParoxysm spends far too long considering what "dildo seeds" would be.
<armiel> but I usually sit/lurk on the corner...
<lewjen> good, because you can keep them warm by sitting on them
<lewjen> ;)
<armiel> thanks.