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* Melpomene has arrived. Prepare to feel miserable, #social
<Delphy> How about... no
* Delphy sets a ban on *!*db51@fd-FB26A026.cos2.cable.ntl.com
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<BoobLoaf> dude, i do not want twigs in my cunt.
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<TFS> We are #social. We are legion. We do not forgive n00bness. We do not forget BOOBIES.
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<dj> You know.
<dj> Canada is hundreds of times the size of england, and has half the population.
<whiterider> So's your face
<Data[BHA]> That's what /she/ said.
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*** Ginolion has joined #social
<Ginolion> hi
<Ginolion> can some one tell
<Ginolion> me how to see my uploads???
<Ginolion> pls
<Ginolion> help me
<Lethe> in your profile?
<ArtsyFrenchie> It's a funny way of typing.
<ArtsyFrenchie> Like a poem
<Lethe> you're a haiku!
<ArtsyFrenchie> Only, you fucked up the rhymes
<Ginolion> thx i ll check
<FurryPanda> no, 4 syllable first line
<ArtsyFrenchie> Can someone tell me/How to see my uploads, please/I am so confused
<Lethe> confused nublets
<Lethe> asking questions
<Lethe> they go away eventually
<Ginolion> i didn t find it
<Ginolion> can you write my steps
<Ginolion> pls
<ArtsyFrenchie> UR MOM HAS UPLOADS/She cannot found them either/She may need some help
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[15:30] <The_French_Sim> Erato... hmmm... "love and erotic poetry"...
[15:32] <The_French_Sim> :| Great, now I imagine her writing porny haikus.
[15:32] <The_French_Sim> "I'm in the mood for/A rough shagging all day long/Do me now baby"
[15:35] <The_French_Sim> "Lie down on the bed/Let me get ready to give/You some long oral"
[15:36] <The_French_Sim> "You're getting hard now/I can see I turn you on/Undress me, silly"
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<Renske> see, if i would come across a bloodstained mudkip, i'd DAMN WELL LEAVE IT ALONE
<Renske> ... wtf?? *book
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<Renske> i dont mind the smell of fresh ball sweat
<TFS|Out> ...
<Renske> what!
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* Renske_ stares at Renske until she gets the hint and leaves
*** renske has quit (Connection reset by peer)
<Lethe> :D
<Renske_> :D
*** Renske_ is now known as renske
<Corrie> i think your staring scared away the ghost of yourself.
<renske> sheesh, it sure takes me a while to get a hint
<renske> i hope so, corrie
<renske> didnt you know? all ghosts can't stand people staring at them
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<Dj|food> Also I just accidentally e-stalked attractive blondes twitter.
<Database> You accidentally her whole twitter?
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[20:59] <writingemmy> You wouldn't believe how weird touching cracks blindfolded is.
[20:59] <renske> especially when your underwear is sliding in there
[20:59] <writingemmy> You have to put your hand all over it.
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<Lethe> so this game is doing it's very best to scare the living shit out of me
<Lethe> it's good at it
<Frenchie> Which game, Lethe?
<Lethe> Bioshock
<Lethe> also, totally love the forties almost communist meets art deco architecture
<Lethe> yes, i just spoke of the architecture in a game about shooting things
* Lethe is such a girl
* Frenchie petpets Lethe
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[20:43] <Jekyll> i can't waste liquids at the moment, sorry
[20:44] <Djones> even salty tears of sadness?
[20:44] <Gangreless> Well I guess masturbating's out of the question.
[20:44] <Jekyll> yeah
[20:44] <Djones> Cn masterbates dry.]
[20:44] <Gangreless> How sad.
[20:44] <Jekyll> i couldn't even go to uni, and i'm nauseated, and i'm hungry, but i can't eat
[20:44] * Jekyll weeps
[20:45] <Jekyll> dry masturbation sounds sad, yeah D:
[20:45] * Djones hugs a CN and provides water
[20:45] <Jekyll> for masturbation?
[20:46] <Gangreless> Water doesn't work very well for masturbation.
[20:46] <Djones> more to replace the moisture lost from weeping, but w/e
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[16:33] <Pescado> That does explain that echo, though.
[16:33] <Gangreless> That's just all the empty space in your head, Pes.
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* Djones licks angel
* ChanServ sets mode +a #social Angel
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to Angel
<Djones> ...my tongue gives ops?
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* SirEmino is now known as em|PRINCE
* whiterider wishes desperately that she had svsnick powerz
<curlybap> Is anyone awake to do a /svsnick change to Emi|queen? :P
<whiterider> Only D and HP can, and they're asleep :(
<renske> i'll just go and wake up J to have sex. HP has a habit of contacting me when i'm... busy.
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<renske> ooh something completely irrelevant
<renske> i saw a documentary yesterday
<renske> about men with realdolls
<renske> one man had 8 of them and dressed them all up and propped them up in chairs for his birthday party
<renske> and then his girlfriend, which he met recently and hadnt told yet about his dolls, came in, saw the dolls and said 'soooo i need a beer'
<Database> lulz
<&HystericalParoxysm> I'd think you'd need something stronger than beer to find your boyfriend and his eight realdolls eating dinner together.
<renske> he jammed whistles and those party flute things in the dolls' blowjob mouths
<&HystericalParoxysm> That may be the saddest thing I've ever heard.
<renske> and in the next scene he was cleaning one of the dolls insides with a toilet brush, saying 'you have to clean them once in a while'
<renske> that is the point where J left
<&HystericalParoxysm> Congratulations. You've actually grossed me out a little.
<renske> hahaha
<renske> VICTORY
<elpemmy> ...that has to be a first.
<renske> and this other guy had to say goodbye to his doll (he only had one) for THREE WHOLE WEEKS and barely survived
<renske> the doll needed work done because her limbs were all floppy
<renske> and when the doll came back he dove into the box and went 'oh welcome home darling i have missed you so much - how was your trip'
<renske> 'i taped the bold and the beautiful for you just like you like it'
<renske> poooooooor guy
<renske> never should've moved out of his mother's basement
<elpemmy> You watch weird TV, Ren.
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[17:25] <elpemmy> Don't go and fill Data with illusions that size doesn't matter. It ttly does. :P
[17:26] <renske> fine i wont fill data
[17:26] <renske> with illusions DAMN ENTER BUTTON HATES ME
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<elpemmy> penis?
<renske> oh why thank you
* renske takes a penis from emmy's serving plate
<renske> tea?
<elpemmy> rofl
<elpemmy> Yes please.
<elpemmy> :D
* renske pours emmy some tea
<elpemmy> (where did I find penises to put on the serving plate?)
<renske> (ur mom?)
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[07:13] <Database> Chii has been shagged?
[07:13] <Chii> Yes.
[07:13] <em|zzz> ahahahahahaha
[07:13] <Chii> you're after my robot bee^*££#@£$~*#*$$
[07:13] <em|zzz> ....
[07:14] <Database> ... XD
[07:14] <em|zzz> data
[07:14] <em|zzz> what have you done to chii this time?
[07:14] <Database> Sexy things.
[07:15] <elpemmy> ...WHAT?!
[07:15] <Database> You helped, Emmy!
[07:15] <em|zzz> Chii, does data forced you?
[07:15] <elpemmy> I never.
[07:15] <Chii> not without lubricant
[07:15] <em|zzz> ...
[07:15] <em|zzz> DATA
[07:15] <Database> ...
[07:15] <em|zzz> SHAME ON YOU!
[07:15] <Chii> :o
[07:15] <Database> Chii, stop lying!
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<&BarbieDal> okay....I have crap in my TS3 game from 1998...
<&Lethe> that's..
<&Lethe> pretty awesome
<&Lethe> when did you invent time travel
<Sparkle> XD
<&BarbieDal> Apparently sometime after ts3 came out :p
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<Chii> yellow, and sometimes blue
<Cookiemonster> Chii, random much?
<darkwytche> O.o
<Chii> Why the hell not.
<Cookiemonster> You're weird
<darkwytche> Precisely Chii
<darkwytche> That is the ansswer to everything 'Why the hell not'
<Cookiemonster> I thought it was 42
<darkwytche> Could be
<darkwytche> Or ice cream
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<renske> does the program come with built-in censoring? like when you try to send an angry email to your ex and shout 'WTF you dirty lying whore, i never want to see your fat ass again' it sends 'i feel hurt at your betrayal. also, you should consider going on a diet.'
<TheKaleb_Simguy228> No.
<renske> aw.
<renske> now THAT would be handy.
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<daluved1> does anyone else have problems getting the top half of peggy's site to load?
<whiteybook> Yes, whenever I go to click the link I'm overcome by a wave of hopelessness and nausea and I rarely get anywhere near the top half of the site
<whiteybook> I mean, um, maybe
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<darkwytche> There is 20cm of snow here and I'm in the South of France
<Sparkle> Lucky
* Pescado shrugs.
<Pescado> So?
<Pescado> That's nothing.
<Pescado> In MY day, we had to WALK to school, through the snow, uphill and against the wind BOTH ways, while the Japanese would try to bomb us!
<Lethe> srsly, you sure you're not delphy?
<Lethe> old geezers, the lot of you
<Angel> nope, he's just Pescado
<Angel> i wonder why he didn't mention his bare feet
<Pescado> It gets too long if I mention all the things.
<Frenchie> Angel: and dinosaurs.
<Frenchie> Pescado probably often got chased by raptors back in the day
<Angel> yeah, and he had tp pay with wooden dollars?!
<Frenchie> He ate them raw.
<Angel> the dollars?
<Angel> Lethe, Delphy doesn't kick and stomp. That's only Pescado
<Lethe> he nags about 'in his day' though :)
<Angel> yeah, he's ancient you know
<Angel> we might have a room free for him in the nursing home
<Pescado> Delphy's not in the best shape. I imagine he'll end up in a nursing home first despite the lead I have on him.
<Pescado> Whereas me? NEVAR!
<Pescado> My people don't believe in nursing homes, we just let them die.
<Angel> Pes, you know i'm always helping you pee
<Angel> every damn day
<Pescado> Bringing me my vodka does not count as helping me pee.