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<frazzmeister> im a duck
<whiterider> Do you mean dick? =P
<frazzmeister> yes
<frazzmeister> yes i do
<frazzmeister> i am a dick
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<jammy945> My Laptops Shit To My Sims Game ONly Runs Fast Cause I ONly hAVE 3 gAMES On At A Time Sims 2 Sims 2 Open 4 Buissness And Pets
<HP|Skintone> Why Do You Type Like This?
<HP|Skintone> Are You a Newspaper?
#838 · added 29 September 2007 · vote up / 19 / vote down - from #social
<SilentPsycho> I'm being evil and laughing at my self-sim's predicament
<SilentPsycho> She wandered onto a brothel business I was making
<SilentPsycho> Hence the fact she's now a single working mum of twins.
<SilentPsycho> Does not bode well for my own future
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<ChocolateCake> Okay, I need some smart-ass things to put under "hobbies" for this information sheet...
<ChocolateCake> Anyone got any?
<Nouk> sitting
<SilentDrying> HP said something about it wasn't pruning properly or something
<ChocolateCake> Good one
<SilentDrying> Anime
<annay49> Typing
<Nouk> pointing
<ChocolateCake> That's not what I was looking for, SP :P
<Nouk> pointing inapropriately
<SilentDrying> Writing fake answers to stupid questions
<ChocolateCake> Rofl, Nouk
<annay49> I need some too but I need them in french
<Nouk> XD
<curly|php|bap> lol, photo...
<Jessica> lol i didnt even realize i still had it on
<photo> lol
* Jessica blames Delphy
<Nouk> jeessica
<SilentDrying> Annoying people
<Nouk> yes
<SilentDrying> Worshipping Lilith
<Nouk> blaming Delphy
<ChocolateCake> Blaming Delphy!
<Nouk> laming Canada
<SilentDrying> Lilith Pleasent.;)
<SilentDrying> Bush-bashing
<Jessica> yes Canada is to blame too
<bene> !cookie
* Chii passes bene a cookie :)
<Nouk> eating can i has cheesburghahr
<bene> WOOT
<SilentDrying> Paint-drying-watching
<Jessica> but its mostly Delphy
<bene> what did Delphy do?
<Nouk> Delphy did it all
<bene> xD
<Nouk> he took bene
<bene> :o
<SilentDrying> Delphy caused the fall of Man
<bene> he took Benny_Boy
<Nouk> Delphy made Pescado do thing with himself
<bene> now Bene took his place :D
<bene> o.o\
<Nouk> Delphy fed bene banana's and cheesebrugers
<SilentDrying> Delphy caused a star to implode
<SilentDrying> Delphy fired the Death Star
<Nouk> Delphy invented MacDonalds
<Nouk> and Iran
<Jessica> Delphy's going to kill you all
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<renske> i can send smileys and pictograms with my new phone.
<renske> it's very spiffy.
<renske> it's like CLIPART
<renske> on my PHONE
<renske> what's NEXT?!
<frazzmeister> 1998.
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[21:59] Dil161: damn what the hells wrong with you people
[21:59] HystericalParoxysm: Oh, so very many things.
[21:59] HystericalParoxysm: kathy's got a rotten crotch...
[21:59] HystericalParoxysm: I'm a dirty old man stuck in a hot chick's body...
[21:59] HystericalParoxysm: missangelica's chock full of bullshit and sarcasm...
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HystericalParoxysm: So, Jon, what brand of tampon do you prefer?
Jon: You know HP, it's funny you should ask that. I actually do have a preferred brand..although I've never used one. :P
HystericalParoxysm: Is that so, Jon? What brand?
HystericalParoxysm: And why?
Jon: Kotex all the way. :P
willow: why?
Jon: Um...
* Jon would rather not share the why part. :P
* Lethe is intrigued
willow: how come?!
Anna: Jon haves fun putting them in water and watching them POP
HystericalParoxysm: lol
Lethe: they probably have the nicest add or something
Jon: No, it's not that.
willow: what then?
Jon: I dunno, their commercials tout the whole gentle glide thing, so if I were a woman...I think that feature would be appealing to me. XD
Anna: rofl
* HystericalParoxysm cackles madly.
Lethe: :)
willow: right...............
HystericalParoxysm: You're so cute, Jon.
* HystericalParoxysm huggles Jon
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[00:06] <antovegarci> PIG
[00:06] <igit> o.O
[00:06] <antovegarci> TAIL
[00:06] <igit> what?
[00:06] <antovegarci> PIG
[00:06] <antovegarci> PIG
[00:06] * antovegarci (antovegarc@46E8B744.5435E3F2.A2F5672.IP) has left #social
[00:07] <igit> o.O
[00:07] <igit> what was that all about?
[00:07] <frazzmeister> craves bacon, i guess.
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* pompom has joined #social
<frazzmeister> not that i have a legion of blind horny pixel moneky minions hidden in my basement......
<frazzmeister> ..wrong window....
<frazzmeister> G'day pompom....
<frazzmeister> ignore me, im not right..
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<Stormy> I don't want to be immortalized in Delphy's quote database
<Tikva> ...sucker :D
#869 · added 17 October 2007 · vote up / 18 / vote down - from #social
<SirEmino> first of all, i would NEVER have buttsecks
<SirEmino> even with a girl... coz thats just wrong
<Greenie> ... Girls.. Uh.. Dont have dicks?
<SirEmino> imagine your man-thingy fills with shit
<SirEmino> Greenie, i mean guys behind girls
<Greenie> Man-thingy...?
<Greenie> What, the fuck Emi?
<Greenie> You mean penis, yah?
<SirEmino> think greeneh, think!
<SirEmino> mhmm
<Greenie> SAY THE WORD.
<Targ> I think hes trying to use a euphemism for penis
<Greenie> PENIS.
<Targ> :p
<SirEmino> NO!
<Greenie> Penis, Emi! Penis!
<SirEmino> dammit grenie, that would gave me mental images
* Targ flashes emino again
<Greenie> Emi. Say penis. Nowwwww.
<SirEmino> lets just say curry hotdog... and i dont want curry hotdog!
* Greenie pokes Emi with a random hobo's penis.
<Greenie> Say it.
<Greenie> ^-^
<SirEmino> neba
<Greenie> No penis?
<Greenie> <SirEmino> Penis!
<SirEmino> http://img402.imageshack.us/img402/7413/previewpf3.jpg
<SirEmino> i want that :(
<Greenie> Is it a penis?
<Greenie> Do you not have a penis?
<Greenie> Penis?
<SirEmino> i haveit
<Greenie> You have what?
<SirEmino> i dontwantmentalimagesofit
<Jessica> penis?
<Zicon> I like penis.
<Jessica> whats wrong with penis?
<Greenie> Nothing is wrong with penis.
<Greenie> Its just Emi obviously does not have one.
<Jessica> he pissed off the wrong person?
<SirEmino> i hate you greenie :P
<Greenie> I hate you too.
<Greenie> Now.
<Greenie> Say penis.
<SirEmino> NUUUU!
<Greenie> If you say penis, we shall know you have one. If you dont, you are a woman.
<Greenie> We shall call you Emina.
<SirEmino> define -we- :P
<Greenie> Which is similar to enema.. So, I would suggest saying penis.
<SirEmino> pee-niece
<SirEmino> happy?
--> FurryPanda (FurryPanda@mts2-2069562F.hsd1.md.comcast.net) has joined #social
<Zicon> No.
<Greenie> No, peeing on your nieces is not nice.
<Greenie> Not nearly as nice as penises, anyway.
* FurryPanda is now known as IntermittentPanda
<Zicon> Penises are awesome.
<IntermittentPanda> what did i walk into?
<Greenie> Penises.
<Greenie> :]
<IntermittentPanda> but no one here has one big enough to walk into...
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[12:41] <Zicon> Pff, I wish I had a penis.
[12:42] <Tyler> I wish I had a vajayjay.
[12:42] <Stormy> well now we know what to get you next year for xmas
[12:42] <viromancy> Vajayjay? Is that an Indian name?
[12:43] <viromancy> I'm sure I went to college with a Vajayjay. Vajayjay Patel. Did applied chemistry
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* djones throws cazzy a / and throws her onto HystericalParoxysm
<Cazzy-Tchan> ...why am I being thrown onto poor unsuspecting Aychie?
<curlybap> ...righto
<HystericalParoxysm> Chatterbowling.
<HystericalParoxysm> It's the new thing.
* HystericalParoxysm topples obediently.
<Cazzy-Tchan> <3
<djones> yay, STRIKE
<Cazzy-Tchan> it's a STRIKE!
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<curlybap> and i've got a bit of crunchy stuck in my keyboard :(
<curlybap> ...off to find a toothpick.
* curlybap is now known as curly|awshit
<whiterider> lol
<whiterider> Just turn it upside down and shake it, noob
<X> curly you could try using a tweezer (sp?)
<curly|awshit> ...i've lost it now white... i think it's under the space bar :(
<whiterider> ...Just turn it upside down and shake it, noob :p
<X> again use the tweezer
<curly|awshit> awcrap
<curly|awshit> leveredthespacebaroff
<Angel> rofl
<whiterider> rofl
<curly|awshit> ...gotthehoneycombthough
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<Lethe> why do we always end up in conversations about the weight of our boobs?
<Database> We're #social.
<Database> It's what we do.
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<Loaf> those bricks are all individually sims2packed
<Loaf> i hate it when people do that with walls
<longdaysend> each individual brick?
<longdaysend> ...i just said something stupid
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<-- frazzmeister has quit (Quit: ingthet ie pie? thats yum i should et somthing and drink some water befroe i pass out in a ditch, MUHAIMIN. something else, something else.... i am gex,... hi deej,... and.... kittunz.)
<SilentHM> Hehehehehe
<whiterider> :(
<whiterider> She was gone too long
<whiterider> I can't translate "ingthet"
<SilentHM> Yep, but now she's back
<djones> heh
<whiterider> I need to practise my translation skillz
<djones> took her a while to say hi :p
<SilentHM> I think that's 'Is that the pie?'
<whiterider> Might be..
<djones> no
* whiterider pokes x_X. QDB!
<djones> no way theres a typo of is in there
<whiterider> ie
<SilentHM> The I at the beginning
--> Sesshomaru (chatzilla@fd-CB34EDD4.dynamic-dialup.coretel.net) has joined #social
<Sesshomaru> Hi.
<whiterider> Either, really. Syntax becomes irrelevant.
<whiterider> Hi Sess
<djones> yes but the next 4 letters are no where near s
<HystericalParoxysm> Maybe "getting the pie?"
--- GS|Sheeping is now known as GS|Finds
<whiterider> She missed the space dj
<SilentHM> Wanting that pie?
<HystericalParoxysm> Or "I'm getting the pie?"
--- HystericalParoxysm has changed the topic to: Today on #social: Translating Drunkspeak into English.
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<Sparkle> What are next door DOING? They've been banging and crashing and drilling all day
<Frenchie> Sex, computing on Windows ME and searching for oil.
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<DaveyDaVinci> My toaster gets more ass than Tom
<Tom> fuck you
<Tom> lol
<DaveyDaVinci> Actually
<DaveyDaVinci> lol
<Tom> ew
<Tom> wait
<DaveyDaVinci> You're like my toaster in many ways
<Tom> what are you doing to your toaster...
<DaveyDaVinci> For one, you guys both pop up too quickly
<DaveyDaVinci> Two, it's deep in the closet right now, like you are
<DaveyDaVinci> Three, neither of you go with my decor
<DaveyDaVinci> xD
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<rockonsofia> Hey why cant I see my neighbors house from here?
<Lethe> errr, open a curtain?
<rockonsofia> no
<rockonsofia> i mean
<Angel> lol
<rockonsofia> when im at a house i cant see the neighbors and i have all the sims2 games
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<suceress> three little monkeys jumping on the bed. One fell off and broke his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor said...
<LyricLee> get the fuck off the bed you stupid monkeys
#288 · added 2 October 2006 · vote up / 17 / vote down - from #social
<John> !coffee star
* Foamy gives star a cup of coffee. :)
<John> damn you foamy, i wanted you to chuck it on her :p
<John> so how is everyone ?
<Starrystar> o.O John
<frazzmeister> uh..
<John> i call it express delivery, star ;)
<frazzmeister> note to self.. never ask John to pass the sulfuric acid.
#396 · added 31 December 2006 · vote up / 17 / vote down
<~whiterider> Hi GS. Ignore this. I'm testing a script.
<~whiterider> Damn
<~whiterider> It didn't work
* GS|Asleep was kicked by whiterider (I look and cry and then don't try)
<~whiterider> Yay! :D
<~whiterider> Hi Data.
<~whiterider> Ignore this...
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* djones|bacon is a lord amongst men and as such should be treated with the utmost reverance
<tmm> it might help if you lost the |bacon
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[03:12] <HystericalParoxysm> My sister went in to have her twins... like, scheduled c-section, and her third children, that she shouldn't have been having anyway... and asked them, while they were in there, to go ahead and tie things up...
[03:12] <HystericalParoxysm> And they told her no, that she had to have mentioned that at the beginning of her pregnancy, and then there were several schedules of "are you really sure?" forms that had to happen first.
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> And she ended up having another one after that, that she didn't want. Though that was her fault. :P
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> My sister's 35... or 36... something like that.
[03:13] <HystericalParoxysm> You'd think she knows where babies come from by now, but... apparently not.
[03:13] <frazzmeister> the cabbage patch?
[03:14] <frazzmeister> if thats not where they are from, i'v wasted many and hour wandering around a garden with a baseball bat.....