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<jhd1189> Hrrmm... um so far two different people have pointed out that the Princess Diana Sim and the car wreck object
<jhd1189> are next to each other on the front page
<jhd1189> O_O
<Cruel_Fish> It was deliberate
<whiterider> rofl
<Cruel_Fish> Its MTS making a cutting social comment on something that happened over ten years ago
<Cruel_Fish> ..........
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<LadyFB> I wonder what percentage of women actually do like mans happy juice
<traelia> Probably 0%
<traelia> Unless their boyfriend's enhance their's with chemicals to taste like chocolate
<whiterider> You could have, like.. you know those straws, you drink milk through them and there's something in the straw that makes it taste of strawberry?
<whiterider> If a guy had one of those surgically implanted...
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<ForeverCamp> Bah, so our connection is going to be like that today?
* ForeverCamp has quit (Broken pipe)
<frazzmeister> I'm going to say yes.
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<&whiteybook> And kittens are quadrapedfaciephytal
<gelis> and I don't get you whitey once again
<&whiteybook> Four legs + faceplant
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<CN> is that popeye dressed as sailor moon?
* CN 's brain explodes
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[18:44] <DirtyDiana> They don't call me Dirty Diana for nothing!
[18:44] <leefish> They dont *call* you Dirty Diana
[18:44] <leefish> You made it up
[18:44] <DirtyDiana> lol
[18:44] <leefish> They call you Dally Wally
[18:44] <leefish> Which is much less menacing
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<Jaguwar> If you give a plant, however, and go on about how it's more permanent that a cut flower that already dying before you give it to her...
<Jaguwar> Guaranteed aw moment, even if she's afraid of plants
<Frenchie> <Jaguwar> Guaranteed aw moment, even if she's afraid of plants <--- If she's afraid of plants, she's a zombie. Run.
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[03:55] <W7Porph> Go buy ribbon
[03:56] * CN goes off singing the sisters of mercy - ribbon
[03:56] <kiwi_tea> Broke-tastic. The "go buy" response no longer applies to me.
[03:56] <kiwi_tea> I have an exemption.
[03:56] <W7Porph> Go "find" ribbon
[03:57] <kiwi_tea> I will just lurk around in a tree and fish it out of the hair of a passing maiden.
[03:57] <Bakafox> That works too!
[03:57] <kiwi_tea> And I will say "You have no idea what I went through to get this ribbon."
[03:58] <kiwi_tea> And he will say "Considering I'm posting your bail, I think I have fair idea."
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<jhd1189> I walk quickly with LONG strides
<jhd1189> which is a problem with other people
<jhd1189> because I forget that not everyone has legs that start in their armpits
<Nysha> Does that mean that, if you were a woman, your twat would be between your boobs?
<Nysha> Because that would be a very popular setup
<jhd1189> It mostly means that I am exaggerating
<jhd1189> But I feel like I need to come up with a name for what you just described now
<Nysha> Awww
<jhd1189> I do have really high hip bones, though
<jhd1189> Silly high
<leefish> at least it is not duck disease
<jhd1189> OH
<jhd1189> Call it "the marina"
<leefish> which many english men have
<jhd1189> Come for the motor boating, stay for the fish
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[06:27] * @PDawg thinks HP has sun issues
[06:27] <&HystericalParoxysm> I'm from Texas, man.
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Of course I have sun issues.
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Fuck the sun.
[06:28] <@PDawg> lmao
[06:28] <&HystericalParoxysm> Stupid shiney bastard, waking me up being all "Woo Imma make the plants grow, lookit mee, shiiiiny!"
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(09:26:04) winterbaron: Is there anyone?
(09:26:09) winterbaron: Aa
(09:26:19) winterbaron: HELP
(09:26:21) winterbaron: HELP
(09:26:29) winterbaron: There is a bird in my house!
(09:26:40) winterbaron: XD Omg, what I have to do now.........
(09:26:51) winterbaron: OOOMG He's flying to the window
(09:27:01) winterbaron: *Kletsj*
(09:27:10) winterbaron: AAAAAA
(09:32:16) whiterider: Them man-eatng birds, huh
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<mustluvcatz> i forget- if you're using an alpha does stdMatAlphaTestEnabled need to be set to 1?
<leefish> ummmmmmmmmmm
<leefish> no idea
<leefish> You need MLC
<leefish> Oh wait
<mustluvcatz> lol
<leefish> you ARE mlc
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<leefish> lol Nysha - such tact
<Nysha> You're gonna have to be more specific
<Nysha> I'm rude to at least three people per day
<leefish> no no
<leefish> was actual tact
<Nysha> OH
<Nysha> Right
<leefish> Not even a little bit rude. Hence my shock :D
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<Delphy> We are the borg.
<LyricLee> i can do that for you jk
<JK11> I'm fine
<LyricLee> Resistance is futile
<Delphy> Lower your shields and surrender your ships
* JK11 surrenders the nude pic ship
<suceress> All your base are belong to us.
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<Samehk> For the last few years. I have had more rude dreams about Delphy than I had about Christopher Walken or Johnny Depp.
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<missangelica> It's a good luck cat.
<missangelica> The Japanese put it close to their front doors.
<BinkBath> those cat atatues are used in Asian businesses to attract costimers
<Oriana> coolies
<missangelica> The gold ones mean good fortune if I remember correctly..
<BinkBath> the white one means sushi :D
<missangelica> lol
* whiterider pokes Bink
<whiterider> You're as bad as JK...
<missangelica> Don't say that about Bink. ;____;
<missangelica> No one wants to be JK.. even JK!
<whiterider> rofl
<whiterider> I meant setting off my highlight when I'm doing stuff!!
<whiterider> My own fault, I know
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<viromancy> Core 2 Duo E6700 (overclocked), 2 GB DDR2 SDRAM 800MHz (overclocked), 2x500 GB SATA-300 striped RAID, neon cables...oh, I get hard just thinking about it :P
<whiterider> Yesh, but I have an MTS2 mousemat :)
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* jadey (jadey@mts2-92D6C80D.nsw.bigpond.net.au) has joined #social
<jadey> hi
<jadey> hello sims 2 fans
<Lokain> whats sims2?
<ebbymac> :O
<jadey> sims 2 ?
<Lethe|testing> no one here plays sims 2
<jadey> what do yous play?
<Delphy> This is a chat for bigfoot lovers aka hairy people
<jadey> isnt this for sims 2
<Lokain_eatin> :P
<ebbymac> yes
<Cliff> nope boobies and okra
<viromancy> We do test lube and occasionally hack global BHAVs
<Lokain_eatin> I lub okra
<Delphy> rofl
<Lethe|testing> none of which have anything to do with sims
<Cliff> you lube okra.....
* jadey (jadey@mts2-92D6C80D.nsw.bigpond.net.au) has left #socia
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[20:59] <fp|book> what do I have to do, woman?!
[20:59] <discordkitty> ?
[20:59] * discordkitty has kicked fp|book from #social (see what happens when you do that?)
[20:59] * fp|book (~fpbook@mts2-4E72A0D8.neb.res.rr.com) has joined #social
[20:59] <fp|book> ?
[21:00] <fp|book> no more getting your attention
[21:00] <fp|book> or calling you woman
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* dasryk9_has joined #social
<Bunny> we don't have any
<Bunny> this is england, who needs garden umbrellas here? :P
<GreenStraws> We had really strong winds here, and our umbrella completely vanished from its cement base thingy.
<GreenStraws> Good point.
* dasryk9_ has left #social
<GreenStraws> Dude. FLying umbrella talk is no reason to LEAVE!
* dasryk9_ has joined #social
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<frazzmeister> hmm...more buttons... i wonder if i have any 3G or bluetooth devices...
<GreenStraws> I like buttons.
<GreenStraws> My brothers computer is INSANELY fun.
<GreenStraws> Little switches and slidey thingies. Its SO COOL.
<GreenStraws> But, he decided to sleep with it tonight. No fun for little Green. -.-
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<darkwytche> I once bit the knob off one of the unicorns.
#445 · added 23 January 2007 · vote up / 4 / vote down - from #social
<teknofilPDA> got ahold of byte mag in the 6th grade
[Vie] Ooo, Early start on Porn then, well, Technoporn
[Vie] Back then it was all "OMG A 1Mhz Processor!"
<teknofilPDA> hehe
[Vie] "Can they print that?"
<teknofilPDA> yup
[Vie] "They Have Cut away diagrams!"
<teknofilPDA> rofl
[Vie] "Look at the Resisters on her!"
<teknofilPDA> roflmao
<teknofilPDA> check out the bits on that one
<ElfFenasia> ..
[Vie] "OMG, She also has a... ..omg, she is an ANALOGUE COMPUTER, I feal sick!"
<teknofilPDA> lol
[Vie] You know, I wish sombody would quote that, because its just too sad if I quote myself...
<teknofilPDA> those were the days
[Vie] That was the Pron
<teknofilPDA> I would but I can't on this pocket pc
[Vie] Today its all "OOo, Look at her!" all they look at is the case, they dont care whats underneath.
<teknofilPDA> I am a pervert, I make her run sans case
[Vie] or worse still "Computer next Door" techno porn, SO Meny dells...
[Vie] Ooo, Kinky Tech
<teknofilPDA> hehe
[Vie] Messes up her cooling though
[Vie] You like them running hot dont you?
<teknofilPDA> not if she is in an airconditioned room (60 degrees)
<ElfFenasia> oh noez
[Vie] We need lives dont we...
<teknofilPDA> I tried to take someone elses life but they wern't quite ready to part with it yet
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[01:40] <Tig> how'd you get all bruised? or shouldn't I ask
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> Well you see..
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> There was alcohol
[01:40] <Greenie> ... Of course.
[01:40] <Tigerlilley> and a mechanical bull
[01:40] <Greenie> ... Okay, thats a new one.
[01:41] <Tig> i suddenly feel like I live the most boring life on the planet