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<cthru> heya cthru
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<Aychpee> fish-encrusted sphincterfarmer
<Chii> Today's fish is trout a la creme. enjoy your meal.
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<Cookiemonster> How many bedrooms do I put if the house is a two family house (Before AL) with two each?
<Cookiemonster> *two bedrooms each?
<SilentPsycho> 4?
<SilentPsycho> 2+2=4
<Cookiemonster> Okay
<Cookiemonster> I wasn't sure
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<Nubie> hey the clock is wrong
<Nubie> the numbers are wrong jon
<fanseelamb> Umm.. that is an excellent observation, Nubie. It's sideways. :/
<Davey> I knew something was weird!
<fanseelamb> I didn't look close enough to try to read them.
<Davey> Yeah you need to rotate it 90% clockwise
<Davey> Omg
<fanseelamb> clockwise!
<fanseelamb> Davey made a funny!
<Davey> I did!
* fanseelamb highfives Davey again
<Davey> Gah, Dane Cook here I come!
<Davey> ^5
<fanseelamb> :D
<Davey> God...this is why I'm at home on a saturday night
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<Sparkle> I cod do better, but I can't think of anything that isn't pollock
* Database drops a plaice on Sparkle
<Database> Also, these puns stink.
<Sparkle> You battered me
<Database> In fact, they're...
* Database puts sunglasses on.
<Database> kinda fishy.
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<CaptainParoxysm> I've had a baby head out my twat - I could probably fit a baseball up there with enough lube/stretching.
<CaptainParoxysm> I wonder how far I could "throw" it if I clenched real hard....
<CaptainParoxysm> Damn, now I gotta find a baseball.
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* Davey curls up in a ball
* Sparkle curls up into a triangle
<Sparkle> Ouch
<Davey> o.O
<Davey> Pics or it didn't happen!
<Davey> Lol
<Sparkle> Actually, it should be folded into a triangle
<Davey> Like one of those pool-side foldy chairs
<Sparkle> Only Sparkle-shaped
* Davey hugs HL
<Davey> Yes
* Davey sits on the Sparkle chair
* Sparkle folds up again
* HugeLunatic wonders what a sparkle chair looks like..
<Davey> One of those pool-side foldy chairs, HL
<Sparkle> XD
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<ShinyhappySparkle> You're crazy
<Tree> No, I'm Tree. Pleased to meet you.
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<FurryPanda> white, is that link safe
<Djones> God no
<Djones> It's a giant vagina
<whiterider> It depends on how perceptive those around you are
<renske> giant vaginas are unsafe?
<whiterider> There are no *actual* vaginas involved
<FurryPanda> take that as a no
<Djones> renske, bigger surface area
<renske> i think giant vaginas are benign beings
<Djones> More risk of accidental you know
<renske> accidental what?
<renske> falling into it and drowning?
<Djones> projectile spunking
<FurryPanda> shklurching
<whiterider> Accidental vaginal nommage
<Djones> I'm not sure I want to continue this conversation
<renske> well at least you'll have a womb with a view
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<HystericalParoxysm> Everyone's off doin' emino's mom.
<emino> wooot
<emino> i hope ill get a new sistah out of that
<HystericalParoxysm> Yes, but the babbydaddy will be Chii.
<emino> ooooh
<emino> persocon sistah
<emino> i can install porn in her
<HystericalParoxysm> ...
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<renske> maybe his brain is in his tiny e-peen and that's why he's a bit... speshul.
<Frenchie> :D
<Frenchie> You girls :3
<renske> ohai :| i keep forgetting that this is not #talkwithyourvagina
<renske> ohh god... that would be a HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE
<renske> you look down in the shower and you hear 'OHAAAAI!'
<renske> and during sex you'd hear 'OM NOM NOM'
<cthru> well if a vagina could talk, a penis should be able to do the same
<Aychpee> They can.
<Aychpee> The hole on the end is a bit slit-like. You can totally make it talk.
<Aychpee> And if you pull the foreskin forward at the same time it looks like a talking sand worm
<Aychpee> "omnomnom teh spice must flow... FROM MY BALLS!"
<Loaf> ...
<Aychpee> Oh, don't you elipses at me young lady it's not like you've never tried to make a dick talk.
<Loaf> i haven't!
<Aychpee> Tell me you've at least tried to make your twatflaps talk.
<Loaf> ...nope
<Aychpee> Damn woman.
<Aychpee> Genital puppetry is one of the great things about being human and you're missing out, big time.
<renske> ...i've tried to make a yin yang sign with my boobs
<renske> does that count?
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<&Lethe> you talked about my climb towards the grave? o.O
<renske> yeah isnt that more like a descent?
<Renewableemmy> rofl
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<Tom> Im gonna redo it.
<DalShake> yep, sucktastic
<Tom> reckon I should redo it?
<DalShake> i was just saying how much i hated that house
<Tom> like.. its so cold.. and spacious.. its just too wierd.
<DalShake> like HL's vagina
<DalShake> *badum tish*
<fanseelamb> wow
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yes it's long, but the wtf-factor is epic.

<frazzmeister> twat != raspberry gun.
<Gangreless> you never know until you try
<darkwytche> O.o thank you Frazzie for that imagery
<Gangreless> you'd have an extra edge in a food fight, no one would be expecting you!
<darkwytche> Hate asparagus.
<frazzmeister> anytime DW
<emino|home> mmm durian
<frazzmeister> thats just the problem, they WOULD be expecting me...
<darkwytche> :)
<Renske_> i dont think raspberries are sturdy enough to be kegel'd out of your vag.
<frazzmeister> emi sexes durians?
<darkwytche> frozen ones!
<Gangreless> you'd have to pick em before they're ripe
<Renske_> coooooold!
<Renske_> unripe raspberries D:
<emino|home> durians are TASTY!
<darkwytche> I had to google durian
<Renske_> well it's not like you'll eat them afterwards, so i guess it could work
<frazzmeister> and stinky.
<Renske_> orang utans eat durians.
<Renske_> emi shoves them up his butt?
<Renske_> they're huge!
<frazzmeister> ow.
<emino|home> its native food here
<darkwytche> orangutans eat their own feces
<Gangreless> now i gotta google durians...
<Renske_> hamsters too.
<emino|home> its really delicious
<Renske_> i bet it is, emy
<Renske_> emi
<darkwytche> durian or feces emi?
<Renske_> if you're 'trained' for it.
<emino|home> but dutchman and englishman hates it
<Renske_> :D
<Renske_> all dutchmen hate the durian?
<frazzmeister> It is tasty, as long as you can't smell it.
<emino|home> they felt dizzy with the spell
<Renske_> or are we talking about a specific dutchman?
<Renske_> wuh... wat?
<emino|home> pussies :P
<darkwytche> durians smell?
<emino|home> smell*
<Renske_> pussies are tasty as long as you can't smell it?
<frazzmeister> they smell awful
<emino|home> they have strong smells
<Shel|zomgsims> Like fish
<Gangreless> flying dutchman?
<emino|home> its not awful
<frazzmeister> that too.....
<emino|home> its delicious
<Renske_> shel: actually not true.
<Shel|zomgsims> I know
<Gangreless> apparently they smell like compost
<Shel|zomgsims> Just spouting nonsense
<Renske_> pussies?
<Shel|zomgsims> Compost?
<Shel|zomgsims> Ew
<emino|home> compost?
<Gangreless> durians
<Shel|zomgsims> Well, I'll go sniff a pussy, then get back to you
<emino|home> nothing like it
<darkwytche> urrr so confused urrrr
<Shel|zomgsims> Lol dw
<darkwytche> something smells...
<frazzmeister> more like sewage i'd say//
<Renske_> fishy?
<Gangreless> I definitely couldn't eat it then
<darkwytche> Fishy sewage fruit
<Shel|zomgsims> :P
<frazzmeister> I want those goldfish biscuits now....
<darkwytche> O.o
<Renske_> shel: go sniff a durian instead. those wont press charges.
<Gangreless> ha
<Shel|zomgsims> Hehe, true
<emino|home> bah, i should've done my laundry over the weekend
<Shel|zomgsims> But what's a durian?
<Renske_> rofl
<Renske_> i love this conversation.
<darkwytche> a fruit of some kind
<Gangreless> seriously?
<Shel|zomgsims> Ahhh
<emino|home> sniffing a number of work clothes to see whether its wearable is shit
<Renske_> gangre: oh yes.
<darkwytche> I did mine today emi, just need to iron
<Gangreless> at least two of us in here said we were googling durian
<darkwytche> emi do the laundry dude!
<Renske_> emi: why? is there pussy/durian on it?
<Shel|zomgsims> :P
<frazzmeister> most likely durian..
<Renske_> yeahhhh.
<Gangreless> That settles it, I am now officially calling pussies "durians"
<emino|home> theres jizz on some of it if you insist on knowing :P
<Renske_> D:
<Shel|zomgsims> What about fetishes....what are your opiniuons on those?
<Shel|zomgsims> opinions*
<frazzmeister> theres jizz on the durian?
<Renske_> opunions?
<Shel|zomgsims> Opionions*
<frazzmeister> oh no.
<Shel|zomgsims> FUCK
<Gangreless> still fail
<Renske_> aww you jizzed on the durians?
<Shel|zomgsims> Opinions*
<darkwytche> Durian jizz
<Renske_> aw?
<Renske_> but but...
<Shel|zomgsims> This whole jizz on the durian thing is making me shed tears of laughter
<Gangreless> No more giving opunion jobs for you, ren
<darkwytche> Theres bound to be a website for that - jizzing on durians
<frazzmeister> it's not punday there yet is it?
<Renske_> punday is over.
<Renske_> but for me, every day is punday.
<darkwytche> Monday here
<emino|home> finally
<emino|home> find one without jizz, durian or pussiejuice
<Renske_> \o/
<Renske_> victory!
<darkwytche> woot!
<frazzmeister> ...wait, it's monday?

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<Qbuilderz> HELL CHYEA
<jhd1189> That sounds like an IKEA name if you read it quickly... Hellchyea
<jhd1189> "Comfortable Hellchyea seating goes perfectly with our Borkborkbork chair cushion"
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RezDelnava> i find it slightly humorous that is channel has a sparkle, a sparklycookie, and a cookiemonster in it co-existing peacfully
<HystericalParoxysm> That's cos they're all the same person. :P
<raps555> xD
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<Lethe|workworkwork> so, no robbing banks with a vibrator
<Djones> Man
<Lethe|workworkwork> bummer
<Djones> That's my new years plan scuppered.
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<Renske> whitey got a quite elaborate depiction of a beaver getting logs for his birthday.
<Renske> while thinking about a sports car.
<Renske> or something...
<Frenchienoms> :o
<cthru> aaaaaw
<cthru> :3
<Renske> i didnt feel particularly inspired about the theme 'moving to the netherlands'
<whiterider> Eheheh
<Renske> so i drew beavers.
<whiterider> It was a very nice beaver
<Renske> why thank you i do take pride in my nice beaver.
<Renske> s.
<whiterider> Now there's a sentence in the plural that you don't hear very often
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<miniemmy> it was on a horse
<miniemmy> though
<cthru> ...
<&Lethe> ...
<cthru> ems
<&Lethe> sweetheart
<miniemmy> felt you needed to know that
<cthru> horses have HUGE ones
<&Lethe> don't get your hopes up
<cthru> don't get dissapointed
* cthru highfives Lethe
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<Renske> ... J is trying to test the hamster's eyesight by rearranging his cage and waiting for him to bump into things.
<Safyre420> lol
<Renske> *rearranging the interior décor of his cage
<Renske> sadly, the hamster is not interested and is lounging in his igloo with his giant balls and back legs hanging out.
<Renske> his legs are shorter than his balls.
<Safyre420> lol
<Renske> when he waddles around it's like he's dragging a furry grocery bag.
<Safyre420> how male
<Renske> if he had pants, he would stick his paw down them.
<Safyre420> that'd be even more male
<Renske> sometimes he sits on his butt with his balls in front of him, kneading and licking them.
<Safyre420> lol
<Renske> i love him :D
<Safyre420> aren't you glad human males can't do that?
<Renske> i'm sure glad that human males dont have balls that are about 1/5 of their body size.
<Safyre420> lol
<Renske> they would look awkward in jeans
<Safyre420> that'd be a hell of a ball slapping on the ass lol
<Renske> and then how would we get to enjoy a nice butt?
<Renske> they would all wear man-skirts. and then it would be bye bye butt ogling.
<Renske> and also the penis would look sad in comparison.
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<renske> i'm thinking if i look at yarn long enough, and sigh, that J will then get the hint and buy me ALL the things.
<renske> http://www.etsy.com/listing/68572890/new-scrumpet-merinocashmerenylon like this. it's like porn to me.
<whiterider> You need better porn
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* nick_MasterJ16 (nick_Maste@D5A64354.D36D0699.92F2A.IP) has joined #social
<nick_MasterJ16> oh
<nick_MasterJ16> ok
<nick_MasterJ16> got it now
<nick_MasterJ16> stupid me should of done that in the 1st place *sigh*
<Djones> Isn't that banevasion?
<whiterider> Yes
<Djones> s/banevasion/ban-evasion
<whiterider> It's also, like, for the THIRTEENTH TIME
<whiterider> You do it IN CHAT. It's a CHAT COMMAND.
<whiterider> It changes your nick WITHOUT YOU LEAVING CHAT.
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whiterider Did it say that on the ebay listing?
#1677 · added 3 January 2011 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #create
* mileyMM (mileyMM@27943BD7.7E016320.C4E70AAF.IP) has joined #create
<mileyMM> hi
<mileyMM> how do i download the sims2 for free?
<KaylaRox> You dont
<mileyMM> no
<KaylaRox> you spend 30 dollars and buy it
<KaylaRox> not that much these days
<mileyMM> o buyn it with real money>
<mileyMM> itcosts real money?
<Rikachu> Yes.
<mileyMM> o
<mileyMM> aww
* mileyMM has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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daluved1> DOCTOR
<Sparkle> I'm not sick
* daluved1 feels sparkles forehead
<daluved1> Oh no, it's worse than I thought
<Sparkle> I have the dreaded vampire sparkles?
<daluved1> Worse
<daluved1> The Shirtless Wolf Syndrome
* Sparkle looks out of the window
<KaylaRox> lol omfg :P
<daluved1> On the bright side, you'll have smoking hot abs
<Sparkle> Either that, or come full moon, I'm going to shock a LOT of people...
* daluved1 prepares the eyeball bleach