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<Greenie> Awh man. I need to clean up my waffle. D:
<tmm> clean... waffle?
<tmm> I thought you ate them before then :|
<frazzmeister> ....euphamism?
<Greenie> Rofl.
<tmm> oh dear
<Greenie> I just realized I didnt quite say that right.
<Greenie> **I need to clean up the mess my waffles made.
<Greenie> ... Now that we have the euphemism comment, that doesnt help, does it?
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<curlybap> what did you use your whip for, frenchie?
<The_French_Sim> Fun. Like, whipping around. *whip whip whip whip*
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<Longdaysend> oh i get it..i get it so hard..you don't even know
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<Angel> Renske, how old are you? Because i don't remember it being so necessary to shave when i was a teenager.
<renske> 24
<Angel> 6 years younger than me
<Angel> almost 7 :(
<Delphy|PG> Pft, Angel is yougn compared to me :P
<Angel> oh shut up D!
* Angel huggles The ancient Delphy
<Delphy|PG> Ow me back
<renske> d is not that old
<renske> lmao
<frazzmeister> ye olde delphy
<renske> rly? how olde?
<Delphy|PG> 42
<HystericalParoxysm> whut
<cthru> like mah dad
<Delphy|PG> ...or maybe younger
<Delphy|PG> :P
* renske not buying it
<Delphy|PG> How old do you THINK I am renske?
<frazzmeister> I thought 34,..
<Angel> 42? Wow... And i thought your ancient. You must remember the time when you still used wooden dollars...
<Delphy|PG> Wooden dollars? Fancy? I remember when it was 2 sticks and a bang on the cave wall was equal to a sheep
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[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> I'm starting to see the entire world in terms of triangles.
[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> I'm starting to freak out, "oh my god i only know the length of TWO SIDES, I need to figure out the third!"
[21:44] <Liz|SortaMaths> But I'm looking at like. a sandwich.
[21:45] <Liz|SortaMaths> I am overcome with this urge to calculate the length and angles of my sandwich.
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<heavyweapunzemmy> I'm gonna have a blowjob when I grow up :(
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[02:14] <Pescado> Delphy: http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/tmp/awesome.rar
[02:15] <Pescado> Dev version. Not guaranteed to work well.
[02:15] <Delph> 404
[02:15] <HystericalParoxysm> "Not guaranteed to work well." "404" LOL
[02:15] <Pescado> There.
[02:15] <Pescado> Stupid file permissions always copy funny.
[02:18] <Delph> Wow it's grown in size quite a bit
[02:18] <HystericalParoxysm> That's what SHE said.
[02:19] <Pescado> Well, that's about as big as it's going to get.
[02:19] <Delph> That's what HE said
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* Jon sighs.
<Jon> I have issues with killing kids.
<Lethe|buildy> good
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<frazzmeister> i didn't know mirc did that... if i press tab without typing any letters first it puts /msg the lest person who i messaged...
* frazzmeister spams herself
<frazzmeister> ...also i seem to have logged conversation with myself..
<FurryPanda> frazzy, if youre going to spam yourself, must you do it in front of the children?
<frazzmeister> sorry panda, didnt see you there. :p
<Longdaysend> heh
<Longdaysend> i love you frazz
<Chii> :o)
<frazzmeister> :D
<FurryPanda> frazzy, i know that when i have a need to spam i dont pay a lot of attention to my surroundings, but golly i dont do it in front of innocent children (like me) or bots of varying innocence (like chii)
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* Val1989 (Val1989@fd-FE591DFF.cpe.mountaincable.net) has joined #social
<Val1989> no one has downloaded the nightmare before xmas skins?
<HystericalParoxysm> No.
<HystericalParoxysm> Nobody. Ever.
<Val1989> ok
* Database has quit (Operation timed out)
* GoldenSimmer has quit (Operation timed out)
<Val1989> i wonder why they stopped downloads
<xianny> i think theres some maintenance going on
<Val1989> yeah probably
<HystericalParoxysm> Nah, we just like screwing with ya.
<tmm> I think we just like screwing generally.
<Val1989> :(
<Val1989> lol
* Val1989 has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
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* TFS thwaps Chii
* Chii hits TFS back with HystericalParoxysm
<TFS> O_o
<Database> O.O
<HystericalParoxysm> Sweet, I'm my own weapon!
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[15:44] * Peter__ (Peter@fd-FADF7D11.in-addr.btopenworld.com) has joined #social
[15:45] * Peter__ nickserv ghost database iamanidiot
[15:46] <Peter__> ...
[15:46] <Peter__> Time for me to change my password again.
[15:46] * Database has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Peter__)))
[15:46] * Peter__ is now known as Database
[15:46] <HystericalParoxysm> That's a fail so epic it's almost win.
[15:46] * Database has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Delphster)))
[15:46] <HystericalParoxysm> lol asshole
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<a_lulz> Chii, kill Annibear123
* Chii farts on Annibear123
<Database> KABLOOEY.
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<renske> i feel offended for my vag's sake
<renske> my vag is pretty damn impressive
<renske> my vag has a lot of feeling
<Safyre420> that's better than no feeling
<Gangreless> I should hope so.
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[18:35] <renske> i did do a sketch of mnemosyne on the phone with Zeus, holding whatsherface (of music) while Polyhymnia tries to get her attention and Melpomene is turning on the oven in the background
[18:37] <Delphy> Polyhymnia sounds like some kind of sexual disease
[18:37] <ArtsyFrenchie> "I'm sorry, sir. You appear to have a bad case of polyhymnia"
[18:38] <ArtsyFrenchie> "You'll feel the urge to burst in random acts of pantomime during sex."
[18:38] * animalmad (animalmad@fd-F652D6C2.bagu.cable.ntl.com) has joined #social
[18:38] <renske> and that's different from regular sex... how?
[18:39] <renske> i mean, you're in a box...
[18:39] <HystericalParoxysm> HAR
[18:39] <ArtsyFrenchie> Suddenly, the guy begins putting a sockpuppet on his peen. Not what I call regular sex :p
[18:40] <renske> mimes dont have suckpuppets
[18:40] <renske> *sock
[18:40] <renske> *SOCK
[18:40] <ArtsyFrenchie> XD
[18:40] <HystericalParoxysm> Suckpuppets!
[18:40] <renske> UR MOM IS ONE
[18:40] <HystericalParoxysm> Now -that- would be an entertaining puppet show.
[18:40] <ArtsyFrenchie> Then a striped condom and a beret on the glans
[18:40] <renske> you need to come to amsterdam
[18:40] <Delphy> "An erotic shadowplay full of love and intrigue, starring one mime and his suckpuppet. A regular classic!"
[18:41] <renske> i'm pretty sure there are theaters on the Wallen that have them
[18:41] <HystericalParoxysm> Sexy puppet shows?
[18:41] <renske> i know of one with a fat lady and a banana
[18:41] <HystericalParoxysm> I'm THERE man
[18:41] * animalmad has quit (Quit: ...)
[18:41] * HystericalParoxysm cacklesnorts
[18:41] <HystericalParoxysm> We scared off a noob. With talk of puppets boning. AWESOME
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*ChocoLDE molests frenchies horse leaving frenchie alone and un-fondled
<ChocoLDE> hang on...
<ChocoLDE> no
<ChocoLDE> NO!
<elpemmy> What about meeeee?
<ChocoLDE> no time ems!
ChocoLDE> i hearby retract anything i said in the last 10 minutes
<elpemmy> You don't love me anymore?!
*elpemmy weeps
<ChocoLDE> thus making it illegal to put it on any type of database
<ChocoLDE> whew
<TFS|TF2|GiddyUp> It's so QDB'd now.
<ChocoLDE> i'm covered now
<ChocoLDE> frenchie i hate you
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<Corrie> Stuff you've been Mass Debating at home, by yourself?
* Tree just said that out loud, and lol'd at the result.
<cthru|HMM> mass debating?
<cthru|HMM> who did that? :P
<cthru|HMM> you confused me
<cthru|HMM> :P
<Corrie> Say it out loud really fast.
<Tree> :P
<cthru|HMM> LMAO
* Corrie patpats innocent cthru
<cthru|HMM> naaaw, I wasn't mass debating
<cthru|HMM> :P
<cthru|HMM> shaddaaap
<cthru|HMM> XD
<Corrie> Sure you weren't cthru...
<Corrie> sure you weren't.
<Tree> Is that any of your business, Corrie? :P
<cthru|HMM> no, I wasn't :P
<Corrie> Not really, but still... she was clueless about it till a few seconds ago.
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[09:07] <cthru> use IE if you have it?
[09:07] <Tree> :O
[09:07] <Gangreless> :O
[09:07] <Tree> NONONONONO!
[09:07] <Gangreless> NOOOOOOO
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[19:39] <Liz> I'm so bored.
[19:39] <Sparkle> I would say the same, but chatting here, I can never be bored
[19:40] * Gangreless gives Liz a shiny.
[19:40] <Sparkle> This chat is really entertaining
[19:40] <Liz> What kind of shiny?
[19:40] <Gangreless> A shiny one.
[19:40] <Liz> I approve.
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[20:55] <daluved1|physics> This might be a big duh but EA is too damn lazy!
[20:55] * Gangreless smacks Jeamo with the DUH stick
[20:55] <daluved1|physics> ow =.=;;
[20:55] <daluved1|physics> ANYWAY!
[20:55] <NotATree> Can I... can I touch it?
[20:56] <Gangreless> No.
[20:56] <NotATree> Can I smell it?
[20:56] <Gangreless> Well... ok.
[20:56] <Gangreless> But no touching!
[20:56] * NotATree leans in closer to the stick, snatches it, and runs off, laughing maniacally.
[20:56] <daluved1|physics> HA HA
[20:57] * Gangreless throws the STOP rock at Tree's head. TIIIMMMBBBEEERR
[20:57] <daluved1|physics> LOL xD
[20:57] <NotATree> ...ow.
[20:57] <NotATree> X.X
[20:57] * Gangreless leisurely walks over to the fallen Tree and proceeds to make many more DUH sticks from the body.
[20:57] <NotATree> Oi!
[20:58] <daluved1|physics> -snicker-
[20:58] <NotATree> NOT a tree. NOT!!
[20:58] <Gangreless> Well not anymore.
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[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Sigh.
[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> I reloaded this game and now anyone remotely near the safari exhibit is convinced all the animals in it are chasing them.
[19:05] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Liek, srsly dude, you're walking up on the walkway above it in your tie dye shirt and backpack and the animal's down below taking a dump, THEY ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU.
[19:06] <Gangreless> Sometimes a particularly aggressive animal (usually the carnivores) will see a guest standing a bit close and will start stalking/chasing it.
[19:06] <StitchionaryParoxysm> They're getting freaked out by gazelles
[19:06] <Gangreless> Well that's just retarded.
[19:06] <StitchionaryParoxysm> I had this same issue a while back with fennecs, the last time I started playing this.
[19:07] <StitchionaryParoxysm> But dude, it's a fennec fox. Even if it escaped and came running after me I'd be all, "DAWWW! C'mere so I can cuddle you, you widdle cutie pieeeee!"
[19:07] <Gangreless> I've only had it with things like the T.Rex and Secretary Birds.
[19:07] <Database> ... secretary birds?
[19:07] <Gangreless> Yes
[19:07] <StitchionaryParoxysm> Big angry chickens
[19:07] <Database> "Can I have your details please, BAWK?"
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<Djones> Thats not a euphemism for my penis.
<elpemmy> rofl
#1431 · added 25 October 2009 · vote up / 5 / vote down - from #social
<Rye> I just messed up the lyrics to a song and made it sound like the guy was hitting on his mom. :|
<Gangreless> hur
<Tree> Ha.
<Gangreless> keepin it in the family *bow chicka wow wow*
<Corrie> Incest: A game the whole family can enjoy. ;)
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<codefish> Whats RAM?
<Sparkle> Computer memory
<FurryPanda> a male goat
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<lewjen> can I ask, what causes a server split (or whatever it's called)?
<Davey> Dinosaurs
<Delphy> Interwebs lag, or a router in between failing, or some other issue
<Delphy> Or raptors in the pipes
<Davey> *nods*
<Cookiemonster> How would raptors be able to get into the pipes? o___O
<lewjen> big pipes