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<Kelly> Oi, kath, who's going to hold it then? lol
<kathy> I'll just mount it
<kathy> oh god thats sounds wrong
<Delphy> Might get some nice angles that way though
#67 · added 18 March 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #help
[02:31] simon007: how do I download celebrites?
[02:31] * missangelica blinks.
[02:32] missangelica: It's not the year 3000... ;p
[02:32] * HystericalParoxysm giggles.
#68 · added 18 March 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
[23:23] enjeru: *pokes angilica's side* yeah. :P
[23:23] missangelica: angilica does not exist so you are poking air. ;p
[23:24] enjeru: then what am i actually poking? oO
[23:24] missangelica: the air around you
[23:24] enjeru: so... the air has boobies?
[23:25] missangelica: in your world, enjeru. in your world.
[23:26] enjeru: Iiiim just gonna go beforeI get myself into more problems.
[23:26] enjeru: oh! I meant angelica
[23:26] missangelica: haha ;p
[23:26] Flash3389: what mod?
[23:26] enjeru: *pinches angelica's butt* BYE! *runs off*
[23:26] *** enjeru has signed off IRC (Quit: modthesims2.com).
[23:27] missangelica: ...
[23:27] Flash3389: lol
[23:27] TBGL: lol
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<Lethe> "This is Bunny. Copy/Past Bunny in your sig and all over every post you make to annoy the hell out of moderators."
* Delphy takes off and nukes Bunny from orbit
<Lethe> the bloody things really do breed like rabbits
<HystericalParoxysm> "98% of teenagers have tried smoking pot. Copy-paste this line in your sig if you're one of the 2% of people who believes in imaginary statistics."
<Delphy> yeah I shold write a nifty piece of code that replaces them with something nasty
<Delphy> rofl I'm so doing a string replace on that
<HystericalParoxysm> You're quite whimsical sometimes. I likes it. :D
<Lethe> 98% of teenagers have never tried porn. Copy/paste this line in your sig if you haven't been able to crack the parental lock on your pc.
<Delphy> Hrm according to the database only 1 person has that 98% sig
<Delphy> the other is
<Delphy> 80-something% or teenagers have tried smoking pot, if youre anooyed by hearing this all the time, copy and paste this into your sig.
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<Bink13y> .g/gh`
<JK11> lol
<Bink13y> oops and she hit the caps lock too
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--> nani (nani@D68A291.ADD9A4AC.50AFCAF8.IP) has joined #social
<nani> Delphy you rock!!!
<-- nani has quit (Quit: nani)
<MistressSilent> Random is the new black
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[06:52pm] * HystericalParoxysm sets mode: +m
[06:53pm] <HystericalParoxysm> Okay. Let's all have a nice tall glass of shut the hell up.
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[11:09] <Kelly> Emos amuse me
[11:10] <Kelly> I look semi-emo now that I have bangs
[11:10] <Allie> Emus are a lard bird indiginous to australia.
[11:10] <Salty> lard?
[11:10] <Allie> land
[11:10] <Allie> though lard birds works too
[11:11] <Arch> after seeing Kelly's line, and Allie's line, I must resist the urge to change the topic to "<Kelly> I look semi-emu now that I have a beak"
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<Bink13y> in Buffalo it's illegal to rent an apartment without head
#175 · added 9 July 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #help
<Sammy> Hi, Can someone help me please
<LyricLee> whats your question
<Sammy> I need to know how to do things here
<LyricLee> you need to ask them
<Sammy> Just the basic's Please
<LyricLee> you need to ask something
<Sammy> Can u tell me things about this chat
<LyricLee> like what
<Sammy> How to change my font
<Lethe> you can't
<Sammy> How can i do something?
<LyricLee> how can you do what???
* Sammy askes questions
<LyricLee> you arent asking any questions
<LyricLee> how old are you?
<Sammy> 37
<Sammy> I have to kids
<Sammy> I'll ask something
<Sammy> How old are u?
<LyricLee> im 12
<Sammy> U shouldnt be one here
<LyricLee> i know
<Delphy> Ask a help question involving the game or the site, or get kicked.
<Delphy> You have 30 seconds to comply.
<Sammy> go have a milkshake or drink some lemonade
<Sammy> ok
<Sammy> how do i do something
<Lethe> do what!
<LyricLee> omg
<Sammy> like people riting turns purple
* Sammy was kicked by Delphy (Go play in traffic)
#184 · added 22 July 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<sexytasha> so no one will want to talk love with me?
<whiterider> Puppy love?
<whiterider> I LOVE puppies!!
<whiterider> They're all cute and green and furry
<whiterider> And my cat likes to chase them >:D
<Delphy> sexytasha: This chat is NOT a pick-up place.
<Superfly> Damn...
<Lethe> lol
* Lethe patpats super
<Superfly> And no-one thought to tell me before?
<whiterider> rofl
<whiterider> We figured we'd let you find out yourself
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[18:21] <Lethe> dorkie, this isn't help, and certainly not help with window
[18:21] <Lethe> it's called 'fonts'
[18:22] <Lethe> search your computer for hte right folder
[18:22] <dorkiesimslover> ?
[18:22] <Lethe> dorkie, you've never searched your pc?
[18:22] <dbg92> dorkiesimlover: type /join #help
[18:22] <Lethe> for anything?
[18:22] * Lethe gasps
[18:22] <dorkiesimslover> ya i have
[18:22] <Lethe> so search for fonts
[18:22] <Lethe> honestly
[18:22] * Lethe tuts
[18:22] <dorkiesimslover> this sentece was confusing
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> google for "how do I install fonts"
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> nuff daid
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> said
[18:23] <dorkiesimslover> i did porn poped up
[18:23] <dbg92> In Windows XP got to Control Panel then click on Fonts ok?
[18:23] <dbg92> Some in 98 and 98SE
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> Err
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> dorkiesimslover you are an idiot
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> FIRST hit on google if I search for "how do I install fonts" like I said
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> is
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> guess what?
[18:23] <dorkiesimslover> uhhhhh.........
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> come on
[18:23] <Delphy|Away> you'll never guess it
[18:23] <dbg92> um...
[18:24] <Delphy|Away> yes, it's a page on HOW TO INSTALL FONTS
[18:24] * Delphy|Away gasps
[18:24] <dbg92> fancy that!
[18:24] <Delphy|Away> I know!
[18:24] <Delphy|Away> Isn't the intarweb amazing!
[18:24] <dorkiesimslover> arnt you suppose to be away
[18:24] <whiterider> Hehehe, I love it when Delphy's feeling sarcastic :D
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-->| StEvEn65 (StEvEn65@mts2-F8E723D6.dhcp.embarqhsd.net) has joined #help
<whiterider> Oh hello
<StEvEn65> omg i need zum helps
<whiterider> Yeah I gethered that in #social
<StEvEn65> my sims cd is upside dOwN
<whiterider> *gathered
<whiterider> What?
<StEvEn65> how can i FIX it
<whiterider> Umm.. turn it the right way up?
<StEvEn65> my sims cd is upside dOwN its brockded
<Hysterical Paroxysm> ...
<StEvEn65> i canterrrrrr
<StEvEn65> oh fuk banned frum social nuthin else to do
=-= StEvEn65 was booted from #help by HystericalParoxysm (I'd tell you to not be an idiot, but I don't think you're capable of it.)
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<warrock434> .
<warrock434> i have not said anything for an hour and a half now
<missangelica> Good for you.
<SilentPsycho> Why not try for two hours?
#361 · added 30 November 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<Pani> The usual IRC I go on was lacking conversation.
<Pani> So I thought I'd try S2C.
<John> oh ok :)
<John> it's also for mts2 and sxs2
<frazzmeister> we lack morals and ethics,... thats worse.
<frazzmeister> also pants... we lack pants.
<Pani> I've been here before, I know what it's like.
<Pani> :]
<John> we dont lack panties
<John> or boobies
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<preetygal> i dont caer if i selled that wrong!
#319 · added 24 October 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<ooxlilyxoo> Where is everyone from?
<Kelly> minnesnowta
<Bunny> afghanistan
<whiterider> The Arcit Circle
<whiterider> *Arctic
<Kelly> hehee
<Bunny> Arctit
<Bunny> TIT
<whiterider> TIT!
<Kelly> TIT
<whiterider> XD
<ooxlilyxoo> How old is everyone?
<ooxlilyxoo> lol
<whiterider> TITTIESECHS!!!!!
<Bunny> TIT
-->| Flutternothing (Flutternot@B0DE5A78.B7E3383F.EC039C07.IP) has joined #social
<Kelly> SECHS
=-= Hunter240x is now known as Hunt-brb
<whiterider> HAHAHA YOU HAVE TITS!!
<Kelly> wait
<whiterider> TIIIIIIITS!!!!!
<Bunny> HUnter went for a hand shandy after all the TITSECHS talk
<whiterider> >:)
<Kelly> tittieeeeees
<Bunny> dirty
<Kelly> lol
<ooxlilyxoo> Ok it's dead... stop
<Kelly> no
<whiterider> No
<Kelly> titties are never dead
<whiterider> Tits
<whiterider> Tits
<whiterider> Tits
<whiterider> Tits
<Kelly> tititititititititit
<Bunny> titties
<Bunny> or tits
<Bunny> or titsicles?
<Bunny> hmmm
* whiterider tittiehugs Bunny and Kelly
<Kelly> woohoo!
<--| Flutternothing has left #social
<whiterider> XD
<whiterider> IT WORKED!!
<Bunny> oops
<ooxlilyxoo> I don't blame you flutternothing
<whiterider> Why are we talking about tits again?
#275 · added 26 September 2006 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
* Chrysophylax fondles Binkbonk
<Chrysophylax> err
* Chrysophylax fondles missangelica
<missangelica> rofl!
<Chrysophylax> had a slip there
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<Star> o.O sounds like the unzippering of pants, brb
#415 · added 8 January 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
* Arch drops it fast, swallows the cookie whole, then pics up star and runs off with her
* VidTheKid streaks
* Tigerlilley puts up the discoball
* VidTheKid puts on skates and rollerstreaks
* GreenStraws (GreenStraw@mts2-A88E98C0.sb.sd.cox.net) has joined #social
* Tigerlilley slaps VidTheKids ass as he goes past
<VidTheKid> weeheehee!
<GreenStraws> Hah. What did I walk in on?
* JohnBrehaut1 (JohnB@mts2-28E2049C.dialup.optusnet.com.au) has joined #social
<JohnBrehaut1> I am so sore. :(
<Hunter240x> a party GreenStraws
* VidTheKid is rollerstreaking. there is a disco ball in service.
<Hunter240x> was Tigerlilley slapping your ass too John?
#417 · added 8 January 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<SirEmino_> wtf is a mission statement?
<tmm> it means delphy went corporate
<Vie> Delphy has been reading "Sucsess though Marketing Jargon"
<SirEmino_> heh
<CB|TJ> lol
<SilentPsycho> Mission statement: A statement about what you plan to do on a mission
<Vie> Very informative
<SilentPsycho> Thank you, I aim to please.
#435 · added 16 January 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<GreenStraws> Chad. I am quite aware of the mail anatomy, thank you.
<GreenStraws> *male
<Tigerlilley> hehe mail
<GreenStraws> letters dont have genitals.. Last time I checked anyway.
#477 · added 2 February 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<djones|sims> white smells
* whiterider (onoes@mts2-EF7A9ABB.winn.cable.ntl.com) has joined #social
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa whiterider whiterider
* djones|sims was kicked by whiterider (of roses)
<&whiterider> :D
* &whiterider is teh psychic
#892 · added 30 October 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<dj|MarsVolta> and for all you uneducated baffoons
<&whiterider> *buffoons
#891 · added 30 October 2007 · vote up / 6 / vote down - from #social
<jhd1189> This girl sat down next to me this morning and whipped out this disgusting sandwich that must have been, like... spinach and garlic, and she started ATTACKING it (eating doesn't describe the way she consumed it), and I can still smell it... the scent is following me.
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> ROFL.
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> That was fantastic.
<jhd1189> And then she pulled out this thermos of something, and started schlurping it, and I was basically as far out of my chair as I could physically be without getting up.
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> I read it aloud to my mother, and she giggled.
<jhd1189> Haha
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> Where was this..?
<jhd1189> My chem lecture
<jhd1189> Yes, she basically opened up a restaurant for herself during chemistry
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> o.O Why was she eating..?
<jhd1189> I have no idea...
<jhd1189> It clearly wasn't breakfast food
<Greenie|BlinkIfYouNeed> Rofl. My mom's like "Yeah, Ill have some sulfuric acid on that sandwich, please."
<jhd1189> And the sandwich looked *old*... it was soggy o_O
<dj|MarsVolta> thats teh acid