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<hwkemmy> and now I've lost my notes
<hwkemmy> hrmph
<hwkemmy> brb
<Delphy> Oh sorry that was me
* Delphy regurgitates them
<hwkemmy> ooh, found them!
<hwkemmy> okay, bad timing
<hwkemmy> XD
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<Zicon> Bouncy meat? =/
<Stormwench> I was trying to avoid that direction...
<Panda> lol
<Panda> try it
<Panda> works in many cafeterias
<Panda> buy a hot god, throw it from shoulder height, release when arm is at chest height
<Panda> itll bounce
<Panda> *dog
<Panda> DOG!
<Stormwench> you can buy Hot Gods!!
<Stormwench> hope they take visa
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* Dark_horse_spirit (Dark_horse@AD7D5375.D6D57B33.D610AA3D.IP) has joined #social
<Dark_horse_spirit> can any one tell me how to kill a sim...
<Dark_horse_spirit> this sime follows me around picking fights all day
<Dark_horse_spirit> It's very anoying
<Jon|WoW> No clue.
<Dark_horse_spirit> everywhere I go there is this sim wanting to fight..my character is a wimp, so he always loses..
<Delphy|Out> I got the new dashboard earlier
<Delphy|Out> It's... ok... I'm glad they kept the blades interface on the xbox button though
<Delphy|Out> Dark_horse_spirit: Err, the usual way?
<Dark_horse_spirit> I would hate to start a new game as this one has been running for a while
<Delphy|Out> Pause and enclose them in walls
<Delphy|Out> Or there are various objects you can get to kill sims
<Dark_horse_spirit> likw what..I'd love to budgeon this one with an axe
<Delphy|Out> Somebody has probably done an axe :)
<Dark_horse_spirit> or blow it's head clean off it's shoulders
<Dark_horse_spirit> or maybe hire a hitsim..
<Jon|WoW> Dude, you need to go outside and run around or something. All this negative energy is bad for your health.
<Dark_horse_spirit> ya I think that your right..see ya later..
* Dark_horse_spirit has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<curlybap> ...
<Delphy|Out> lol
<Delphy|Out> Jon 1, newbie 0
<Bubo> lol
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[20:36] * Chii gives Bubo a semi see-through bra. :)
[20:36] <Bubo1> yay!
[20:37] <Bubo1> now wtf am i goinng to do with a bra?
[20:37] <&HystericalParoxysm> Tie it around your head and pretend you're a fly?
[20:37] <Bubo1> ooh
[20:37] <Bubo1> BUZZ
[20:37] <Bubo1> BUZZZZZZZZZ
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<whiterider> http://infinitejestchallenge.files.wordpress.com/2008/01/chocolate_chip_cookie.jpg
<AnthonyRappluver> ...
<AnthonyRappluver> does that link involve reading?
<whiterider> no, it's a jpg
<AnthonyRappluver> A PICTURE!
<AnthonyRappluver> is it a pic of a cookie?
<whiterider> I suppose telling you to read the url would be overly optimistic.
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* tek is now known as twat
<Chii> Master?
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[13:29] <Delphy> Dont get *tight* boxers
[13:29] <Delphy> Get loose ones
[13:29] <Delphy> Even if you have to go up a size
[13:29] <Djones> tight underwear can lower the sperm count.
[13:29] <Delphy> Sperm production is dependant on the heat of the scrotum
[13:29] <Delphy> Which is why it's OUTSIDE the body
[13:30] <Delphy> It needs slightly cooler temperatures to actually produce optimum amounts of Ren's favourite dish.
[13:30] <Renske> wait what?
[13:30] <Renske> shrimp come out of your penis?
[13:30] <Delphy> EWWW
[13:30] <Delphy> OH GOD NO
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> Dude you're gonna give him nightmares.
[13:31] <Delphy> Little feelers poking out your wanghole
[13:31] <Delphy> slowly coming out
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> He's gonna dream about those scary monster shrimp onna stick with the legs and eyes shooting out of his wang.
[13:31] <Delphy> then out comes an eye
[13:31] <Database> Aaaaaaaargh.
[13:31] <HystericalParoxysm> Making crunching noises...
[13:31] * Database closes legs quickly.
[13:31] <Database> GAH STOP IT
[13:31] <Delphy> But the kicker is
[13:31] * Database is terrified. Fascinated, but terrified.
[13:31] <Delphy> When it comes out, you have an shrimpgasm
[13:32] <HystericalParoxysm> You squirt cocktail sauce after it?
[13:32] <HystericalParoxysm> GET IT. COCKtail sauce???
[13:32] <Delphy> ...
[13:32] <Database> hur hur hur
[13:32] <Renske> yes. yes, i got it. i laughed. leave me alone.
[13:32] <Delphy> Here, have the iphone app
[13:33] <Renske> PA DUM TISH
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*** Loaf has joined #social
<NotLoaf> ...
<Dj> No nickserv? ZOMG. Emergency.
<missangelica> If you're not loaf, who are you? :o
<curlybap> LOAF
* curlybap prods Loaf with a stick
<curlybap> i mean
<curlybap> notlaof
<The_French_Sim> Loafie, they have the same hostmask as you :p
<curlybap> loaf
<curlybap> LOL
<Dj> snrk.
<NotLoaf> ...
<NotLoaf> what the shit?
<Dj> Its you.
<NotLoaf> how the fuck?
* The_French_Sim rubs Loafie... calm down Loaf, calm down.
<curlybap> or rather
<curlybap> it's Not you.
<The_French_Sim> You may be running two instances of XChat?
<NotLoaf> how the hell did i just re-join...?
<Dj> This has the potential for epic win, or epic fail.
<NotLoaf> but i'm not!
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<HystericalParoxysm> But if it makes ya feel any better, D got in the parts for your new PC. :)
<whiterider> Now we just have to get him out again
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<Angel> hello
<frazzmeister> hihiangel
<frazzmeister> plusspace
<frazzmeister> ...myspacebarisbeingmean fixed it...
<Angel> hi Frazz
<Angel> lol
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frazzmeister> i cant beleaive the shit i can do when i cant tell fingers from my clit
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* Longdaysend wants to play with you,photo
<HairmakingParoxysm> Giggity?
<photo> Lol. A month is 7.99 but you have to buy it online.
<photo> 3 months is 20
<Longdaysend> you know, if there ever comes a day when i don't say something you guys can twist into sexual bullshit, let me know.
<photo> That day will never come.
<Longdaysend> i'll throw a fucking party
<photo> http://www.l4d.com/
<Longdaysend> bah...wonder if gamestop sells cards
<whiterider> What kind of party? *eyebrow waggle*
<photo> Yup. For 3 months.
<photo> We don't carry the ones for 1 month anymore.
<Emino> the day would be when photo, whitey, frazzy, saffy, frenchie, hp, d, zicon, pedantic and data dropped dead.
<photo> Hehehe
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<Zucabr> Vie, just out of curiosity, how do you identify yourself sexually? :P
<Vie> I look down
<Vie> "Yep, thats me"
<Zucabr> Hurr.
<Vie> its quite easy really
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<&whiterider> Huh
<&whiterider> One of HP's IP addresses is banned
<absentlamb> :/
<&whiterider> ..five of them, actually
<Canoodle> :D
<Srikandi> that HP, such a troublemaker
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<Database> deej, you are simultaneously the most elegant and the most fucked-up person I know.
* Djones unlocks the achievement : Fulfill your personal lifetime goals.
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<Loaf> super orgasm has sparkly bits...
<ArtsyFrenchie> Loaf: it's called the "afterglow" :D
<Loaf> oh, hush you :P
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<Ryan220> Anybody one????
<Safyre420> two
<Tree> three.
<Ryan220> I need to speak to a moderator
<Ryan220> Someone i can report a innapropriate thing too
<Canoodle> Last dance. That was the drifters. :s
<Canoodle> Mhm..what's the problem Ryan?
<Ryan220> On the other chat i logged i and i was created with a very bad message one that shouldnt be on this site
<Canoodle> What chat?
<Ryan220> No Canoodle is a Modertaor
<Ryan220> The social chat not this one
<Ryan220> i took a pic with my computer for proof lol
* Tree takes a quick peek at #social.
<Safyre420> nobody but you has said anything in there for a few hours lol
<Ryan220> I know it wasnt said by someone
<Tree> Oh, the thing up the top?
<Ryan220> it was Welcome **************** i will not say
* Tree giggles.
<Ryan220> no
<Safyre420> caringforyourvagina
<Ryan220> yea haha


<Canoodle> #social is just a bunch of hedonistic savages waving their willy's at everyone.
* Safyre420 scribbles out willy's and puts tits
<Canoodle> that too
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* renske imagines frenchie in a tutu waving his wand about
<renske> .. WAIT STRIKE THAT
<renske> stuff comes out all WRONG today!!!!
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Loaf> ugh
<Loaf> i hae creaming things
<Loaf> it takes so much effort
<Database> hur hur hur,.
<Database> wait, no.
<Loaf> *hate
<Loaf> ...
<Loaf> dammit
<Loaf> not meant to be dirty, people
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Gangreless> I used to think gnomes lived in the tv and made it work
<whiteybook> I used to think that if I pressed my eye right up to the door, I'd be able to see through the gaps between the molecules
<daluved1|physics> wow...white...
<Gangreless> I use to think that with water
<Leopardflower> that is quite a funny mental picture
<whiteybook> Well, logically, it sorta made sense...
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<xianny> its mostly girls here
<xianny> our farts smell like roses and we're too delicate to handle swearing
<xianny> so watch it
<xianny> or ill beat you
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<Lethe> gay sex doesn't actually do it for me
<renske> it sort of turns me on. some of it. when the dudes arent all GROWL and BEARRR
<Chii> now cry... CRY like you've never cried...... before
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<Frenchie> Chii, did Renske fondle you?
<Chii> Can i check?
<renske> i leave MARKS?
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[16:04] <Database> looks like he has a tiny penis.
[16:04] * writingemmy clicks the deny button
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<xBeccarawrx> how do u becom a mod :S
<daluved1> You have to beg and plead and sell your soul
<xBeccarawrx> lol
<Qbuilderz> Then willingly be delphys slave
<daluved1> And tell them what panties you wear
<daluved1> it's very degrading
<xBeccarawrx> O_O
<Qbuilderz> Yesterday he refilled my water bowl, dal, how about you?
<xBeccarawrx> lol
<daluved1> Nope
<daluved1> But I did get a little piece of bread
<Qbuilderz> :O Substance! Not fair!
<Qbuilderz> Oh shit
<xBeccarawrx> O______O
* Qbuilderz must keep his voice down
<daluved1> They can hear us Q!
<xBeccarawrx> O:
<daluved1> Remember, Delphy always keeps a spare hard drive at the ready
<xBeccarawrx> XD
<daluved1> Oh it's not funny
<daluved1> He once killed a guy
<daluved1> with a hard drive
<Qbuilderz> I was there! It was intense
<Qbuilderz> wait...
<Qbuilderz> deja vu?
<daluved1> Yus :P