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<Loaf> if i could interner-order at home, i'd have my orgasm right here and now ><
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[19:12] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE EFF -HOW do you spell peek...peak...UG
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> are they both right or soemthing?
[19:13] <Gangreless> yes
[19:13] <Gangreless> depending on your context
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> "pe?ked my interest"
[19:13] <Gangreless> piqued
[19:14] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE HELL!
[19:14] <Gangreless> haha
[19:15] <Gangreless> "I took a peek at the girl undressing." "I climbed to the peak of mountain so I could see that girl undressing." "That girl undressing piqued my interest."
[19:15] <Qbuilderz> XD
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[19:42] * cthru would ask you WHAT you were doing under the desk
[19:43] <cthru> but I can imagine :P
[19:43] <cthru> catching a peeeeen
[19:43] <cthru> *pen that is
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<cthru> OH, when will it be updated?? I was reading the qb yesterday
<cthru> the whole qdb, I'm sooo silly
<cthru> :/
<Lethe|worky> as soon as we can blinky delphy so much
<Lethe|worky> delphy will go and do it
<Lethe|worky> isn't that right, delphy
<Lethe|worky> delphy doesn't seem to be responding
<cthru> delphy will certainly do it since you asked ;)
<Lethe|worky> I hope nothing is wrong with delphy
<cthru> delphy might be busy D:
<Lethe|worky> delphy could very well be busy
* Delphster snickers
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* Longdaysend slumps into frenchies embrace and proptly falls asleep
<Longdaysend> propmtly*
<Longdaysend> (fuck it)
<cthru> (ekeke)
<Longdaysend> (is that the sound of my shame?)
<cthru> (no, it's the sound of massdebating)
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<frazzmeister> right, i should shutup
<frazzmeister> ...er *shutdown
<frazzmeister> ...
<Sparkle> LOL
<frazzmeister> I'm fucked, aren't I?
<Sparkle> Yep.
<Sparkle> And quoted.
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[13:59] <Qbuilderz> oh god...ohhhh god
[14:00] <Gangreless> We don't need to hear your masturbatory sounds, Q.
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> ?
[14:00] <Lee|FishLord> heh
[14:00] <Qbuilderz> *goes to PM*
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lpemmy Zomg I have a hairbrush down here. Timing has never been so perfect
16:49 elpemmy zones out
16:49 Gangreless oh god
16:49 Database ....
16:49 FurryPanda i read that as "down there" and wondered why you felt the need to share
16:49 Gangreless what.. umm.. what are you doing with the hairbrush?
16:49 Database I am finding that very difficult to not guttermind at XD
16:49 HystericalParoxysm I'm glad we all read that the same way.
16:49 Gangreless Indeed.
16:49 elpemmy What, I jsut got lemonade in my hair.
16:49 Database Yup, we're all pervs. XD
16:50 Gangreless ha
16:50 FurryPanda why are you putting lemonade on hair?
16:50 Gangreless haha
16:50 FurryPanda there are far better colorants
16:50 FurryPanda and anyone looking that you want to see it wont notice
16:50 Gangreless Lemon fresh scent?
16:50 elpemmy I spilt it because I fail at drinking and now I won't be able to get it out oh god don't tell me lemonade colours hair because I will hit you if you do
16:51 Gangreless haha, lemons will actually bleach your hair if you leave it on long enough
16:51 elpemmy Must. Brush. It. Out.
16:51 Gangreless No, must -wash- it out.
16:51 elpemmy Though, a bleached streak would be pretty cool.
16:52 elpemmy And it's not real lemonade. It's morrisons crappy cheap fizzy muck.
16:52 Frenchie noms Emmy and goes to bed
16:52 *** Frenchie quit (Quit: Quitte)
16:52 elpemmy Which tastes very nice when mixed with robinsons fruity squash stuff.
16:53 Database Emmy is going to make a great alcoholic. XD
16:53 elpemmy I am? Good to know, I guess.
16:53 Database :P
16:54 elpemmy I can't work out if it's my hair that is sticky or my hand
16:54 Database ... once again, out of context.
16:54 elpemmy Well read the context then, and get over it :P
16:54 Database We're #social. Context is irrelevant whenever we feel like it.
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<HystericalParoxysm> I GIVE YOU...
<HystericalParoxysm> VAGINABONG
<HystericalParoxysm> http://www.patentlysilly.com/patent.php?patID=7122000
<whiterider> :/
<Chii> Assume the position£!$~^*$
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<Database> It's a fairly common fetish, apparently.
<Database> If somewhat painful.
<elpemmy> gearstick sex or car crash fetish?
<HystericalParoxysm> Jesus christ this chat is way too educational
<HystericalParoxysm> In the WORST way
<Database> One of the main reasons I like it here, HP XD
<Database> The shit I learn from you guys.
<Database> Some of it's actually useful.
<HystericalParoxysm> And some of it makes you completely unable to ever look at a pineapple the same way again.
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<Escand> well I'm a make ze ultimate eye pack.
<Escand> but nothing really new.
<Escand> I mean how many eyes do you guys need?
<Leesester> two
<LadyFrontbum> A MAJILLION!
<LadyFrontbum> contacts anyway
<whiterider> Three, if you have kids..
<Leesester> indeed
<Leesester> in the back of the head
<Leesester> Use a peggy hair and you can see through the gap
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<Gannon> anyone intersted in a project
<Gannon> a victorian manor
<Gannon> with a basment with a shrine to hell
<Gannon> the devil
<Gannon> Anyone have a devil worshipping shrine i can borrow
<DaveyDaVinci> Oh sure
<DaveyDaVinci> Let me go grab it
<DaveyDaVinci> It's right next to my stairway to heaven
<DaveyDaVinci> And the pot of gold I mugged off of that leprechaun
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<frazzmeister> I have to find a shirt because i need to piss!
<frazzmeister> ...that sounds weird
<frazzmeister> i dont mean i'm going to piss into a shirt
<frazzmeister> i mean there are people unworthy of my boobs between me and the pissing location.
<CookingPsycho> Heheheheh.
<frazzmeister> ...i made ity worse?
<CookingPsycho> :D
<frazzmeister> IM GOING TO URINATE NOW
* CookingPsycho snuggles frazzy
<frazzmeister> ,,i mean going as in relocating to the correct place, not as in i'm actually just going to piss right now in this place and time.
<frazzmeister> ....
<frazzmeister> I should not talk.
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<jhd1189> A bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle? EXCELLENT
<Misty> I'd eat that.
<CalmFish> Would be a monster hit
<HystericalParoxysm> Man. "I'd eat that" and "Would be a monster hit" blended together in my brain to "I'd hit that!" and I was wondering when Misty suddenly became a food fetishist.
<jhd1189> Giving new meaning to their ad campaign "I'm lovin' it"
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<Renske> *sigh* i want to pimp my bike now.
<Renske> but i cant because i just bought a winter goat and new jeans
<Renske> *coat
<Renske> i dont have room for a goat
<whiteybook> Is a winter goat different from a summer goat?
<Renske> i think it's warmer?
<Renske> thicker.
<Renske> even thicker than a regular goat.
<frazzmeister> THICK GOAT
<Renske> and goats are quite thick anyway.
<whiteybook> How do you know how warm it is? -.0
<Renske> D:
<Renske> fyi, my new goat is really nice.
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* daluved1 has joined
<daluved1> So mcdonalds has these awesome straws that change color when you drink out of them
<whiterider> Normal straws change colour when you drink through them
<daluved1> BUT
<whiterider> WHUT WHUT
<daluved1> these turn blue powerade to pink...powerade
<daluved1> SO HA
<HystericalParoxysm> Do they change everything to pink powerade? Like if you're drinking sprite, suddenly WHOA it's pink powerade?
<whiterider> They're still not as good as Cadbury's straws, aka chocolate fingers
<whiterider> Have you ever bitten both ends off a chocolate finger then sucked milk through it?
<HystericalParoxysm> Is anyone else confused, and aroused?
<daluved1> This is the most amazing straw
<daluved1> I'll never throw it away
<daluved1> EVER
<whiterider> Also does it work backwards, so the pink powerade backwash turns back into Sprite?
<daluved1> yes
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<Sheldrake2> Oh, renske
<renske> hm?
<Sheldrake2> I have no carpet in my bedroom
<Sheldrake2> Just a dirty wooden floor, my desk, and two matresses
<renske> ... this is the worst pick up line ever.
<Sheldrake2> Haha, it wasn't supposed to be
<renske> i thought it was a euphemism and that you actually meant you shaved all your pubes.
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<fanseelamb> and the individual graphs will be the same new type of graph?
<Delphy> Yes
<fanseelamb> ooh yeah realtime is neat... it was always a day behind
<Delphy> I'll probably have them opening up in a facebox with a flash graph inside it, maybe
<leefish> so you can see em being dld in REAL TIME
<fanseelamb> lol now my max level is 760
<Delphy> fansee ...
<Delphy> step away from the graphs
* fanseelamb throws some leather jackets at HP instead
* HystericalParoxysm recolours them with blue buttons, green buttons, red buttons, white buttons, and happy gay rainbows. LOOK I'M FANSEE LOL
<fanseelamb> rofl
<fanseelamb> Wait I want them for teens! Make them for teens!
<fanseelamb> And make them for girls!
<fanseelamb> And for cats!
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<HystericalParoxysm> Wombats are the cute ones, right?
<whiterider> Yeah, the un-cute ones are Wampirebats
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<missroxor> Lee, where are you from?
<LeeFish> Lancashire
<LeeFish> Coronation street accent
<missroxor> naw, I didn't even know you were a Brit <3 I've been there once I think, Chorley
<LeeFish> Yea, its just round the corner
<missroxor> hah, please tell me you say, "Orite Duck?"
<LeeFish> Not duck - duck is Sheffield. Yorkshire.
<missroxor> ugh, my first boyfriend was from Sheffield, I'm not a fan
<missroxor> lol
<LeeFish> Aww, I loved Sheffield
<LeeFish> I lived in the south side though. North side is a bit rough
<missroxor> I like Yorkshire though, my best mate is from there
<LeeFish> Its ok
<missroxor> and it's purty
<missroxor> well, the country bits where she lived were
* LeeFish is a Lancastrian - am not liking Yorkies - is tradition.
<missroxor> lol
<missroxor> well, traditionally I'm Scottish and you're English so....*moons Lee*
<LeeFish> Roxor - am English by Birth - but its all Scots Irish - like a lot of lancastrians
<LeeFish> Came to work in the factories etc
* missroxor sheepishly pulls her kilt back down over her butt
<LeeFish> Yea
<LeeFish> Mother's maiden name is Kirkham
<missroxor> moan the Scots!!
<DeadlySpiderMonkey> im guessing that you roxor and lee are from Europe?
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(21:32:03) Delphy: Simmygirl: I often find mysql the oldest by far
(21:32:06) Delphy: Err myself
(21:32:12) Delphy is so used to typing mysql...
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* XxWashedXUpxX throws wrapping paper at deadly.
<King_Deadly> What did you get?
<XxWashedXUpxX> Well, I already have 2 presents that need to be taken back.
<XxWashedXUpxX> One is because my mom brought me a shirt that had sex reference on it and she didn't know about it, but my dad and I knew it.
<King_Deadly> what does the shirt say?
<XxWashedXUpxX> I love colitis (which is what they say on the big bang theory that means sex).
<Twi> coitus is sex
<Twi> Colitis is swelling of the large intestine
<XxWashedXUpxX> It was coitus, I misspelled it.
<XxWashedXUpxX> She didn't know it meant that.
<kitty> Though if she'd gotten you a "I love colitis" shirt, you probably should have returned that too XD
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(18:56:16) whiterider: Nope, best food in the world is my Mum
(18:56:19) whiterider: ...
(18:56:22) whiterider: FUCK YOU TOO ENTER KEY
(18:56:28) whiterider: My Mum's macaroni cheese.
(18:56:34) whiterider: Motherfucking enter key.
(18:56:48) whiterider fucks off to make a pasta bake
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<Levini> Nah, Newsea shit gives TSRW it's mensies
<Nysha> ...mensies?
<Levini> Menustrals
* HystericalParoxysm sighs at Levini.
<HystericalParoxysm> No.
<HystericalParoxysm> Just.
<HystericalParoxysm> No.
<HystericalParoxysm> Stahp.
<Levini> ok
<Nysha> Are menustrals like thestrals?
<Nysha> But with sauce?
<HystericalParoxysm> What's a thestral?
<HystericalParoxysm> I DON'T KNOW THINGS
<Levini> LOL
<HystericalParoxysm> LIKE WHERE ZAMBIA IS
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<Kelly> Owwie. I hurt right behind my right boob...
<Kelly> I was going to say my heart hurts... but that's not where my heart is.
<Kelly> lol
<kathy> lmao
<Kelly> Shaddap.