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<DanTycoon> there's no alaskan time zone
<ChocolateCake> They have no time?
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* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b meep!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b argh!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b how!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b about!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b we!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b type!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b sentences!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b in!*@*
* Delphy|Pondering sets mode: +b bans!*@*
* white|htmPE sets mode: +b no!*@*
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<Manga_Moon> Im glad im not on the qdb
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<jhd1189> Aychpee is the dirty yang to my wholesome yin
<jhd1189> I let you be yang, because it rhymes with wang.
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[05:19] <fway> why do they call "Frosted Flakes", "Frosties"?
[05:19] <fway> What do they call Froot Loops? Frooties?
[05:20] <whiterider> Illiterate Ceral.
[05:20] <whiterider> ..crap
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<Longdaysend> Loafie: you around or did you finally pluck up the courage to get food?
<ChaoticNihilist> and then...
<ChaoticNihilist> the room went deadly silent, waiting and waiting for loafie's response
<ChaoticNihilist> while each one watched their own porns
<ChaoticNihilist> don't tell me it's just me.
<ChaoticNihilist> and i say 5:30pm is already time for porn.
<ChaoticNihilist> awwww odo must be one of the cutest aliens EVAH
<Database> ... Alien porn?
<Longdaysend> :P
<Longdaysend> only the best for our CN
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Canoodle> You can get banned for acting 12.
* leesester shuts up
<Canoodle> Man..that was a conversation killer. I thought it was funny,
<Qbuilderz> Hahaha
<infrance> So why don't people get tolded off for lying about there age but then they become 13
<elpemmy> because the didn't make it obvious enough to be badly behaved anyway
<elpemmy> I didn't act like a boob
<elpemmy> crap
<elpemmy> *noob
<Loaf> :P
<Longdaysend> nice slip there ems
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[19:44] <Longdaysend> i'm a moon
[19:45] <Longdaysend> ...this only further proves my point
[19:45] <Longdaysend> *moron
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<SirEmino> omg
<SirEmino> you can have sex with unicorns in second life :P
<SirEmino> that is... beyond sick.
<X_x> male or female ones?
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<Lethe> dude, aren't you, like, 13
<IMjustKYLE> wtf
<IMjustKYLE> im like 20
<IMjustKYLE> going on 21 three months
* Lethe points to kyle's nick, which screams '13' with every one of it's needlessly capped letters
* curlybap giggles
<IMjustKYLE> ive alway sused this name D:
<IMjustKYLE> it was just me at the time stoned going IM JUST KYLE and then using that
<Lethe> so change it :p
<IMjustKYLE> though I guess seeing as how im an adult and all *rolls eyes* I should just come up with something more mature huh XD
<Lethe> i started out as Lady Something
<Lethe> now look where i am
<IMjustKYLE> ok how about this
* IMjustKYLE is now known as Mr_Kyle
* Lethe chuckles
<Mr_Kyle> does this say im a mature well rounded adult of society...
<Lethe> actually, 'mr kyle' says 'i try to hard to be mature' to me
<Lethe> why not just be Kyle
<Lethe> you're the only kyle here
<Mr_Kyle> hmmm
<Mr_Kyle> I guess that would work
* Mr_Kyle is now known as Kyle
<Kyle> lol
<Lethe> :)
<ems|mesh> I know a guy called Kyle
<ems|mesh> he's an idiot
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[21:49] <viromancy> A shiningt twat is a twat that says to the world "I'm loved and cared for"
[21:50] <viromancy> It says, "Treat me right, like the happy twat I am; or the psycho twat-shining bitch I belong to will cut you."
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<longdaysend> the last thing i need is another qoute involving me and a sexual connotation
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<curlybap> also, that reminds me. how'd your ritual go?
<curlybap> =/
<emspp> Do I want the ritual details? :P
<Lethe|spore> i want ritual details...
<cthru> me too!dunno why
<Tyler> What details? I was naked and touched myself.
<Lethe|spore> oh, since when is that a ritual
<Lethe|spore> they just call that masturbation
<Tyler> rofl
* curlybap chuckles
* emspp giggles
<HystericalParoxysm> Ritual masturbation? Shit, I'm pretty sure at least half of all geeks do that daily.
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--> BlueSpurt (BlueSpurt@fd-8343E977.cable.ubr03.craw.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #social
<BlueSpurt> Hi
<FurryPanda> hi
<BlueSpurt> :)
<BlueSpurt> Do u have The Sims 2?
<TipsyPsycho> Sims 2? What's that?
<BlueSpurt> xD
<FurryPanda> whats the sims 2?
<BlueSpurt> O.O
<BlueSpurt> A game...
<BlueSpurt> you don't know it
<BlueSpurt> yet you're on the forums?
<FurryPanda> never heard of it
<TipsyPsycho> Nope, I don't like video games
<BlueSpurt> What the hell.
<FurryPanda> what forum?
<BlueSpurt> The Sims 2 forums.
<TipsyPsycho> Forums? I come here for the cybering and boobies.
<FurryPanda> ive never posted there in my life
<BlueSpurt> This chatbox is hosted there, isn't it.
* FurryPanda hands psycho a cyber apple
<TipsyPsycho> Nope. Are you sure you're in the right chat room?
<BlueSpurt> Not sure. :S
<FurryPanda> yeah, its pretty easy to get confused
<BlueSpurt> I went on The Sims 2 website, clicked "Chat" and now I'm here.
<TipsyPsycho> This is Fluffy Demons
<FurryPanda> yep
<BlueSpurt> What's that? :P
<FurryPanda> discussion is purely on the subject of fluffy demons, and when we have permission, /scaly/ demons
<TipsyPsycho> It's a site dedicated to Yiffing
<TipsyPsycho> And Furry fanfiction
<BlueSpurt> Riight. ¬.¬
<FurryPanda> oh my goodness, yes
<TipsyPsycho> And drawings. :)
<BlueSpurt> Well, peace out. xD
<TipsyPsycho> You too. :)
<BlueSpurt> =]
<-- BlueSpurt has quit (Quit: Live Chat Java User)
<TipsyPsycho> MWHAHAHAHAH!
<FurryPanda> LOLZERZ!
<FurryPanda> we are evil
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<Lethe> delphy really needs to learn how to spell 'their'
<Loafkitteh> heh. where'd he mix it up this time?
<frazzkitteh> eh, I need to learn to spell usually and mabey and...some othe word i always fuck up....
<frazzkitteh> maybe
<frazzkitteh> tounge
<frazzkitteh> ...toungue
<frazzkitteh> ....
<frazzkitteh> tongue
<ABCRic> loo
<ABCRic> ...lok
<ABCRic> ...lol
<ABCRic> lol.
<Lethe> dude
<frazzkitteh> stupid words! all of them!
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[14:50] <jhd1189> The other night, I accidentally texted the word "vagina" to a random woman in Arizona.
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* &HystericalParoxysm (Hysterical@get.offa.my.lawn) Quit ([irc.fluffy-demons.net] Local kill by HystericalParoxysm (FUCK OFF))
* HystericalParoxysm (Hysterical@get.offa.my.lawn) has joined #social
* ChanServ sets mode: +oa HystericalParoxysm HystericalParoxysm
* HystericalParoxysm is now known as LOLIDIOT
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<frazzmeister> oh,....... fuck,... I was telling my spanish speaking friend about what frenchie said,.... and she said ""Happy new anus" is always the best way to welcome in the new year in Spain
<frazzmeister> and now I have images of fireworks cominh out of goatse in my mind
<frazzmeister> pleas kill me.
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<djones> photo, this is #social
<djones> we have diploma's in mocking
<photo> I've noticed
<djones> we mock everything, we always have
<photo> :P
<photo> You're bordering on mean right now though.
<TFZmobie> But you don't have a diploma in apostrophe management
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<Jon|GTAIV> I crashed, flew through the windshield, then the car rolled over me and I died. :(
<frazzmeister> fun
<frazzmeister> shoulda worn a seatbelt :p
<Greenie> ...
<Greenie> harsh.
<frazzmeister> indeed
* Greenie has quit (Quit: nap. i feel sick. bleh.)
<Jon|GTAIV> I just ran over a group of nuns
<frazzmeister> win
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<Lethe> hihi
<Djones> lowlow
<Djones> You're looking lovely today Lethe, wonderful in fact. I find your mere presense intoxicating...wait....ugh, hard to breath, your beauty suffocating.
<Lethe> :p
* Djones dies all over lethe and gets her arrested for the crime of MURDER BY SEXY
<Lethe> ok, that's kinda flattering
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[17:49] <Tigerlilley> They shared a similar nose come to think of it.
[17:49] <Tigerlilley> Farrah and Michael I mean.
[17:49] <Vie> ...
[17:50] <Vie> Thats a rather random observation
[17:50] <~Delphy> Maybe they where somehow linked.
[17:50] <~Delphy> Farrah dies and suddenly Michaels nose loses it's wireless power source
[17:50] <~Delphy> and blam
[17:50] <~Delphy> he dies too
[17:50] <&whiterider> ..wireless nose power?
[17:50] <~Delphy> I mean, that had to be robotic, right? Probably some kind of 11n router.
[17:50] <Vie> That or there the same person?
[17:51] <Tigerlilley> Da da daaaaaaaaaaaah.
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<SilentPsycho> Online translators can be very weird, especially if you forget to change the languages and translate something from Engliah to English
<SilentPsycho> Lost Chicken apparently translates to Absent Infant.
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<Loaf> if i could interner-order at home, i'd have my orgasm right here and now ><
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[19:12] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE EFF -HOW do you spell peek...peak...UG
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> are they both right or soemthing?
[19:13] <Gangreless> yes
[19:13] <Gangreless> depending on your context
[19:13] <Qbuilderz> "pe?ked my interest"
[19:13] <Gangreless> piqued
[19:14] <Qbuilderz> WHAT THE HELL!
[19:14] <Gangreless> haha
[19:15] <Gangreless> "I took a peek at the girl undressing." "I climbed to the peak of mountain so I could see that girl undressing." "That girl undressing piqued my interest."
[19:15] <Qbuilderz> XD