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<Becix12> is Delphy here?
<HP|BreakingThings> Yes. He is.
* Delphy is now known as Delphy|Cooking
<Becix12> can he talk to me?
<whiterider> Minion with priveleges?
<whiterider> If he chooses to
<Becix12> Delphy you there?
<Becix12> oh i want to talk to him
<Becix12> he must be really nice...
<Becix12> like you guys
<whiterider> What on earth makes you think that? :D
<Lethe> he's not
<Lethe> he's evil
<Lethe> why do you think he has minions in the first place
<Becix12> he's not evil
<whiterider> He makes us slave away at hot desks all day, with not a copper to show for it. It's terrible really.
<Becix12> did you meet him?
<whiterider> Yes
<Lethe> yup
<Becix12> was he nice?
<Lethe> he whipped me *cries*
<whiterider> Not in the slightest. He was abusive, violent, and polka-dotted
<Becix12> he must be rich
<Becix12> i mean he owns the website!!!!!!!!
<Lethe> from all the money we make him
<Lethe> sure
<whiterider> If he were rich, why wouldn't he pay us?!
<Lethe> has us walking the streets he does
<whiterider> That he does
<Becix12> do you guys have bebo?
<whiterider> He pays for us all to live in a terraced house in central Amsterdam, but we have to give him a share of the profits.
<whiterider> Delphy owns Bebo too
* escand2 is now known as escand
<Becix12> really????
<whiterider> Really.
<Becix12> i didnt know that!!!!!!
<Becix12> does he own the sims 2 is well?
* fway|Bathroom is now known as fway
<whiterider> You learn something new every day
<whiterider> No, he bought EA as a gift for his boyfriend.
<Becix12> wow
<Becix12> he must be really rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Becix12> is he gay?
<Lethe> yes, since he also owns the copyright to exclamation marks
<whiterider> No, he's straight but he has a boyfriend anyway.
<Lethe> you just earned him two bucks
<Becix12> .........................................................
<Lethe> not dots though
<Lethe> that's Steve from TSR
<Becix12> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!£$%^&*)""£££$$
<whiterider> But he only gets one dollar fifty for that
<Becix12> im dreaming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<Becix12> thats not fair
<Lethe> we're not actually allowed to use exclamation marks
<Lethe> since the agency that pays him will think it's fraud
<whiterider> He beats us if we do
<Becix12> wher are you from?
<Becix12> opppsss.
<Lethe> i mean, just imagine that he'd have people type exclamation marks all day, just so he gets royalties
<whiterider> We don't remember. He abducted us when we were mere babies, and we've never seen our families since.
* Lethe sniffles
<Becix12> bye
<Lethe> bye
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<whiterider> No! Don't go!
<Lethe> save us!!
<whiterider> He doesn't let us talk to other people often :(
<whiterider> Damnit
<Lethe> heeelpps
<whiterider> That was gold
<Lethe> lol
<Lethe> he'd better fix qdb now
<whiterider> Agreed!