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[09:04] <djones> i think emi has add sometimes
[09:05] <em|knockedup> add?
[09:05] <djones> i mean, you seem to jump from thing to thing very quickly emi
[09:05] <djones> add = attention deficiet disorder
[09:06] <em|knockedup> gah. i open up my documents to locate my oblivion settings and ends up in sims 2 downloads folder.
[09:06] <em|knockedup> what a habit :P
[09:06] <HystericalParoxysm> I do that all the time. XD
[09:06] <djones> heh
[09:06] <HystericalParoxysm> Every time I go into Program Files too.
[09:06] <djones> i do that into my music folder
[09:06] <djones> becasue i go in there 5/10 times a day
[09:08] <em|knockedup> yeah HP, i have short attention span :P
[09:08] <em|knockedup> i mean DJ :P