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<Stoz> the best game is real life... it's sometimes has bags, but graphics - very excellent
<Stoz> bugs*
<Panda|997essays> LMAO!!
<Arch> Yes I do!
* Jessica bites Ty|Charmed
<The_French_Sim> Some features of RL should have been removed during the beta though.
<The_French_Sim> RL should actually have an anti n00b filter.
<The_French_Sim> And I said 'n00b', not 'newb'
<HystericalParoxysm> I'd just be happy with more save points.
<The_French_Sim> :D
<Arch> It does, it just doesn't always trigger properly and they somehow survive the darwin award moment.
<Panda|997essays> and there should be some more and better hacks
<Panda|997essays> and you should be able to not save the game and do thigns over
<Stoz> HystericalParoxysm, you just never used them
<The_French_Sim> A better RL gaming community would be nice too.
<The_French_Sim> The current one has more than its fair number of morons.
<HystericalParoxysm> Yeah, no kidding. This community's full of assholes.
<Panda|997essays> im rather fond of the RL gaming communtiy im in
<Arch> Just gotta join the right clan I suppose.
<The_French_Sim> Maybe we need better RL mods and admins.
<The_French_Sim> And banning policies :D
<Arch> To bad most of them are only found on very specific regional servers.
<The_French_Sim> "You have been perm-banned from Real Life"