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<HP|Writing> Ken: "I love you!" Barbie: "I love you too!" Ken: "Let's kiss!" Barbie: "Okay!" <-- Low-tech sims.
<HP|Writing> It just doesn't have quite the sound of clattering plastic as you frantically and clumsily thrust two lusty mold-formed 11.5 inch dolls at each other.
<SilentPsycho> Cloud: Fuck me. Sephiorth: With pleasure. Cloud: You got me pregnant, you fucking bastard! <--- My Sims
<whiterider> ...ctnd... Ken: "Oh shit, risky woohoo hack!" Barbie "Oh, you'd better get a job" Male maid who for this purpose we will pretend is not gay "Oooh Barbie.. ACR ftw" Ken: "zomgwtf cheated on memory!!!" Barbie "Onoes!! *cries*" Social Worker "Haha pwnt" <-- TS2 with hacks. So much more interesting.