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<SirEmino> being vain is my natural skills i'm affraid.
<Greenie> Hmm. Buy some new skills?
<Arch> He can't afford them. He wasted all his money on his makeup and wig.
<Greenie> Oh. Darn.
<SirEmino> fortunately, i'm naturally good looking, so i dont need those
* JohnBrehaut1 throws a 5c piece at emi
<JohnBrehaut1> he only needs his moisturizer :P
<whiterider> Except for the baldness and the buck teeth, eh, Emi ;)
<SirEmino> whitey is jealous too, since she stuck with dj instead of someone awesome like me
<&whiterider> There's no way you'd be as good in (or out of) bed as dj, you'd stop to see if you could see your reflection in your... eh... >:D
<JohnBrehaut1> hahahahaha
<SirEmino> than can be easily solve with a silk sheet :P
<SirEmino> the really shiny and reflective ones
<&whiterider> Yeah... even worse
<SirEmino> or a camcorder
<Greenie> Oh geez Emi
<JohnBrehaut1> Just......stop
<&whiterider> Also, I've yet to meet a woman who'd appreciate her guy screaming "Oh, Pikachu!!!!"
<&whiterider> xD
<SirEmino> i'm sorry
<SirEmino> but pikachu is not awesome
<SirEmino> alakazam is awesome
<SirEmino> machamp is awesome
<SirEmino> but pikachu?
<SirEmino> oh please