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<&Star> can sims die on community lots?
<&Star> also......mortimer (sp) won't dieeeee
<&Star> keeps coming back the old geezer
<&whiterider> My Mortimer died of old age, on Alexander's birthday
<&Star> well, I shot him
<&Star> but then I got an error and he came back
<&Star> and then I shot him again
<&Star> rinse and repeat
<&Star> I just shot lillith whateverthefuckherlastnameis and the dog is jumping on her dead body haha (dog is actually playing razzle)
<&Star> but she's jumping all over her lol
<&Star> omg there's an option on the gun to shoot the grim reaper
<&Star> who will come for him?
<&Star> aww he left...now I have to shoot another sim
<&Star> well, jennifer burb is crying for lillith - she's next!
<&whiterider> lmao...
* &whiterider pats the sadist
<&Star> white....they're cylons
<&Star> I have to do it
<&whiterider> You've been watching faaaaar too much BSG m'dear...