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<damato> ok, good. lol. i just can't stop using cheats, lol. im probably not the only one. heheheh.
<Delphy> We have a 12 step program for that
<damato> really
<Delphy> $500 to enrol.
<damato> lol
<damato> your kidding, right?
<damato> im pretty gullible, lol XD
<Lethe> I see sarcasm is an acquired taste
<damato> no, i hate sarcasm. I am not being sarcastic.
<Lethe> we are, though :) a lot
<damato> so to use this 12 step program to help stop using cheats, i would have to pay $500?!
<damato> *mouth drops* is there like a preview of it, lol :P