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[22:59] <keana> hello
[23:00] <Delphy> Hello.
[23:00] <keana> what are you doing
[23:00] <Delphy> Wondering if you are going to behave this time, what about you?
[23:00] <keana> what
[23:01] <Delphy> I see. That's very interesting.
[23:01] <keana> huh
[23:01] <Delphy> Do you actually need help with anything or are you just here to reply in 1 word answers?
[23:01] <keana> how do you download anything
[23:02] <Delphy> You click on the file attachment link.
[23:02] <keana> where's that
[23:02] <Delphy> Okay I'm assuming you haven't tried looking at any downloads yet.
[23:02] <keana> no
[23:02] <Delphy> Why don't you do that then.
[23:03] <keana> thanks
[23:03] <Delphy> You're welcome.
[23:03] <keana> where do you go
[23:03] <Delphy> Okay first you need to read.
[23:04] <keana> ok
[23:04] <Delphy> Secondly, cast your eyes upwards to the navbar.
[23:04] <Delphy> See where it says "Downloads"?
[23:04] <Delphy> Click that.
[23:04] <Delphy> Find the section with something you want to download and browse through.
[23:04] <keana> ok
[23:04] <Delphy> When you have found something, click on the thumbnail to go to the download page.
[23:04] <keana> what' the thumbnail
[23:05] <Delphy> It's the small picture of the download item.
[23:05] <keana> ok
[23:05] <keana> how do you get a car
[23:06] <Delphy> First you need to be the legal age to drive. Then you have to take your tests and pass. Then you have to buy a car and insurance.
[23:06] <Delphy> A bank might be able to help with the money.
[23:07] <keana> where
[23:07] <Delphy> Try your local high street.
[23:07] <keana> what
[23:08] <Delphy> Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[23:08] <keana> where do you download
[23:08] <Delphy> I believe I have already answered that question.
[23:08] <Delphy> Is there anything else I can help you with today?
[23:09] <keana> no i meant how do you download something that you pressed on
[23:09] <Delphy> You click on the file attachment link.
[23:09] <Delphy> "where?"
[23:09] <Delphy> It's in the thread you clicked on.
[23:09] * Delphy nods.
[23:10] <keana> and then what
[23:10] <Delphy> It seems that you are not reading the download pages, since if you where you would see there is a link right next to the file that says "How do I install this <filetype> custom content?"