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[06:35] * closer (closer@mts2-90321924.stb.ubr02.telf.blueyonder.co.uk) has joined #help
[06:35] <closer> hey whats happened to the well
[06:35] <HP|HeadAsplode> Timmy fell down it.
[06:36] <closer> haha no why is the well syt not working
[06:36] <HP|HeadAsplode> Wtf are you talking about?
[06:36] <HP|HeadAsplode> What well?
[06:37] <closer> its a site with loads of people who have sims 2 websites
[06:37] <HP|HeadAsplode> Uhmmm... how should we know? This is mts2/s2c.
[06:37] <shakazulu> thats nothing to do with modthesims
[06:38] * shakazulu is now known as shaka|story
[06:38] <closer> no but some people know it and might be able to tell me why its not workin god and dont get cocky
[06:39] <shaka|story> mmm cocky
[06:40] <HP|HeadAsplode> We don't support other sites here.
[06:40] <HP|HeadAsplode> And sites go down temporarily all the time.
[06:41] <shaka|story> maybe they are doing maintenence??
[06:41] <closer> no im not seying u do but sum1 who is on here might know whats wrong with it
[06:42] <HP|HeadAsplode> closer, please type out whole words - no chatspeak like u and sum1 here. And as I said, we don't support other sites.
[06:42] <closer> cya aint cumin to ask questions again when i get treated like this i might write to some one and tell them how i was treated and give them names ok bye bye
[06:43] <HP|HeadAsplode> Um, that's nice, I'm site staff. You have fun with that. ;)
[06:43] * shaka|story giggles quietly
[06:44] <closer> ill write to someone bigger than you see what happens then
[06:44] <shaka|story> go with Delphy, see what happens
[06:44] * HP|HeadAsplode sighs.
[06:44] * closer (closer@mts2-90321924.stb.ubr02.telf.blueyonder.co.uk) has left #help
[06:47] <Delphy> O_O
[06:47] <Delphy> What a bloody moron