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<Nova> this is my job, to sit on my ass and do nothing all day :(
<@ShadowDragon> are you sure you aren't kathy?
<~kathy> I need to give someone a reach around
<~kathy> huh?
<@ShadowDragon> rofl
<~kathy> Listen motherfucker
<~kathy> I do shit all day
<@ShadowDragon> hahaha
<~kathy> I clean the house
<~kathy> Cook
<~kathy> Do laundry
<~kathy> Deal with the accounting
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> Watch pr0n
<@ShadowDragon> rofl
<~kathy> Masterbate
<@ShadowDragon> bitch at us
<~kathy> Do dishes
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> Deal with the site
<~kathy> Masterbate
<~kathy> I fuckin work all day long
<Nova> ohhhh shut up
<Kelly|Out> lmao
<Nova> bitch bitch bitch
<@ShadowDragon> lol
<Nova> i make my kids do the dishes, clean the living room, pick up all there shit ect.
<Nova> that is why i had kids right?
<@ShadowDragon> I hope you don't make your kids Masterbate O.O
<~kathy> uhm No
<Nova> yes
<Nova> rofl
<~kathy> You make them masterbate?