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|<-- Vie has left irc.modthesims2.com:8080 (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by Vieb)))
=-= Vieb is now known as Vie
<Vie> Back
<whiterider> :)
<frazzmeister> front
<whiterider> left
<frazzmeister> right
<whiterider> purple
<Summer> north
<Cliff> sideways
<frazzmeister> green
<Cliff> south
<whiterider> penguin
<Cliff> east
<whiterider> b\nana
<Summer> west
<whiterider> *banana
<frazzmeister> aardvark
<frazzmeister> apple
<Cliff> generic
<whiterider> eepit
<frazzmeister> mango
<Summer> gorilla!
<Cliff> viking
<whiterider> *meepit
<Cliff> penguin
<The_French_Sim> phone
<whiterider> hat
<frazzmeister> Zagreb
<Cliff> Velma
<whiterider> bing
<Summer> dress
<Cliff> Minto
<Summer> bong
<The_French_Sim> cheese
<whiterider> bong?
<Cliff> Bushey
<Summer> cake
<whiterider> lmao!
<whiterider> coke
<Summer> pepsi
<The_French_Sim> mouse
<Cliff> na
<Summer> cat
<Cliff> smile
<whiterider> cord
<frazzmeister> ougadougou
<Summer> forwn
<whiterider> Speel
<Summer> frown*
<Cliff> miss
<The_French_Sim> towel
<Summer> wheel
<whiterider> drown
<Cliff> angelica
<Summer> mister
<whiterider> brown
<Cliff> ing
<whiterider> green
<The_French_Sim> lemon
<Summer> cloth
<whiterider> poopie
<Summer> lime
<Summer> yellow
<Cliff> fire
<Summer> pee
<The_French_Sim> boobies
<Summer> water
<Summer> butt
<frazzmeister> random
<Cliff> tits
<Summer> ness
<whiterider> BOOBIES!!!!
<frazzmeister> word
<Summer> ness
<whiterider> ass
<Cliff> arse
<whiterider> wipe
<Summer> bastard..
<Cliff> ass
<frazzmeister> and such.
<The_French_Sim> turd
<whiterider> shit
<Summer> shit..
<Cliff> sandwich
<whiterider> :)
<Summer> meat
<Cliff> me
<whiterider> blt
<Summer> you
<Cliff> take
<Cliff> me
<Summer> me
<Cliff> on
<Cliff> a
<whiterider> cake
<Summer> lol
<Cliff> date
<Summer> with
<Summer> you
<Cliff> lol
<frazzmeister> this is my fault, isnt it?