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* frazzmeister tips dead ants on whites Kelly|Awayness?
* curlybap didn't know that
<frazzmeister> er.. keyboard.
<curlybap> lol
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness? =P
<frazzmeister> why did i hit tab?
<whiterider> Because you're addicted :D
* Pfhoenix kills frazzle's tab key
<curlybap> lol, you've just highlighted Kelly|Awayness twice... make that 3 times :P
<frazzmeister> im a tab addict!!!!!!!
<whiterider> I keep doing that when I'm writing essays : /
<Pfhoenix> nefarious tab keys...
<curlybap> lol white
<frazzmeister> yes, we are on a highlting Kelly|Awayness spree.
<curlybap> Four!
<whiterider> Aw, poor Kelly|Awayness!!
<Pfhoenix> why would someone want to highlight Kelly|Awayness ?
<Pfhoenix> you figure Kelly|Awayness would be busy
<curlybap> I wonder, wouldt this be simply the worse time to follow Kelly|Awayness and go away
<whiterider> I don't know Pfhoe. Is anyone thinking about Kelly|Awayness here?
<Pfhoenix> if Kelly|Awayness is set to away
<curlybap> ?
<Pfhoenix> if I were Kelly|Awayness I'd get irritated at that..
<curlybap> eh?
<frazzmeister> yes, if i were Kelly|Awayness id get irritated too.
<whiterider> Me too Pfhoe, if I were Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> what'd xchat just do?
<curlybap> lol
<whiterider> But I'm not Kelly|Awayness. Discuss.
<curlybap> Yeah, but maybe Kelly|Awayness is just pretending to be away
<Anna> i have nothing sweet to eat
<curlybap> anna ryhmes :P
* Anna wants something sweet
<Anna> ryhmes?
<Pfhoenix> I mean, people shouldn't just nick highlight people like Kelly|Awayness for no reason...
* whiterider emails Anna chocolate via Kelly|Awayness
<Anna> oh, lol
<frazzmeister> Anna has nothing sweet! i wonder if Kelly|Awayness does?
* curlybap still can't spell ryhemes
<Anna> lol, ty
<whiterider> *rhymes
* curlybap raids Kelly|Awayness's fridge
<curlybap> danke white =P
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness IS sweet!!
* curlybap chops up Kelly|Awayness and gives everyone a slice
* Anna chews Kelly's leg
* whiterider apologises profusely to Kelly|Awayness
* frazzmeister wonders if curlybap is still counting the Kelly|Awayness highlights.
* whiterider wonders what Kelly|Awayness is going to say when she returns
<curlybap> um... yes, of course I'm counting the Kelly|Awayness highlights... =P
* curlybap counts back
* Pfhoenix wonders how long Kelly|Awayness has been away
<frazzmeister> how many Kelly|Awayness highlights have ther been?!
<whiterider> So curly, how many times have we highlighted Kelly|Awayness?
<Pfhoenix> lol
<whiterider> !lastspoke Kelly|Awayness
<Foamy> Kelly|Awayness last uttered a word on #social 10 hours ago.
<curlybap> 29:P
<frazzmeister> Kelly|Awayness has been away 10 hours!
<whiterider> 10 hours of awayness for Kelly|Awayness???
<curlybap> 31, if now
<curlybap> ok, 32
<curlybap> :P
<Pfhoenix> oh wow, it's been a while since Kelly|Awayness has been here,
<curlybap> poor Kelly|Awayness
<whiterider> She must be away, poor Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> yeah, i agree pf
<frazzmeister> wow, 32 is alot of Kelly|Awaynesses
<Pfhoenix> I hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't get DC'd or anything
<curlybap> yeah, that would be an awful shame for Kelly|Awayness
<whiterider> I hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become genocidal...
<frazzmeister> i think Kelly|Awayness will become genocidal
<Anna> genocidal?
<curlybap> for her to come back from her Kelly|Awayness and find that Kelly|Awayness was d/c'd
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become regicidal
* Pfhoenix thinks Kelly|Awayness is probably not near the PC right now...
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become homocidal
<whiterider> I also hope Kelly|Awayness doesn't become hobocidal
<whiterider> etc
<frazzmeister> no, Kelly|Awayness must be far away from the PC...
<frazzmeister> mabey Kelly|Awayness is on a hobo killing spree right now!
<Pfhoenix> if Kelly|Awayness were nearby, surely she'd have noticed by now...
<whiterider> Kelly|Awayness is killing hobos?? Hide!!
<frazzmeister> yes, im sure Kelly|Awayness would have noticed by now.
<curlybap> yes, bt maybe Kelly|Awayness is ignoring the pc?
<whiterider> I'm sure Kelly|Awayness would
<curlybap> or maybe Kelly|Awayness is a ghost
<whiterider> Or maybe Kelly|Awayness is away...
<frazzmeister> i think Kelly|Awayness would be telling us to stfu by now..
<Pfhoenix> Kelly|Awayness is probably at school or something
* Anna rubs her head
* curlybap is counting, brb
<whiterider> I think Kelly|Awayness would have every right to tell us to stfu
* Pfhoenix nods Kelly|Awayness certainly would...
* whiterider tells everyone to stfu on behalf of Kelly|Awayness
<curlybap> ack
<frazzmeister> yes, Kelly|Awayness would have the right to tell us to stfu.
<Pfhoenix> white, no leet speak!
<curlybap> the batteries will be done at one in the morning...
<Pfhoenix> :Psss
* curlybap goes to get the timer, brb
=-= curlybap is now known as curly|afk|bap
* whiterider thinks Kelly|Awayness should have the last word in any leeting allegations
* Anna needs a manicure
<Pfhoenix> but you know, that Kelly|Awayness is pretty cool...
<Kelly|Awayness> You guys amuse me.