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[12:55] <@PharaohHound> Oh my god
[12:56] <@PharaohHound> I just tried to look at a video on the Colbert website
[12:56] <@PharaohHound> It says "sorry, but this video is unavailable from your location. Probably due to your overly polite attitudes."
[12:56] * PharaohHound dies laughing, but still grumbles about Americans and geofencing
[12:57] <Minaki> silly americans :p
[12:58] <Buzz> Well, I meant to tell you all along, but you really are overly polite, dawgie.
[12:58] <@PharaohHound> Fuck you, Buzz :D
[12:58] <Buzz> See what I mean?
[12:59] <@PharaohHound> Positively saintly, I am
[12:59] <Buzz> Indeed.