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[10:03] PharaohHound: .....Okay, I really do NOT want to know what an "adult themed (18+)" FONT is
[10:03] HystericalParoxysm: Oh, I've seen those.
[10:03] PharaohHound: Figures
[10:03] HystericalParoxysm: All made of cocks and boobs and twats.
[10:03] HystericalParoxysm: Look man sometimes no other font will do
[10:04] PharaohHound: Somehow I don't think that would go over well for this particular job
[10:04] PharaohHound: Hey, I'm not judging!
[10:04] PharaohHound: Sometimes you need a good penis font
[10:04] HystericalParoxysm: Oh come on, you know you want to spell out "Please hire me" in dicks.