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<spladoum> When I was in college, there was a sex ed instructor who regularly dressed up like a homeless bag lady and came to the dorms to give talks.
<TeeHeeShe> why the costume?
<spladoum> One way she would do it was to chew one like gum and slide it on a banana with her mouth.
<spladoum> To get our attention, I think.
<Nysha> Chewing a condom seems like a bad idea
<King_Deadly> O_o
<Nysha> But being able to put one on with your mouth has always seemed like a good idea to me
<Nysha> Not that it's a skill I'd have used much up til now
<Nysha> (Or now. In general.)
<TeeHeeShe> it's quite a fun thing to get people to try and do at sex ed parties (using demonstrators not real penises)
<Nysha> I somehow read demonstrators as a possessive there
<TeeHeeShe> he he
<spladoum> The other main thing she'd do is get a boy and a girl to roleplay in reverse, so the boy would try to get the girl to put a condom on (the banana)
<spladoum> bear in mind, these are generally 18-19 year olds who aren't exactly viriginal
<spladoum> so that often didn't go as planned
<Nysha> lol
<CircusWolf> lol
<Nysha> tbh I think in that scenario, I'd have them wearing strapons
<Nysha> For no reason other than penises are not generally banana shaped
<spladoum> yeah, not usually so curved
<Nysha> Or pointy
<TeeHeeShe> most have a bit of curve but admittedly most aren't quite that curvaceous
<spladoum> or yellow.
<Nysha> Weeeellll....
<TeeHeeShe> or with removable skins
<Nysha> Also, weeeellll
<Nysha> Partially removable
<TeeHeeShe> fully removable
<TeeHeeShe> :P
<Nysha> Yes okay
<spladoum> or edible.
<Nysha> :P
<TeeHeeShe> define "eating"
<Nysha> At least penises don't fall apart when you suck them for too long
<spladoum> consuming the object and digesting it
<spladoum> true, but you can't eat them with spoons and ice cram.
<spladoum> *cream
<TeeHeeShe> then they are edible, it's just not considered morally acceptable
<Nysha> And the same is true of eating them with spoons and ice cream
<King_Deadly> and they also arent as sweet
<Nysha> Though you might need surgery after eating the spoons
<TeeHeeShe> I'm not saying it should be, just that it isn't especially dangerous to the person eating it
<TeeHeeShe> but spoons are so tasty!
<Nysha> Now I know why you went into medicine!
<spladoum> I've always thought of the spoon as comforting more than tasty.