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[09:19] *PharaohHound wonders which HP is the real HP
[09:19] HystericalParoxysm: Oh, I must've left the laptop on.
[09:20] HystericalParoxysm: They're both me.
[09:20] PharaohHound: Oh good. I was just about to throw a dildo at one of them and see what happened
[09:20] HystericalParoxysm: We'd probably fight over it.
[09:21] PharaohHound: HP fighting with herself over a dildo. I would pay to see that
[09:22] HystericalParoxysm: Yeah you know it would pretty much just be porn after the first 2 minutes, right?
[09:22] PharaohHound: Ouais
[09:22] PharaohHound: :D
[09:22] Frazzmeister hence the payment.