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[19:10] î Djones plays the dataflute
[19:10] <Djones> oh yeah baby
[19:10] î Database is violated in new and unusual ways
[19:10] <CN> you gotta have a really skilled clit to make use of vaginal harps
[19:10] <CN> hello XxWashedXUpxX
[19:10] <Levini> lol
[19:11] <Levini> Apparently Blowing just got a new name :P
[19:11] <Levini> "hey guys Imma play the flute and then go for drinks"
[19:11] <Database> I thought "playing the flute" was always a euphemism for a blowjob
[19:11] <Levini> "anyone wanna join for drinks after flute practice?"
[19:11] <Djones> Shush you
[19:11] î Djones is a flautist.
[19:11] î Djones hates you all.
[19:11] <Levini> Same here Data
[19:12] <Levini> or DJ
[19:12] <Djones> NO.;
[19:12] <Djones> I MEAN
[19:12] <Levini> or DJ/Data Crossbreed
[19:12] <Djones> I REALLY PLAY THE FLUTE
[19:12] <Djones> FOR REALSA
[19:12] <Levini> suuuree
[19:12] <PharaohHound> SURE
[19:12] <Levini> permission to QDB?
[19:12] <SilentPsycho> Hell yes.